Responsibilities and Liabilities Sample Clauses

Responsibilities and Liabilities. 5.1 Each Party shall make its respective Contributions to the Project.
Responsibilities and Liabilities. The Joint Lead Arrangers, the Documentation Agent and the Syndication Agent, in such respective capacities, shall have no responsibilities, and shall incur no liabilities under this Agreement or any of the Operative Agreements.
Responsibilities and Liabilities. All parties agree that Xantis Aion Securitisation Fund, is solely responsible for lending to the Borrower the agreed minimum of £1,700,000 (GBP); and that under no circumstance will Xantis S.A. and/or its representatives, in their capacity of appointed fund managers, be responsible for under writing the minimum amount of funding agreed in this document.
Responsibilities and Liabilities. Mobile Trading Service is not directed at or intended to be used by any person in any jurisdiction or country where such use and/or distribution would be contrary to local law and/or regulation. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that using Mobile Trading Service would not be in a breach with any local law or regulation to which the Client is a subject to. The Client agree that the use of Mobile Trading Service shall not lead, in any way, to the encouragement, procurement or carrying out of any criminal or unlawful activities. Furthermore, the Client agree that the use of Mobile Trading Service will not cause damage to Mobile Trading Service or our servers, systems or equipment or those of third parties, nor access or attempt to access any users' data or to penetrate or attempt to penetrate Mobile Trading Service’s security measures. The Client is responsible for keeping the Username and Password of account(s) confidential at all times ensuring that all reasonable steps are taken in order to prevent fraudulent use of this information. Any access to account(s), using the Client’s Username and Password, will be deemed to have been done by the Client. In cases where the Client suspects that the information has been obtained by any other person without the Client’s consent, it is the Client’s responsibility to notify the Company immediately. In failing to do so, the Client will be liable for any such “unauthorized” access to account(s). The Client hereby accepts any and all risks, including but not limited to, failure or damage to hardware, software, and communication lines of systems while using Mobile Trading Service. The Client further acknowledges full liability for any losses, costs, or expenses which may arise directly or indirectly from the Client’s use of, or reliance on, the Information provided by the Mobile Trading Service. The Client is responsible to notify the Company in the event of a delay or defect in or failure of the whole or any part of the Mobile Trading Service.
Responsibilities and Liabilities. (a) The Parties shall be liable and responsible to the Company for the performance of the portion of their Work. No Party shall vary, or seek to vary the same or caused in any way or manner the Contract, without prior written consent of the other Parties and the Owner. However the lead bidder shall be responsible for the overall execution of work.
Responsibilities and Liabilities. The relationship between the Carrier and the Broker shall be that of an independent contractor, each to the other, and at no time shall the employees, agents or associates of one be considered to be employees, agents or associates of the other. If any disputes arise about any matter covered by the terms of this agreement, the dispute may be referred by both parties to the Arbitration Procedures of the Transportation Broker's Conference of America or to any party to whom the parties mutually agree. If neither of these is satisfactory, the dispute must be referred to the Arbitration Procedures of the American Arbitration Association. No court action can be taken by either party prior to arbitration and the decision of the Arbitration Association shall be binding on both parties, in any subsequent action in court.
Responsibilities and Liabilities. 5.1 Each Party shall make its respective Contributions to the Project as set out in Schedule A.
Responsibilities and Liabilities. 1. The users of the Standby Credit shall be deemed agents of Applicant. Credit Union and its correspondents shall not be responsible for, and Applicant’s liability and obligations hereunder shall not be affected by: