Tasks Sample Clauses

Tasks. 5.2.1 Reclamation and DWR, with assistance from PWAs, agree to undertake the following tasks: ● Explore potential alternative approaches to operate the CVP and SWP for all Project purposes. ● Develop a Proposed Action that reflects current conditions and operations ofall CVP and SWP Divisions, incorporates new planned facilities, as may be necessary and appropriate and includes a suite ofactions to meet the requirements of ESA Sections 7(a)(1) and 7(a)(2), ensure compliance with the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxxxx Fishery Conservation and Management Act, and facilitate requests for CESA authorization. ● Prepare a BA using peer-reviewed, and/or best available scientific and commercial data, in a timely manner; ● Provide analyses regarding potential ef ects ofthe Proposed Action to federally- listed species and certain currently proposed species and their designated or proposed critical habitats. Per 50 CFR 402.10(a), each Federal agency shall confer with the Service(s) on any action which is likely to jeopardize the continued existence ofany federally-listed species and certain currently proposed species or result in the destruction or adverse modification oftheir related critical habitat. The conference can be informal, through meetings and discussions, or formal, in writing. ● Evaluate the Proposed Action and alternatives in compliance with NEPA through preparation ofan environmental impact statement (EIS).
Tasks. The SCOM shall oversee the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of the [EcoInn Danube], in accordance with the following provisions: • it shall consider any relevant problem incurred during the implementation of the project and take decisions on how to solve these problems; • it shall periodically review progress made towards achieving the specific targets of the project; • it shall examine the results of implementation, particularly the achievement of the targets value (outputs/results) stated in the Application Form on the basis of partner reports and other documents produced by the partners, either on a regular or on ad- hoc basis; • it may propose any revision or examination of the project likely to make possible the achievement of the project objectives or to improve its management, including its financial management (e.g. redistribution of activities and budget across the partnership); • it approves major changes requested for the implementation of the project activities (e.g. expulsion/substitution/sanctions of a PP for underperformance, modification of activities and outputs, etc.); In case of dispute between PPs, presumption of good faith from all Parties will be privileged. Should a dispute arise between the partners, the affected parties will endeavour to find a solution on an amicable way. In cases where the disputes cannot be solved by the partners, nor by the intervention of the LP, then they are referred to the SCOM in order to reach a settlement.
Tasks. 1) The Sub-Recipient shall procure the services of a qualified and licensed Florida contractor and execute a contract with the selected bidder to complete the scope of work as approved by the Division and FEMA. The Sub-Recipient shall select the qualified, licensed Florida contractor in accordance with the Sub-Recipient’s procurement policy as well as all federal and state laws and regulations. All procurement activities shall contain sufficient source documentation and be in accordance with all applicable regulations. The Sub-Recipient shall be responsible for furnishing or contracting all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation and supervision and for performing all work per sealed engineering designs and construction plans presented to the Division by the Sub-Recipient and subsequently approved by the Division and FEMA. The Sub-Recipient and contractor shall be responsible for maintaining a safe and secure worksite for the duration of the work. The contractor shall maintain all work staging areas in a neat and presentable condition. The Sub-Recipient shall ensure that no contractors or subcontractors are debarred or suspended from participating in federally funded projects. The selected contractor shall have a current and valid occupational license/business tax receipt issued for the type of services being performed. The Sub-Recipient shall provide documentation demonstrating the results of the procurement process. This shall include a rationale for the method of procurement and selection of contract type, contractor selection and/or rejection and bid tabulation and listing, and the basis of contract price. The Sub-Recipient shall provide an executedDebarment, Suspension, Ineligibility, Voluntary Exclusion Form” for each contractor and/or subcontractor performing services under this agreement. Executed contracts with contractors and/or subcontractors shall be provided to the Division by the Sub-Recipient. The Sub-Recipient shall provide copies of professional licenses for contractors selected to perform services. The Sub-Recipient shall provide a copy of a current and valid occupational license or business tax receipt issued for the type of services to be performed by selected contractor.
Tasks. The Recipient must include in the work plan a list of tasks associated with the work plan design. Each task must include: