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  • Accessories The following described related accessories, if any: window air conditioning units, stove, fireplace screens, curtains and rods, blinds, window shades, draperies and rods, door keys, mailbox keys, above ground pool, swimming pool equipment and maintenance accessories, artificial fireplace logs, and controls for: (i) garage doors, (ii) entry gates, and (iii) other improvements and accessories.

  • Prescription Drugs and Diabetic Equipment or Supplies Biological products for allergen immunotherapy and vaccinations. • Blood fractions. • Compound prescription drugs that are not made up of at least one legend drug. • Bulk powders and chemicals used in compound prescriptions that are not FDA approved, are not covered unless listed on our formulary. • Prescription drugs prescribed or dispensed outside of our dispensing guidelines. • Prescription drugs ordered or prescribed based solely on online questionnaires, telephonic interviews, surveys, emails, or any other marketing solicitation methods, whether alone or in combination. • Prescription drugs that have not proven effective according to the FDA. • Prescription drugs used for cosmetic purposes. • Prescription drugs purchased from a non-designated pharmacy, if a pharmacy has been designated for you through the Pharmacy Home Assignment program. • Experimental prescription drugs including those placed on notice of opportunity hearing status by the Federal Drug Efficacy Study Implementation (DESI). • Prescription drugs provided to you that are not dispensed by a network pharmacy or covered under your medical plan. • Prescription drugs and diabetic equipment and supplies purchased at a non-network pharmacy unless indicated as covered in the Summary of Pharmacy Benefits. • Prescription drug related medical supplies except for diabetic, regardless of the reason prescribed, the intended use, or medical necessity. Examples include, but are not limited to, alcohol pads, bandages, wraps or pill holders. • Off-label use of prescription drugs except as described in Experimental or Investigational Services in Section 3; • Prescribed weight-loss drugs. • Replacement of prescription drugs resulting from a lost, stolen, broken or destroyed prescription order or refill. • Therapeutic devices and appliances, including hypodermic needles and syringes except when used to administer insulin. • Prescription drugs, therapeutic equivalents, or any other pharmaceuticals used to treat sexual dysfunctions. • Vitamins, unless specifically listed as a covered healthcare service. • A prescription drug refill greater than the refill number authorized by your physician, more than a year from the date of the original prescription, or limited by law. • Long acting opioids and other controlled substances, nicotine replacement therapy, and specialty prescription drugs when purchased from a mail order pharmacy. • Prescription drugs and specialty prescription drugs when the required prescription drug preauthorization is not obtained. • Certain prescription drugs that have an over-the-counter (OTC) equivalent. • Prescriptions filled through an internet pharmacy that is not a verified internet pharmacy practice site certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. • Illegal drugs, including medical marijuana, which are dispensed in violation of state and/or federal law. Private Duty Nursing Services • Services of a nurse's aide. • Services of a private duty nurse: o when the primary duties are limited to bathing, feeding, exercising, homemaking, giving oral medications or acting as companion or sitter; o after the caregiver or patient have demonstrated the ability to carry out the plan of care; o provided outside the home. Examples include at school, or in a nursing or assisted living facility; o that are duplication or overlap of services. Examples include when a person is receiving hospice care services or for the same hours of a skilled nursing home care visit; o that are for observation only; and o provided as part-time/intermittent and not continuous care. • Maintenance care when the condition has stabilized including routine ostomy care or tube feeding administration or if the anticipated need is indefinite. • Twenty-four (24) hour private duty nursing care for a person without an available caregiver in the home. • Respite care (e.g., care during a caregiver vacation) or private duty nursing so that the caregiver may attend work or school. Surgery Services • Abdominoplasty. • Brow ptosis surgery. • Cervicoplasty. • Chemical exfoliations, peels, abrasions, dermabrasions, or planing for acne, scarring, wrinkling, sun damage or other benign conditions. • Correction of variations in normal anatomy including augmentation mammoplasty, mastopexy, and correction of congenital breast asymmetry. • Dermabrasion. • Ear piercing or repair of a torn earlobe. • Excision of excess skin or subcutaneous tissue except for panniculectomy. • Genioplasty. • Hair transplants. • Hair removal including electrolysis epilation, unless in relation to gender reassignment services or skin grafting. • Inverted nipple surgery. • Laser treatment for acne and acne scars. • Osteoplasty - facial bone reduction. • Otoplasty. • Procedures to correct visual acuity including but not limited to cornea surgery or lens implants. • Removal of asymptomatic benign skin lesions. • Repeated cauterizations or electrofulguration methods used to remove growths on the skin. • Rhinoplasty.

  • Devices BNY Mellon will restrict the transfer of Customer Data from its network to mass storage devices. BNY Mellon will use a mobile device management system or equivalent tool when mobile computing is used to provide the services. Applications on such authenticated devices will be housed within an encrypted container and BNY Mellon will maintain the ability to remote wipe the contents of the container.

  • PROHIBITION ON CERTAIN TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SERVICES OR EQUIPMENT To the extent applicable, Supplier certifies that during the term of this Contract it will comply with applicable requirements of 2 C.F.R. § 200.216.

  • PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, TOOLS AND APPAREL 16.01 The Employer will furnish employees with all necessary personal protective equipment (including safety helmets, safety glasses, gloves etc.) and rain gear if and when required. Said equipment shall remain the property of the Employer. Any worn out safety equipment will be replaced by the Employer upon presentation of the worn equipment. The employees shall be held responsible for loss or improper maintenance of Employer furnished items, including personal protective equipment, rain gear and safety equipment, in which case employees may, at the discretion of the Employer, be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Equipment and Materials Contractor at its sole cost and expense shall provide and furnish all tools, labor, materials, equipment, transportation services and any other items (collectively, "Equipment") which are required or necessary to perform the Services in a manner which is consistent with generally accepted standards of the profession for similar services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, District shall not be responsible for any damages to persons or property as a result of the use, misuse or failure of any Equipment used by Contractor of the Contracted Parties, even if such Equipment is furnished, rented or loaned to Contractor or the Contracted Parties by District. Furthermore, any Equipment or workmanship that does not conform to the regulations of this Agreement may be rejected by District and in such case must be promptly remedied or replaced by Contractor at no additional cost to District and subject to District’s reasonable satisfaction.

  • School Equipment The Association shall have the right to use audio-visual and/or duplicating equipment provided all costs incurred therewith are paid for by the Association. Association use of school equipment shall not interfere with school use. The building principal must approve any Association use that involves a cost.

  • Mobile Devices Mobile devices which are issued by and belonging to the Contractor for purposes of processing Personal Data should have access control measures and remote wipe capability turned on. Procedures should be in place to report and wipe data off lost mobile devices immediately after detection of loss.

  • Appliances The Landlord shall: (check one) ☐ - Provide the following appliances: . ☐ - Not provide any appliances.

  • Intercept Devices Local and federal law enforcement agencies periodically request information or assistance from local telephone service providers. When either Party receives a request associated with an End User of the other Party, it shall refer such request to the Party that serves such End User, unless the request directs the receiving Party to attach a pen register, trap-and-trace or form of intercept on the Party's facilities, in which case that Party shall comply with any valid request.

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