Clean Interior Sample Clauses

Clean Interior. A Driver during his or her work shift must keep the Vehicle’s interior clean and scent free. §55-22(d)Fine: $50Appearance NOT REQUIRED

Related to Clean Interior

  • Interior (a) Ceilings, sidewalls and bulkhead panels shall be clean and free of cracks and stains;

  • Exterior and interior functional areas and spaces of the Project, with technical and equipment requirements on each;

  • Building With respect to each parcel of Real Estate, all of the buildings, structures and improvements now or hereafter located thereon. Business Day. Any day on which banking institutions located in the same city and State as the Agent’s Head Office are located are open for the transaction of banking business and, in the case of LIBOR Rate Loans, which also is a LIBOR Business Day.

  • Fixtures and Alterations After taking occupancy of the Designated Space, AGENCY shall not, without the COUNTY’S prior written consent, attach any fixtures in or to the Designated Space or change, alter, or make additions to the Designated Space, nor attach or affix any article hereto, nor permit any annoying sound device, overload any floor, or deface the Designated Space. Such prior written consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. Where the COUNTY has approved AGENCY’S modifications to the Designated Space, the AGENCY shall only be required to remove its modifications and restore the Designated Space to its original condition upon the AGENCY’S vacating of the Designated Space should the COUNTY’S approval make such restoration a requirement of its approval. If, however, AGENCY elects to remove its modifications upon vacating the Designated Space, then AGENCY, at its expense, shall restore the Designated Space to its original condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

  • Repair to keep the Ship in a good and efficient state of repair and procure that all repairs to or replacement of any damaged, worn or lost parts or equipment are effected in such manner (both as regards workmanship and quality of materials) as not to diminish the value of the Ship;

  • Landscaping Maintaining, tending and cultivating and (as necessary) re-stocking any garden or grassed areas including replacing plants, shrubs and trees as necessary.

  • Walls 12 Developer shall provide rustication patterns on all walls, except drainage headwalls, in Aesthetic 13 Area 3 in accordance with Exhibit L2.24 of the LAADCR. The final designs shall resemble these 14 simulations.