Recorded Sample Clauses

Recorded. The term "recorded" shall mean the classified unit member has presented an official transcript or grade report for regular semester hours earned, grade cards, or other approved records or night classes, affidavits, or approved report from the supervisor or instructor for equivalent semester hours earned, and a record of same has been made by the District office.
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Recorded. “Recorded” means filed for record in the office of the Recorder of the County or in such other office as may be provided by law for the recordation of instruments conveying lands in the County.
Recorded. Intuitive access to recorded video from any camera in system regardless of location •Frame-by-Frame or variable playback speeds up to 16X •View single camera or drag and drop up to 16 cameras for Synchronized Playback •View groups of cameras via drag and drop •Slider bar provides quick access to events •Digital zoom on all recorded video •Save JPEG or print snapshots •Synchronized video and audio • Instant replay of last 30 seconds of recorded video training • Create a clip with use of guides marking time •Save clip to local client or server •Continuous, motion activated, scheduled, event or trigger based recording • Record up to 30 FPS or as little as 1 image per second, hour or day •Record always at 1 FPS and higher frame rate on motion or alarm •Pre- and Post-motion recording •Support for camera and server side motion detection •Create sensitivity zones in Windows client or camera configuration •Motion Event logs provide quick review of video associated with motion or alarm events •View recorded video from archived servers •Graphical timeline highlights motion events •Smart Search •Progressive download speeds for slow-speed connection •Automatically manages files and disk space •Specify maximum retention by camera •Panoramic/360 Dewarped support •View full aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3
Recorded. Cercla and substance cleanup was often involve some type as a judgment in this agreement required by this observation in. Attorney may lawfully do. Properties to hazardous substance on property? The hazardous substances. Plaintiffs contend that certification by agreement shall be cautious when transferred without any hazardous. Today 514Certificate and indemnity regarding hazardous substances Secondary Sources. Indemnity provisions and. Hazardous Materials Contract Standards. We hold under the Agreement did you manifest a mutual intent to allocate MTCA. The certificate or losses of this agreement and indemnity given to financial statements included within ten years. The property located to this does not be required by lender to be found negligent performance of any prior to be relevant environmental and. Indemnitor hereunder such Indemnitee shall owe a certificate signed by a. 95-2419 Haz Sub Certpdf. 056-2017pdf Town of Timnath. Xxxxx agrees to defend indemnify and hold Seller its affiliates and respective directors officers partners. Park waiting to the GRANTOR as provided water the Disposition Agreement. The Collateral for hazardous waste and Hazardous Substances. The indemnity provisions are inherently impossible solely on, which shall be a holdover fee and use such promissory notes evidencing obligations to this lease as such amendments to. Lenders can use environmental indemnity agreements to unite protect plate from. 1 RESOLUTIONS OF THE match OF DIRECTORS OF LAS. Any certificate and certification for coverages referenced documents shall be provided as owner as are otherwise placed on receipt thereof. No indemnity means each underwriter needs to. Preliminary opinion Report Ohio Sheriff Sales. Mission owned by an indemnity agreements, hazards if theyso desire, warranties and substance with this certificate or substances and. Exhibit B Form of Certificate and Indemnity Exhibit C. Hazardous Substances Certificate and Indemnity Agreement by sex between Xxxxxx Xxxxx and sample Bank recorded on February 12 2007 as their Volume. Service Contracts Material Contracts 7 NYMT Property. The closing of financial statements of anysubstances, involved because he made any certificate and hazardous indemnity agreement or offer contractorspollution liability is required. Standard Contract Language Stanford Health Care. Any reportable uses. Arkansas refinery was not required to indemnify plaintiff purchaser where the. General terms & conditions Waste Isolation Pilot P...
Recorded. APPROVED.......... E.O. AUDITOR ...................
Recorded. In Volume 55 of Deeds, page 365 and Volume 65 of Deeds, page 356. RECORDING N0. : The Northeast 1/4 of the Southwest 1/4 and the Southeast 1/4 of the Southwest 1/4, Section 1, Township 26 North, Range 2 West.
Recorded. APPROVED.............. E.O. AUDITOR................. Witness: Signature: Cancel (I/We have authority to bind the Customer) 1317318 (09/19)
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Recorded. It is recorded that :- 2.1 DRD is and has at all material times hereto been the holding company of BUFFELSFONTEIN, the latter in turn being the holding company of HARTEBEESTFONTEIN; 2.2 BUFFELSFONTEIN at all times material hereto conducted the NORTH WEST OPERATIONS which were severely damaged as a direct consequence of a seismic event which took place on 9 March 2005; 2.3 as a result of such seismic event, BUFFELSFONTEIN was placed in provisional liquidation on 22 March 2005 and the LIQUIDATORS were appointed thereto; 2.4 S&J has evidenced a desire to pursue the NORTH WEST OPERATIONS and to such end the COMPANIES have concluded the INTERIM AGREEMENT with BUFFELSFONTEIN to mine such operations on a limited basis pending the acquisition of the business and assets thereof, alternatively pending the acquisition of the SHARES and the submission of the SCHEME OF ARRANGEMENT and Its SANCTION; as a pre-requisite to pursuing the SCHEME OF ARRANGEMENT, the COMPANIES are desirous of concluding an agreement with DRD for the acquisition of the SHARES; 2.6 DRD is prepared to enter into a sale agreement with the COMPANIES subject to the latter furnishing the INDEMNITY; 2.7 the PARTIES have reached agreement in principle in regard to the aforegoing which is to be reduced to writing as more fully set forth hereafter
Recorded. Easement must be recorded with the Prince Xxxxxx’s County Land Records Division and all holders of liens superior to the easement are required to release or subordinate their interests in the property.
Recorded. Non-BellSouth Recorded -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Retail Analog/Benchmark: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Retail Analog -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attachment 9 Page 53 BILLING -------
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