Recorded Sample Clauses

Recorded. The term "recorded" shall mean the classified unit member has presented an official transcript or grade report for regular semester hours earned, grade cards, or other approved records or night classes, affidavits, or approved report from the supervisor or instructor for equivalent semester hours earned, and a record of same has been made by the District office.
Recorded. Roll Call
Recorded. APPROVED.............. E.O. AUDITOR................. Witness: Signature: Cancel (I/We have authority to bind the Customer) 1317318 (09/19)
Recorded or building permits recorded issued between October 1 and March 31 must be
Recorded. In Volume 55 of Deeds, page 365 and Volume 65 of Deeds, page 356. RECORDING N0. : The Northeast 1/4 of the Southwest 1/4 and the Southeast 1/4 of the Southwest 1/4, Section 1, Township 26 North, Range 2 West.
Recorded. 7:8,9 38:22recorder 8:22records 22:22red 14:7,9regular 39:2relate 37:14remain 15:19remains26:18remove 17:20removing20:19rent 6:19renting 22:22repaired 34:4repairs 34:6report 6:9reports 9:20require 16:3required 7:1710:1residents 6:328:13resources2:4,5,22 4:16:2 9:16 10:3,10 28:2230:12,17,2531:11,19 32:8,11,16,23 33:2,6,14 38:13responsibilit y 15:20responsible15:17retired 9:13review 4:16,19 11:2316:18reviewed12:22,23,25Rich 9:4,1610:8,13,22,2411:3,16 23:934:14,1535:17 37:4,7,17 38:9 39:14ride 28:1630:1
Recorded. Easement must be recorded with the Prince George’s County Land Records Division and all holders of liens superior to the easement are required to release or subordinate their interests in the property.
Recorded. APPROVED.......... E.O. AUDITOR ...................