Recorded Sample Clauses

Recorded. April 4, 1963 RECORDING NO. : 175315 AFFECTS : Sections 15, 22, 23, 25 and 26, Township 28 North, Range 1 West
Recorded. April 4, 1963 and May 18, 1959 RECORDING NOS. : 175315 and 161495 AFFECTS : Sections 30 and 32, Township 28 North, Range 1 East
Recorded. In Volume 55 of Deeds, page 365 and Volume 65 of Deeds, page 356. RECORDING N0. : The Northeast 1/4 of the Southwest 1/4 and the Southeast 1/4 of the Southwest 1/4, Section 1, Township 26 North, Range 2 West.
Recorded. It is recorded that:-
Recorded. October 8, 1965 RECORDING N0. : 185446 AFFECTS : Section 7, Township 28 North, Range 1 West
Recorded. September 8, 1965, May 27, 1966 and November 30, 1965 RECORDING NOS. : 185050, 188127 and 190277 AFFECTS : Portion of the Southwest 1/4, Section 6, Portions of Section 8, the Southwest 1/4, Township 28 North, Range 1 West 26
Recorded. The term "recorded" shall mean the classified unit member has presented an official transcript or grade report for regular semester hours earned, grade cards, or other approved records or night classes, affidavits, or approved report from the supervisor or instructor for equivalent semester hours earned, and a record of same has been made by the District office.

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Financial Records Each Company shall at all times maintain true and complete records and books of account, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, appropriate provisions for possible losses and liabilities, all in accordance with GAAP, and at all reasonable times (during normal business hours and upon notice to such Company) permit Agent or any Lender, or any representative of Agent or such Lender, to examine such Company’s books and records and to make excerpts therefrom and transcripts thereof.
Recording Either Lessor or Lessee shall, upon request of the other, execute, acknowledge and deliver to the other a short form memorandum of this Lease for recording purposes. The Party requesting recordation shall be responsible for payment of any fees or taxes applicable thereto.
Record A record in one or more counterparts shall be kept of the name of the person, firm or corporation owning the shares represented by each certificate for stock of the Corporation issued, the number of shares represented by each such certificate, the date thereof and, in the case of cancellation, the date of cancellation. Except as otherwise expressly required by law, the person in whose name shares of stock stand on the stock record of the Corporation shall be deemed the owner thereof for all purposes regarding the Corporation.
Operating Statements The Seller shall deliver to the Buyers, for the Buyers' informational purposes only, monthly unaudited statements of operating revenues and operating expenses of the Stations within ten (10) days after each such statement is prepared by or for the Seller.
Memorandum of Lease Lessor and Lessee shall promptly upon the request of either enter into a short form memorandum of this Lease, in form suitable for recording under the laws of the State in which reference to this Lease, and all options contained herein, shall be made. Lessee shall pay all costs and expenses of recording such memorandum of this Lease.
Registry Borrower hereby designates Lender to serve as Borrower’s agent, solely for purposes of this Section 9.9, to maintain at one of its offices a copy of each Assignment and Acceptance delivered to it and a register for the recordation of the names and addresses of each Assignee, and the principal amount of the Loan (or portions thereof) owing to, each Lender pursuant to the terms hereof from time to time (the “Register”). Failure to make any such recordation, or any error in such recordation shall not affect Borrower’s obligations in respect of the Loan. With respect to any Lender, the transfer of the rights to the principal of, and interest on, its interest in the Loan shall not be effective until such transfer is recorded on the Register maintained by Lender with respect to ownership of such Loan and prior to such recordation all amounts owing to the transferor with respect to such Note shall remain owing to the transferor. The registration of a transfer of all or part of the Loan shall be recorded by Lender on the Register only upon the acceptance by Lender of a properly executed and delivered Assignment and Acceptance by the assignor and assignee. Such Register shall be available for inspection by Borrower from time to time. At the assigning Lender’s option, concurrently with the delivery of an Assignment and Acceptance pursuant to which an interest of such Lender in the Loan was assigned to such Assignee, the assigning Lender shall surrender to Borrower its Note, if any, evidencing the portion of the Loan corresponding to the interest so transferred and Borrower shall deliver to Lender one or more new promissory notes in the same aggregate principal amount issued to the assigning Lender and/or the Assignee.
Books The Company shall keep books and records of accounts and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its Members. The calendar year shall be the accounting year of the Company.
Tape-recording Trust authorizes the Custodian to tape record any and all telephonic or other oral instructions given to the Custodian by or on behalf of the Trust, including from any Authorized Person. This authorization will remain in effect until and unless revoked by the Trust in writing. The Trust, upon request, further agrees to solicit valid written or other consent from any of its employees with respect to telephone communications to the extent such consent is required by Applicable Law.
Books and Records Financial Reporting Section 8.01 Representations and Warranties. The representations and warranties made by Borrower to Lender in this Section 8.01 are made as of the Effective Date and are true and correct except as disclosed on the Exceptions to Representations and Warranties Schedule.
Production Report and Lease Operating Statements Within 60 days after the end of each fiscal quarter, a report setting forth, for each calendar month during the then current fiscal year to date, the volume of production and sales attributable to production (and the prices at which such sales were made and the revenues derived from such sales) for each such calendar month from the Oil and Gas Properties, and setting forth the related ad valorem, severance and production taxes and lease operating expenses attributable thereto and incurred for each such calendar month.