Through Rate Sample Clauses

Through Rate. As to any Pool of Mortgage Loans and any Distribution Date, the per annum rate of interest that is used to calculate the Certificate Interest Distribution Amount for the applicable one-month period, which per annum rate is either (a) as to a Pool of Fixed- Rate Mortgage Loans, the rate specified as such in the Issue Supplement, or (b) as to a Pool of Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Loans, the rate equal to the weighted average of the Net Rates applicable to payments due during the related Due Period for all of the Mortgage Loans in the Pool, weighted on the basis of their respective Stated Principal Balances as of that Distribution Date before giving effect to any distribution of principal on that Distribution Date. Unless otherwise provided in the related Issue Supplement, the Pass-Through Rate will be calculated on the basis of a 360-day year consisting of twelve 30-day months.

Related to Through Rate

  • Interest Rate Subject to Section 2.3(b), the principal amount outstanding under the Term Loans shall accrue interest at a fixed per annum rate (which rate shall be fixed for the duration of the applicable Term Loan) equal to the Basic Rate, determined by Collateral Agent on the Funding Date of the applicable Term Loan, which interest shall be payable monthly in arrears in accordance with Sections 2.2(b) and 2.3(e). Interest shall accrue on each Term Loan commencing on, and including, the Funding Date of such Term Loan, and shall accrue on the principal amount outstanding under such Term Loan through and including the day on which such Term Loan is paid in full.

  • Determination of Pass-Through Rates for LIBOR Certificates (a) On each Interest Determination Date so long as any LIBOR Certificates are outstanding, the Trustee will determine LIBOR on the basis of the British Bankers' Association ("BBA") "

  • Determination of One-Month LIBOR Pursuant to the terms of the Global Agency Agreement, the Global Agent shall calculate the Class Coupons for the applicable Classes of Notes (including MAC Notes on which the Exchange Administrator has directed the Global Agent to make payments) for each Accrual Period (after the first Accrual Period) on the applicable LIBOR Adjustment Date. “One-Month LIBOR” will be determined by using the “Interest Settlement Rate” for U.S. dollar deposits with a maturity of one month set by ICE Benchmark Administration Limited (“ICE”) as of 11:00 a.m. (London time) on the LIBOR Adjustment Date (the “ICE Method”). ICE’s Interest Settlement Rates are currently displayed on Bloomberg L.P.’s page “BBAM.” That page, or any other page that may replace page BBAM on that service or any other service that ICE nominates as the information vendor to display the ICE’s Interest Settlement Rates for deposits in U.S. dollars, is a “Designated Page.” ICE’s Interest Settlement Rates currently are rounded to five decimal places. If ICE’s Interest Settlement Rate does not appear on the Designated Page as of 11:00 a.m. (London time) on a LIBOR Adjustment Date, or if the Designated Page is not then available, One-Month LIBOR for that date will be the most recently published Interest Settlement Rate. If ICE no longer sets an Interest Settlement Rate, Xxxxxxx Mac will designate an alternative index that has performed, or that Xxxxxxx Mac (or its agent) expects to perform, in a manner substantially similar to ICE’s Interest Settlement Rate.

  • Accrual Rate Compensatory time for employees will accrue at the rate of one and one-half hours for each one hour of overtime worked.

  • Applicable Interest Rate Except as herein provided with respect to interest accruing at the Default Rate, interest on the principal balance of the Loan outstanding from time to time shall accrue from (and including) the Closing Date up to and including the end of the last Interest Period at the Applicable Interest Rate.

  • Interest Rates; LIBOR Notification The interest rate on Eurodollar Loans is determined by reference to the LIBO Rate, which is derived from the London interbank offered rate. The London interbank offered rate is intended to represent the rate at which contributing banks may obtain short-term borrowings from each other in the London interbank market. In July 2017, the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority announced that, after the end of 2021, it would no longer persuade or compel contributing banks to make rate submissions to the ICE Benchmark Administration (together with any successor to the ICE Benchmark Administrator, the “IBA”) for purposes of the IBA setting the London interbank offered rate. As a result, it is possible that commencing in 2022, the London interbank offered rate may no longer be available or may no longer be deemed an appropriate reference rate upon which to determine the interest rate on Eurodollar Loans. In light of this eventuality, public and private sector industry initiatives are currently underway to identify new or alternative reference rates to be used in place of the London interbank offered rate. In the event that the London interbank offered rate is no longer available or in certain other circumstances as set forth in Section 2.14(c) of this Agreement, such Section 2.14(c) provides a mechanism for determining an alternative rate of interest. The Administrative Agent will notify the Borrower, pursuant to Section 2.14, in advance of any change to the reference rate upon which the interest rate on Eurodollar Loans is based. However, the Administrative Agent does not warrant or accept any responsibility for, and shall not have any liability with respect to, the administration, submission or any other matter related to the London interbank offered rate or other rates in the definition of “LIBO Rate” or with respect to any alternative or successor rate thereto, or replacement rate thereof, including without limitation, whether the composition or characteristics of any such alternative, successor or replacement reference rate, as it may or may not be adjusted pursuant to Section 2.14(c), will be similar to, or produce the same value or economic equivalence of, the LIBO Rate or have the same volume or liquidity as did the London interbank offered rate prior to its discontinuance or unavailability.

  • Accrual Rates All eligible employees shall accrue vacation pay according to the following rates:

  • Applicable Interest Rates (a) Each Loan shall bear interest until maturity (whether by acceleration, declaration, extension or otherwise) at either the Base Rate or the Eurodollar Rate, as selected and specified by the Borrowers in an Interest Rate Election Notice furnished to the Lender in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.5.2(e), or as otherwise determined in accordance with the provisions of this ARTICLE II, and as may be adjusted from time to time in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.5.3 (Inability to Determine Eurodollar Base Rate).

  • Interest and Applicable Margins (a) Borrower shall pay interest to Agent, for the ratable benefit of Lenders in accordance with the various Loans being made by each Lender, in arrears on each applicable Interest Payment Date, at the following rates: (i) with respect to the Revolving Credit Advances, the Index Rate plus the Applicable Revolver Index Margin per annum or, at the election of Borrower, the applicable LIBOR Rate plus the Applicable Revolver LIBOR Margin per annum, based on the aggregate Revolving Credit Advances outstanding from time to time; (ii) with respect to the Term Loan, the Index Rate plus the Applicable Term Loan Index Margin per annum or, at the election of Borrower, the applicable LIBOR Rate plus the Applicable Term Loan LIBOR Margin per annum; and (iii) with respect to the Swing Line Loan, the Index Rate plus the Applicable Revolver Index Margin per annum. The Applicable Margins are as follows: Applicable Revolver Index Margin 3.00 % Applicable Revolver LIBOR Margin 4.00 % Applicable Term Loan Index Margin 3.00 % Applicable Term Loan LIBOR Margin 4.00 %

  • Reserve Percentage For any Interest Period, that percentage which is specified three (3) Business Days before the first day of such Interest Period by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (or any successor) or any other governmental or quasi-governmental authority with jurisdiction over Agent or any Lender for determining the maximum reserve requirement (including, but not limited to, any marginal reserve requirement) for Agent or any Lender with respect to liabilities constituting of or including (among other liabilities) Eurocurrency liabilities in an amount equal to that portion of the Loan affected by such Interest Period and with a maturity equal to such Interest Period.