Primary Business Sample Clauses

Primary Business. The Borrower shall continue to be engaged primarily in lines of business as carried on at the date hereof or lines of business related thereto.
Primary Business. The primary business of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries taken as a whole is that of the manufacturing of transportation, construction and industrial products, and the leasing of railroad tank cars, covered hopper cars, box cars and related equipment.
Primary Business. The primary business of the Borrower and the Subsidiaries taken as a whole is that of the manufacturing of, and services related to, transportation, construction, chemical, energy and industrial products, and the leasing of railroad cars and related equipment and businesses reasonably related to the foregoing.
Primary Business. Purchaser further represents and warrants to Seller that Purchaser's primary business is in the construction and sale of new homes for profit and that its purchase of the Lot(s) and Units is for such purposes. By placing initials next to this paragraph, Purchaser, or the representative of Purchaser executing this Agreement on its behalf, specifically acknowledges that it has read this paragraph and has made the representations and warranties contained herein.
Primary Business. Borrower will continue the retail sale of entertainment products, including music products, including tapes, compact discs, prerecorded video tapes, records and accessories, as well as the retail sale of books and the retail rental of prerecorded video tapes, as its primary business.
Primary Business. Publisher/Producer QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: $ 10,000 -$ 20,000 15% per book unit $ 21,000 -$ 50,000 15% per book unit $ 51,000 -$100,000 15% per book unit $ 101,000 - + 15% per book unit Detail any circumstances that can affect discounts in the space provided: I am in the process of producing a CD of How to be a Media Magnet SERVICE CHARGES: N/A RETURN POLICY: No return policy if discounted REFUND POLICY: N/A ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS COMPANY: Scholastic Library Publishing, Inc. Federal Identification Number: 06-1226353 ORDERING INFORMATION: Customers should direct orders for PURCHASE of library materials, to: Name: Kathy Brown Title: Bids & Contracts Coordinator Street Address: 90 Old Sherman Turnpike Danbury, CT 06816 E-mail Address: Phone Number(s): 800-621-1115 ext 6951 Cell Number (for State Purchasing use only): Toll Free Number: 800-621-1115 ext 6951 Fax Number: 866-783-4361 After hours Emergency Number: N/A QUESTIONS, PRODUCT INFORMATION & CONTRACT ISSUES: Primary contact person responsible for answering contract related questions and administering contract issues is: Name: Scholastic Library Publishing, Inc. Title: Street Address or P.O. Box: 90 Old Sherman Turnpike City, State, Zip: Danbury, CT 06816 Phone Number: 800-621-1115 ext 2660 Toll Free Number: 800-621-1115 ext 2660 Ordering Fax Number: 866-783-4361 Internet Address: Federal ID Number: 06-1226353 Remit Address: PO Box 34573 City, State, Zip: Newark, NJ 07189 PRIMARY BUSINESS: Publisher/Producer QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: List additional discounts applicable to any single delivery to one destination for any combination of awarded contract commodities totaling the following quantities: $ 10,000 -$ 20,000 N/A $ 21,000 -$ 50,000 N/A $ 51,000 -$100,000 N/A $ 101,000 - + N/A Detail any other circumstances that can affect discounts: N/A SERVICE CHARGES: Under this contract, the State of Florida, will receive free "standard" Library processing Online Databases are available, please contact your local sales representative for pricing.
Primary Business. The exploration for, and production and marketing of, Hydrocarbons will continue to be the primary business of the Company and its Subsidiaries taken as whole.
Primary Business. Location of Borrower's Office;
Primary Business. The Primary Business of the Corporation shall be the research-based production, marketing, licensing and sale of agronomic seed, including both technology related thereto and products derived therefrom.
Primary Business. Each Borrower and Parent Company will, and Parent Company cause each Company, to, continue to design, engineer, manufacture and/or market beverage dispensing systems as its primary business.