Pharmacy Discount Sample Clauses

Pharmacy Discount. The Hospital will provide nurses with the same pharmacy discount that it provides all other Hospital employees.
Pharmacy Discount. Full-time and part-time nurses will receive a discount at the 17 current discount rate for prescription and nonprescription items at the Hospital 18 pharmacy. Items to be included shall be determined by the Hospital.
Pharmacy Discount. Eligibility: All nurses upon hire. Pharmaceutical items are available for purchase by nurses and family members at a discounted rate of cost plus four dollars ($4.00). Certain over-the-counter items are available at a discounted rate of cost plus ten percent (10%).
Pharmacy Discount. Employees will be provided a pharmacy discount in accord with the Hospital pharmacy discount program.
Pharmacy Discount. Subject to the applicable Rules and Regulations established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the Hospital will continue its current Pharmacy discount practice of cost +10%.

Related to Pharmacy Discount

  • Quantity Discounts Contractor may offer additional discounts for one-time delivery of large single orders;

  • Volume Discounts The Company will pay to the Dealer Manager reduced selling commissions for purchases of more than $500,000 of Primary Shares by a single purchaser through the same participating broker-dealer as follows:

  • PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNTS If a Contractor offers a discount for prompt payment, the Contractor shall include the terms of the discount on all invoices, the amounts which are due if the Authorized User meets the terms, and the number of days for which the prompt payment discount offer applies.

  • Additional Discounts? Do you offer additional discounts to TIPS members for large order quantities or large scope of work? Yes Years in Business as Proposing Company Years in business as proposing company? Resellers: Does the vendor have resellers that it will name under this contract? Resellers are defined as other companies that sell your products under an agreement with you, the awarded vendor of TIPS. EXAMPLE: BIGmart is a reseller of ACME brand televisions. If ACME were a TIPS awarded vendor, then ACME would list BIGmart as a reseller. (If applicable, Vendor should add all Authorized Resellers within the TIPS Vendor Portal upon award). No

  • Associated Discounts The State is entitled to all associated discounts enumerated in the GSA Supply Schedule (including, but not limited to, discounts for additional sites and volume discounts), as well as any other pricing or discount terms as are expressly enumerated in this NYS Contract or GSA schedule, when calculating the NYS Net Price.

  • Discount No qualifying letter or statements in or attached to the proposal, or separate discounts will be considered in determining the low bid except as may be otherwise herein noted. Cash or separate discounts should be computed and incorporated into unit bid price(s).

  • FIRM DISCOUNT AND PRICING STRUCTURE A-E guarantees that prices quoted are equal to or less than prices quoted to any other local, State or Federal government entity for services of equal or lesser scope. A-E agrees that no price increases shall be passed along to COUNTY during the term of this CONTRACT not otherwise specified and provided for within this CONTRACT.

  • Discounts, etc The Borrower will not, after notice from the Lender, grant any discount, credit or allowance to any customer of the Borrower or accept any return of goods sold, or at any time (whether before or after notice from the Lender) modify, amend, subordinate, cancel or terminate the obligation of any account debtor or other obligor of the Borrower.

  • Discounted Voluntary Prepayments (i) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in this Agreement (including Section 2.13) or any other Loan Document, the Borrower shall have the right at any time and from time to time to prepay Term Loans to the Lenders thereof at a discount to the par value of such Loans and on a non pro rata basis (each, a “Discounted Voluntary Prepayment”) pursuant to the procedures described in this Section 2.05(e); provided that (A) no proceeds from Revolving Credit Loans shall be used to consummate any such Discounted Voluntary Prepayment, (B) any Discounted Voluntary Prepayment hereunder must be offered to all relevant Term Lenders on a pro rata basis and must be offered simultaneously on a pro rata basis with a “Discounted Voluntary Prepayment” as defined in the other Group Credit Agreements, as applicable on a pro rata basis, (C) no Default shall have occurred and be continuing or would result from such Discounted Voluntary Prepayment, (D) no more than one Discounted Prepayment Option Notice shall be issued and pending at any one time and (E) the Borrower shall deliver to the Administrative Agent, together with each Discounted Prepayment Option Notice, a certificate of a Responsible Officer of the Borrower (1) stating that each of the conditions to such Discounted Voluntary Prepayment contained in this Section 2.05(e) has been satisfied and (2) specifying the aggregate principal amount of Term Loans to be prepaid pursuant to such Discounted Voluntary Prepayment.

  • Payment of Deferred Discount Upon the consummation of the initial Business Combination, the Company will pay to the Representative, on behalf of the Underwriters, the Deferred Discount. Payment of the Deferred Discount will be made out of the proceeds of the Offering held in the Trust Account, and the Company will instruct CST to transfer the Deferred Discount to the Representative concurrent with any transfer of the funds held in the Trust Account to the Company or any other person. The Underwriters shall have no claim to payment of any interest earned on the portion of the proceeds held in the Trust Account representing the Deferred Discount. If the Company fails to consummate its initial Business Combination within 24 months from the closing of the Offering, the Deferred Discount will not be paid to the Representative and will, instead, be included in the Liquidation distribution of the proceeds held in the Trust Account made to the Public Stockholders. In connection with any such Liquidation, the Underwriters forfeit any rights or claims to the Deferred Discount.