Payee Sample Clauses

Payee. The research grant payments will be made to the following payee and address: B-10. Příjemce plateb. Částky z výzkumného grantu budou hrazeny příjemci plateb na následující jméno a adresu: Payee Name: Thomayerova nemocnice Jméno příjemce plateb: Thomayerova nemocnice Payee Address: Xxxxxxxx 000, 000 00 Xxxxx 0, Xxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Adresa příjemce plateb: Xxxxxxxx 000, 000 00 Xxxxx 0, Xxx, Xxxxx xxxxxxxxx Payee Tax Identification Number: CZ00064190 Daňové identifikační číslo příjemce plateb: CZ00064190 Payee Bank Account Details: Údaje o bankovním účtu příjemce plateb: Bank Name: Česká národní banka Název banky: Bank Account Number: Číslo bankovního účtu: IBAN Number: Číslo IBAN: SWIFT Code: Kód Swift: Email address for remittance information: E-mailová adresa pro zaslání avíza o platbě: In case of changes in the Payee’s bank account details, Payee is obliged to inform CRO in writing, but no amendment to this Agreement shall be required. V případě změny bankovních údajích příjemce plateb, je příjemce povinen písemně informovat CRO, není však nutné vyhotovit dodatek k této smlouvě.
Payee. The payee is the person receiving Proceeds under a settlement option. The payee can be you, the Insured or a Beneficiary. We will require satisfactory proof of the payee's Age under Options 4 and 5. The contingent payee is the person named to receive Proceeds if the payee is not alive.
Payee. This death benefit shall be payable to Employee's (a) surviving spouse if Employee is married on his date of death, or (b) Beneficiary if Employee is not married on his date of death. "Surviving spouse" for purposes of this Section 6.2 means the spouse to whom Employee is married on his date of death.
Payee. Reference in this Note to "Payee" shall mean the original Payee hereunder so long as such Payee shall be the holder of this Note and thereafter shall mean any subsequent holder of this Note.
Payee. For chapter 4 purposes, a “payee” means a person described in
Payee. Such technology access fees shall be paid by Xxxxxx Corp. II directly to the party entitled thereto or to such party's designee as duly named in a written notice to Xxxxxx Corp. II.
Payee. “Payee” has the meaning set forth in §1.1471-1(b)(96).
Payee. The Institution has authorised Monash University to be responsible for financial administration of the Study funds as its Payee. The Parties acknowledge that Payee is authorised to receive and administer all Study payments on behalf of the Institution and that the Sponsor’s only payment obligation under this Agreement is to the Payee. Institution releases Sponsor from any obligation or liability related to handling or disbursement of the funds by Payee. Protocol Number: IHLOSAOLE1Site: Xxxxxx Health
Payee. The research grant payments under this Agreement shall solely be made to Institution. Sponsor through CRO will only accept making payments to bank accounts of the Institution located in the country where the services under this Agreement have been performed and in compliance with the applicable legislation. (6)