LENDER Sample Clauses

LENDER. The term “Lender” shall mean the holder of any promissory note or other evidence of indebtedness secured by the Property or any portion thereof.
LENDER. Any mortgage lender interest in any part of the Building or Improvements may, at Landlord’s option, be afforded coverage under any policy required to be secured by Tenant hereunder, by use of a mortgagee’s endorsement to the policy concerned.
LENDER. The Agent and its affiliates may make loans to, accept deposits from and generally engage in any kind of business with the Borrower and its Subsidiaries as though it were not the Agent hereunder. With respect to its Loans made or renewed by it and any Note issued to it, the Agent shall have the same rights and powers under this Agreement as any Lender and may exercise the same as though it were not the Agent, and the terms "Lender" and "Lenders" shall, unless the context otherwise indicates, include the Agent in its individual capacity.
LENDER. Elevation CLO 2015-4, Ltd., as Term Lender By: Arrowpoint Asset Management, LLC As Collateral Manager By: /s/ Sanjai Bhonsle Name: Sanjai Bhonsle Title: Portfolio Manager For Lenders requiring a second signature block By: Name: Title: The above-named Lender elects to: OPTION A ☑ – CONSENT TO FOURTH AMENDMENT AND CONTINUATION OF TERM LOANS AND/OR REVOLVING CREDIT LOANS (CASHLESS ROLL): Consent and agree to this Fourth Amendment and continue as a Term Lender and/or Revolving Credit Lender under the First Lien Credit Agreement after giving effect to the Fourth Amendment. OPTION B ☐ – CONSENT TO FOURTH AMENDMENT VIA CASH SETTLEMENT (CASH ROLL): Consent to the Fourth Amendment and agree to sell all of its existing Term Loans and/or Revolving Credit Loans to Goldman Sachs as an Eligible Assignee pursuant to an Assignment and Assumption (or Master Assignment and Assumption) and commit to repurchase Term Loans and/or Revolving Credit Commitments post-closing in an equal principal amount (or such lesser amount as may be allocated by Goldman Sachs). Each Lender consenting to the Fourth Amendment by selecting this Option B that has not delivered a signature page to the Master Assignment and Assumption to the Administrative Agent hereby authorizes and directs the Administrative Agent to execute and deliver all documentation as may be required to effectuate such assignment (including the signature page to the Master Assignment and Assumption) on its behalf.
LENDER. The William M. Beard and Lu Beard 1988 Charitable Unitrust (the "Unitrust").
LENDER. The term "Lender" shall mean (1) any beneficiary, mortgagee, secured party, or other holder of any deed of trust, mortgage, or other written security device or agreement affecting the Project; and (2) any lessor under any underlying lease under which Landlord holds its interest in the Project.
LENDER. BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. By: /s/ Jeffrey H. Rathkamp Name: Jeffrey H. Rathkamp Title: Managing Director LENDER: KEYBANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION By: /s/ Chulley Bogle Name: Chulley Bogle Title: Vice President LENDER: SUNTRUST BANK By: /s/ Yann Pirio Name: Yann Pirio Title: Director LENDER: AMEGY BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION By: /s/ Mark A. Serice Name: Mark A. Serice Title: Senior Vice President
LENDER. ABN AMRO CAPITAL USA LLC By: /s/ David Montgomery Name: David Montgomery Title: Director By: /s/ Darrell Holley Name: Darrell Holley Title: Managing Director