Conservation Measures definition

Conservation Measures means equipment, maintenance, load management techniques and equipment, or other measures to reduce energy use or make for a more efficient use of energy.
Conservation Measures means the conservation measures and equipment which are approved under the Incentive Plan of the District.
Conservation Measures means the coordinated activities to be undertaken by the Parties for the benefit of Boreal Caribou as set out in the Tables to Appendix C to this Agreement.

Examples of Conservation Measures in a sentence

  • Water Conservation Measures may be credited toward mitigation requirements only with respect to existing land uses with consumptive or depletive water uses.

  • This description should include an analysis of the efficiency of current water uses, including the application of Environmentally Sound and Economically Feasible Water Conservation Measures.

  • If any Mold occurs within the Site as the result of the negligent implementation of the Project or the improper functioning of the Conservation Measures, then the Contractor, at its sole cost and expense, shall be responsible for any response, removal, cleanup, or other remedial action required by applicable law.

  • The contractor must recognize mandatory standards and policies relating to energy efficiency contained in the Cost Effective Energy Conservation Measures.

  • For purposes of this RFP, “performance-based energy services contract” means a contract for energy efficiency services and equipment in which the payment obligation to a third party lender is supported solely by savings attributable to the installation of Energy Conservation Measures at the Board facilities that are the subject of this RFP for the term of the contract.

More Definitions of Conservation Measures

Conservation Measures means techniques to acquire, preserve, create, enhance, restore, or manage habitat for endangered or threatened wildlife species.
Conservation Measures means the measures and actions described in Appendix B to be implemented to advance progress towards the goal and purpose of this Agreement.
Conservation Measures means equipment, maintenance, meters, load management techniques and equipment, or other measures to reduce energy or water use or make for a more efficient use of energy or water.
Conservation Measures means the measures identified in Appendix 1 of this Agreement; “Effective Date” means the date on which the last party to sign this Agreement signed it;
Conservation Measures means that accepting and conveying developer mitigation fees, and possibly land dedications, as required under the NBHCP, the Land Use Agencies shall implement a variety of measures that will avoid, minimize or mitigate the take of Covered Species.
Conservation Measures and each, an "Conservation Measure", means the equipment, devices, materials, and/or software to be installed at the Site by the Contractor and all related services as described in Schedule A.
Conservation Measures means regulations, restrictions or conservation or restoration actions that are put in place so that an MPA can achieve its site objectives.