MUST BE REMOVED Sample Clauses

MUST BE REMOVED. No confetti. The deposit will be refunded after the event has taken place and the Clubhouse has been found to be left in acceptable condition. The curfew for any social event is 1:00 a.m. Sale of alcoholic beverages on the premises is prohibited by State Law. The renter shall provide adequate Constable services. All fire, health and parking regulations must be complied with. There is additional parking in the rear of the clubhouse – please don’t park on the grass. Please be considerate of surrounding neighbors when having late or music-provided parties. If AED device is utilized or damaged during the party notify rental agent immediately. I, the undersigned renter, hereby agree to assume any and all liability arising out of my use of the facility, including any damage to the interior and exterior of the facility and its systems, any injury to persons or property occurring on the premises from any cause whatsoever, and including any liability, whether on or off premises, from the consumption of alcoholic beverages while on the premises. I agree to save harmless the Xxxxxx Lake West Shores Association, Inc., its officers, directors and members from any and all claims resulting from my use of the premises, including any claim resulting from the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises, and agree to pay for all costs, damages and attorney’s fees for the Association’s defense of any claim. Date Applicant’s Signature Date RLWS Rental Agent Xxxxxx Lake West Shores Assoc. XX Xxx 000 Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000
MUST BE REMOVED. There cabanas were made to be portable and must be removed from the beach at the end of the Beach Club Season. All contents must be removed by the end of the season. If contents are not removed, you will forfeit your damage deposit and the Borough may revoke your Privilege to License a Cabana


  • Snow Removal The plowing of snow from all roadways and unobstructed parking areas shall be at the sole expense of LESSOR. The control of snow and ice on all walkways, steps and loading areas serving the leased premises and all other areas not readily accessible to plows shall be the sole responsibility of LESSEE. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, LESSEE shall hold LESSOR and OWNER harmless from any and all claims by LESSEE's agents, representatives, employees, callers or invitees for damage or personal injury resulting in any way from snow or ice on any area serving the leased premises.

  • Trash Removal The Licensee shall remove trash from the Cafeteria anytime that waste canisters are full or not less than once after every meal; whichever is greater. Any alteration to this provision must be directed in writing by the Licensing Officer.

  • Debris Removal a. We will pay your reasonable expense for the removal of:

  • Property Removed We insure covered property against direct loss from any cause while being removed from a premises endangered by a Peril Insured Against and for no more than 30 days while removed. This coverage does not change the limit of liability that applies to the property being removed.

  • Legend Removal If the Forward Purchase Securities are eligible to be sold without restriction under, and without the Company being in compliance with the current public information requirements of, Rule 144 under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), then at the Purchaser’s request, the Company will, at its sole expense, cause the Company’s transfer agent to remove the legend set forth in Section 1(b)(ii) hereof. In connection therewith, if required by the Company’s transfer agent, the Company will promptly cause an opinion of counsel to be delivered to and maintained with its transfer agent, together with any other authorizations, certificates and directions required by the transfer agent, that authorize and direct the transfer agent to transfer such Forward Purchase Securities without any such legend; provided, however, that the Company will not be required to deliver any such opinion, authorization or certificate or direction if it reasonably believes that removal of the legend could reasonably be expected to result in or facilitate transfers of Forward Purchase Securities in violation of applicable law.

  • Resignation and Removal Any of the Trustees may resign their trust (without need for prior or subsequent accounting) by an instrument in writing signed by such Trustee and delivered or mailed to the Trustees or the Chairman, if any, the President or the Secretary and such resignation shall be effective upon such delivery, or at a later date according to the terms of the instrument. Any of the Trustees may be removed (provided the aggregate number of Trustees after such removal shall not be less than the minimum number required by Section 2.1 hereof) for cause only, and not without cause, and only by action taken by a majority of the remaining Trustees followed by the holders of at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the Shares then entitled to vote in an election of such Trustee. Upon the resignation or removal of a Trustee, each such resigning or removed Trustee shall execute and deliver such documents as the remaining Trustees shall require for the purpose of conveying to the Trust or the remaining Trustees any Trust Property held in the name of such resigning or removed Trustee. Upon the incapacity or death of any Trustee, such Trustee's legal representative shall execute and deliver on such Trustee's behalf such documents as the remaining Trustees shall require as provided in the preceding sentence.

  • Resignation; Removal Any Officer may resign as such at any time. Such resignation shall be made in writing and shall take effect at the time specified therein, or if no time be specified, at the time of its receipt by the Company Board. The acceptance of a resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective, unless expressly so provided in the resignation. Any Officer may be removed as such, either with or without cause, at any time by the Company Board. Designation of an Officer shall not of itself create any contractual or employment rights.

  • OIG Removal of IRO In the event OIG has reason to believe the IRO does not possess the qualifications described in Paragraph B, is not independent and objective as set forth in Paragraph D, or has failed to carry out its responsibilities as described in Paragraph C, OIG shall notify the Friendship Entities in writing regarding OIG’s basis for determining that the IRO has not met the requirements of this Appendix. The Friendship Entities shall have 30 days from the date of OIG’s written notice to provide information regarding the IRO’s qualifications, independence or performance of its responsibilities in order to resolve the concerns identified by OIG. If, following OIG’s review of any information provided by the Friendship Entities regarding the IRO, OIG determines that the IRO has not met the requirements of this Appendix, OIG shall notify the Friendship Entities in writing that the Friendship Entities shall be required to engage a new IRO in accordance with Paragraph A of this Appendix. The Friendship Entities must engage a new IRO within 60 days of their receipt of OIG’s written notice. The final determination as to whether or not to require the Friendship Entities to engage a new IRO shall be made at the sole discretion of OIG. Corporate Integrity Agreement - Appendix A 3 APPENDIX B CLAIMS REVIEW AND ADDITIONAL ITEMS REVIEW

  • Resignation and Removal of the Trustee The Trustee may at any time resign and be discharged from the trusts hereby created by giving written notice of resignation to the Depositor, the Master Servicer, and each Rating Agency not less than 60 days before the date specified in such notice, when, subject to Section 8.08, such resignation is to take effect, and acceptance by a successor trustee in accordance with Section 8.08 meeting the qualifications set forth in Section 8.06. If no successor trustee meeting such qualifications shall have been so appointed and have accepted appointment within 30 days after the giving of such notice or resignation, the resigning Trustee may petition any court of competent jurisdiction for the appointment of a successor trustee. If at any time the Trustee shall cease to be eligible in accordance with Section 8.06 and shall fail to resign after written request thereto by the Depositor, or if at any time the Trustee shall become incapable of acting, or shall be adjudged as bankrupt or insolvent, or a receiver of the Trustee or of its property shall be appointed, or any public officer shall take charge or control of the Trustee or of its property or affairs for the purpose of rehabilitation, conservation or liquidation, or a tax is imposed with respect to the Trust Fund by any state in which the Trustee or the Trust Fund is located and the imposition of such tax would be avoided by the appointment of a different trustee, then the Depositor or the Master Servicer may remove the Trustee and appoint a successor trustee by written instrument, in triplicate, one copy of which shall be delivered to the Trustee, one copy to the Master Servicer and one copy to the successor trustee. The Holders of Certificates entitled to at least 51% of the Voting Rights may at any time remove the Trustee and appoint a successor trustee by written instrument or instruments, in triplicate, signed by such Holders or their attorneys-in-fact duly authorized, one complete set of which shall be delivered by the successor Trustee to the Master Servicer, one complete set to the Trustee so removed and one complete set to the successor so appointed. The successor trustee shall notify each Rating Agency of any removal of the Trustee. Any resignation or removal of the Trustee and appointment of a successor trustee pursuant to this Section 8.07 shall become effective upon acceptance of appointment by the successor trustee as provided in Section 8.08.

  • Employee Removal At District’s request, Contractor shall immediately remove any Contractor employee from all District properties in cases where the District in its sole discretion determines that removal of that employee is in the District’s best interests.