Measuring Sample Clauses

Measuring instruments The instrument used to record the speed referred to in paragraph 2.5. above shall be accurate to within one per cent.
Measuring. Operator shall install, maintain and operate all facilities necessary for the measurement of Crude Oil at each Production Measurement Point. Operator shall notify SOC and Contractor prior to any calibration of such measurement facilities and allow SOC’s and Contractor’s representatives to attend such calibration activities. Unless agreed otherwise by the Parties, any inaccuracy determined during such calibration activities shall be deemed to have existed since the mid- point between the last calibration and the current calibration. Similarly, Export Oil that may be lifted by a Company shall be measured at the Delivery Measurement Point in accordance with standard SOMO measurement practices. Operation and calibration of the metering equipment and procedures for measurement and sampling shall be in accordance with Best International Petroleum Industry Practices. The Parties shall agree the procedure(s) for measuring the volume and quality of Crude Oil and Export Oil , Contractor’s right of (i) access to the Production and Delivery Measurement Points and (ii)witnessing calibration and testing of such Points.
Measuring. 10.1 Designtech shall measure the Customer’s Availability to the Designtech Product. Upon the Customer’s request shall Designtech present to the Customer the Availability-level for the current term.
Measuring rim The tyre shall be mounted on a steel or light alloy measuring rim, as follows:
Measuring. Payment for excavated amount shall be made by measuring with topographic methods volumes excavated in rock bench (BCM), ore and waste rock, and transforming said volumes into tonnes of rock with mean weighed density DMP=2.745 t/m3b. Measuring shall be to place of origin and any volume already measured and billed in prior months shall be discounted. The result in tonnes shall be multiplied by the base price per tonne of rock in force at billing date (base price and/or up-dated price) and relevant adjustments contemplated in the Agreement herein shall be made over that amount.
Measuring. The measuring of the injected and withdrawn natural gas is performed according to the Gen- eral Terms and Conditions for Access to the Grid of the concerned grid operator. In the rela- tion with the grid operator, CUSTOMER is the injecting party.
Measuring. 25.8 Petroleum shall be measured only when extracted from the reservoir and delivered at the Delivery Point. Unless otherwise agreed, Petroleum shall be delivered at the Delivery Point in accordance with generally accepted practices in the international petroleum industry. The measuring equipment shall be installed and managed by Operator. Parties and competent Malagasy authorities shall be free to inspect said equipment installed by Operator and all relevant documents and supporting information pertaining thereto.