Mats Sample Clauses

Mats. Contractor shall clean all mats, as needed, to keep them clean, without a build-up of dirt around or under the mats.
Mats. Contractor will wash all mats weekly to keep them clean without a build-up of dirt around, on or under the mats.
Mats. Sweep, vacuum, spot clean and scrub as required all mats and runners.

Related to Mats

  • FLOORING Developer shall provide carpeted flooring with non-static flooring in server 23 room.

  • Rubric The rubrics are a scoring tool used for the Educator’s self-assessment, the formative assessment, the formative evaluation and the summative evaluation. The districts may use either the rubrics provided by ESE or comparably rigorous and comprehensive rubrics developed or adopted by the district and reviewed by ESE.

  • GLASS The Tenant shall maintain the glass part of the demised premises, promptly replacing any breakage and fully saving the Landlord harmless from any loss, cost or damage resulting from such breakage or the replacement thereof.

  • Structures Airport facilities such as bridges; culverts; catch basins, inlets, retaining walls, cribbing; storm and sanitary sewer lines; water lines; underdrains; electrical ducts, manholes, handholes, lighting fixtures and bases; transformers; flexible and rigid pavements; navigational aids; buildings; vaults; and, other manmade features of the airport that may be encountered in the work and not otherwise classified herein. 10-50 SUBGRADE. The soil which forms the pavement foundation.

  • Grades At the end of each semester, students shall receive a final grade report that shall become a part of their permanent record. The College District’s grading system shall apply to all courses: A (90-100) - Excellent B (80-89) - Good C (70-79) - Average D (60-69) - Poor F (Below 60) - Failure I Incomplete Q Dropped W Dropped Due to Good Cause or Withdrawal from College CR Credit P Pass NP Not Passing FS Academic Fresh Start I - Incomplete: indicates that the coursework was incomplete because of serious illness or other justified emergency. The instructor shall change the grade of “I” to a grade based on the work completed for the course in addition to the work specified in the course completion contract. All incomplete work shall be completed within 90 days of the start of the next long semester. Failure to complete the work specified in the course completion contract shall result in a grade of zero, which shall be factored into the final grade calculation with appropriate weighting relative to other course grades.

  • Grade TEMPERATURE SCHEDULE The Contractor will be responsible for delivery of straight 1D, straight 2D or straight BioDiesel, or any blend of 1D and 2D or BioDiesel as listed in the IFB specifications. Agencies desiring a mix other than normally required under these specifications must notify the Office of General Services and the Contractor in writing of the specific mix desired. Also, unless the agency specified otherwise when ordering, the Contractor will adhere to the following schedule: Grade/Mix Temperatures Costing Formula #2D/BioDiesel Spring/Summer/Early Fall* (above 20°F ambient). *Early Fall - used up to October Current Contract Price #1D Winter (coldest areas) (sub zero ambient to -40°F) Current Contract Price #2D/BioDiesel/1D Winter Mix: See Low Temperature Operability/Performance Characteristics under Detailed Specifications section Current Contract Price for respective gallon-age of each grade supplied

  • Moonlighting 1. No employee covered by this Agreement shall hold an active C17 or work on his/her own behalf as a self-employed individual after his regular hours of employment, or on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and designated days off on any work covered by the jurisdiction of this Agreement.

  • Fuel 28.1 The Vehicle must be returned with the amount of fuel equal to that at the time of the commencement of the rental. If the Vehicle is returned with less fuel, the difference will be charged to You at a rate of $5.00 including GST per litre (which includes a service component).

  • Partitions In order to ensure maximum privacy for clients and to preserve the attorney-client privilege, the Employer agrees to construct floor to ceiling partitions for the offices of all casehandling staff where architecturally feasible. The feasibility of such construction may be limited by the cost relating to lighting and airflow.

  • Fences Except for establishment cost incurred by the United States and replacement cost not due to the Landowner’s negligence or malfeasance, all other costs involved in maintenance of fences and similar facilities to exclude livestock shall be the responsibility of the Landowner.