London Sample Clauses

London hereinafter referred to as the 'Seller' of the one part and M/s. X Y & Co. Ltd., a Company registered under the (Indian) Companies Act, 1956. and having its registered office at ... hereinafter referred to as 'the Buyer' of the Other Part;
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London. 11.00 An employee may accept a supervisory position outside of the bargaining unit for a period of up to one year. During such leave the employee’s seniority will be frozen. She will be entitled to return to her former position at the end of the leave. This clause will not be repeatedly applied in respect of a single member of the bargaining unit so as to permit an employee to maintain seniority entitlement while working outside the bargaining unit. For clarity after a tour outside the bargaining unit an employee must remain in the bargaining unit for a least one (1) year.
London. North Xxxxx 138kV Line Loop: Transfer conductor and install deadend hardware assemblies on the new 3-pole Structure. (Network Upgrade n7344)
London. Address: 0 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX Attention: Xxxxx Xxxxx/Tyne Xxxxxxx Facsimile No: 000 0000 0000/0464 Telephone No: 000 0000 0000/0463
London. Clinical service provided by consultant dermatologist and honorary Professor of Clinical Genetics and a consultant clinical geneticist, under the governance of: North West Thames Regional Genetics Service (Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Centre) North West London Hospitals NHS Trust, Level 0 Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx XX0 0XX Laboratory service provided by a senior scientist with appropriate technical and administrative support under the governance of the molecular genetics department at Northwick Park Hospital (part of North West London Hospitals NHS Trust). Electron Microscopy is provided by: Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Science University of Oxford Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx Hospital Oxford OX3 9DU. Sub-contractors
London. 13. Notices (state postal and cable address, telex and fax number service of notice and communication to the Owners) (Cl. 20) 14. Notices (state postal and cable address, telex and fax number for service of notice and communication to the Crew Managers) (Cl. 20) Copyright, published by The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO), Copenhagen August 1999 Printed by BIMCO’s idea Approved by the International Ship Managers´ Association (InterManager) WORKING COPY It is mutually agreed between the party mentioned in Box 2 (hereinafter called “ the Owners”) and the party mentioned in Box 3 (hereinafter called “ the Crew Managers”) that this Agreement consisting of PART I and PART ll as well as ANNEX “A”, ANNEX “ B” and A NNEX “ C” attached hereto, shall be performed subject to the conditions contained herein. In the ev ent of a conflict of conditions, the prov isions of PART I shall prevail over those of PART II and ANNEX “A”, ANNEX “B” and ANNEX “ C” to the ex tent of such conflict but no further. Signature(s) (Crew Managers) Signature(s) (Ow ners) Date of Agreement: Name of Vessel(s): WORKING COPY Particulars of Vessel(s): Date of Agreement: Name of Vessel(s): Details of Crew : Number Rank Nationality WORKING COPY Date of Agreement: Name of Vessel(s): WORKING COPY Budget Details:
London. All disputes arising out of this con- tract shall be arbitrated at London and, unless the parties agree forthwith on a single Arbitrator, be referred to the final arbitrament of two Arbitrators carrying on business in London who shall be members of the Baltic Mercantile & Shipping Exchange and engaged in Shipping. One to be appointed by each of the parties, with power to such Arbitrators to appoint an Umpire. No award shall be questioned or inva- lidated on the ground that any of the Arbitrators is not qualified as above, unless objection to his action be taken before the award is made. Any dispute arising hereunder shall be governed by English Law.
London. The Manager shall have exclusive rights with respect to production of the Play throughout London commencing on the date that the Writer receives written notice from the Manager stating its intention to produce/open the Play in London and the Writer’s simultaneous receipt of the Manager’s advance payment for the additional Territory of London as outlined in Article 4 below, provided that said advance payment is paid to the Writer and that the Play is produced in London simultaneously at a time during the Five (5) year period described in Article 2(c) above. The exclusivity period in London shall exist for a period of five years.
London. If additional officersare requiredat the Employerwill temporarily promote until the status of the contract with is finalized. If the contract is extended then permanent will be created and they will obtain all entitled of lost time. The fallowing at each location will be the number of Float positions held. floaters floaters Windsor: floater floater London: floater at and at Xxx General Manager Canada Limited Xxxxx National Representative Canada A LAYOFF BENEFIT PLAN FOR CAW BARGAINING UNIT EMPLOYEES IN ONTARIO (Effective 1997) TABLEOFCONTENTS Article I Establishment of the Plan Page No.
London. Xx Xxxxx, X. (2013). An empirical investigation of life cycle cost of road studs on national roads. Stellenbosch: University of Stellenbosch.