Local Grievance Procedure 44 Sample Clauses

Local Grievance Procedure 44. 17. Employment 46 This Collective Agreement is made this of 20 between The Horizon School Division (Employer) and the Alberta TeachersAssociation (Association). Effective May 28, 2019, whereas this Collective Agreement is made pursuant to the laws of the province of Alberta as amended from time to time including but not limited to the School Act/Education Act, the Alberta Human Rights Act, the Public Education Collective Bargaining Act (PECBA), the Employment Standards Code, and the Labour Relations Code. Effective September 28, 2020, the whereas statement above is repealed and replaced by the following whereas statement:

Related to Local Grievance Procedure 44

  • Formal Grievance Procedure 1. In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved informally, the parties shall pursue the first step in the formal grievance procedure before making any application for arbitration, unless the College and the AAUP agree in writing to alter the procedure or waive one or more of the steps by proceeding directly to arbitration.

  • GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE 22.01 The parties to this Agreement recognize the Stewards and the CLAC Representatives specified in Article 4 as the agents through which employees shall process their grievances and receive settlement thereof.

  • Grievance Procedures The AGENCY agrees to establish a formal written grievance process with procedures through which clients and recipients of services may present grievances to the governing authority of the AGENCY regarding services being provided under this Contract. Additionally, the AGENCY agrees to establish fair hearing procedures that ensure all persons will be advised of their rights to a fair hearing to appeal a denial or exclusion from services and/or the failure of staff to take into account the individual’s choice of service. The AGENCY’S internal grievance procedure must document and include, at a minimum, the following: date of grievance, a written response to the applicant, within thirty (30) days, the opportunity for the applicant to meet with the AGENCY Executive Director and/or designee. Upon request by the COUNTY, the AGENCY shall provide a written report as to the grievance outcome within five (5) normal COUNTY working days. The AGENCY will maintain these documents on file for review by the COUNTY.

  • Grievance Procedure Steps Step 1: (a) Any employee who feels aggrieved must discuss the grievance with the employee's immediate supervisor within fourteen (14) days of the date on which the employee or the Union first learned or may reasonably have been expected to have learned of its cause unless the parties agree in writing to extend the fourteen (14) day period. The employee, if he or she so desires, may be accompanied and represented by the employee's stew- ard or a Union representative. The Union also may initiate a grievance at Step 1 within 14 days of the date the Union first became aware of (or rea- sonably should have become aware of) the facts giving rise to the griev- ance. In such case the participation of an individual grievant is not re- quired.

  • ARTICLE GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE It is the mutual desire of the parties hereto, that complaints of employees shall be adjusted as quickly as possible, and it is generally understood that an employee has no grievance until has first given to department head an opportunity of adjusting complaint. Any differenceconcerning the interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of the provisions of this Agreement, other than a difference arising from the discharge of a probationary employee, shall be considered as a grievance. Step If an employee has a complaint or question which wishes to discuss with the Company, he shall take the matter up with immediate supervisor, within seven (7) working days from the date of the alleged occurrence said to have caused the reason for the complaint. may be accompanied by steward if requests such assistance. Management may also request the presence of the steward. Ifsuch complaint or question is not settled to the satisfaction of the employee concerned within five (5) working days, then the following steps of the Grievance Procedure may be invoked in order. It is understood that the employee may request a specific union steward to attend their Step grievance meeting or any disciplinary meeting and should this individual person not be available, the employee will choose amongst those stewards available to assist them. Stet, The steward or the employee shall outline the grievance in writing. The employee must sign the grievance. Such document must be submitted to the department head within a period of seven (7) working days from the time the verbal reply to the complaint was received as indicated in Step above. After such discussion, as is necessary, the department head shall state in writing his decision. If the grievance is not settled within seven (7) working days after it was submitted to the department head, then the grievance shall be taken up as follows: the Union representative may then within seven (7) days from the date of the decision of the department head request, in writing, a meeting with the General Manager. Such meeting will be held within five (5) working days after receipt by the Employer, of the Union's letter. The department head, or his delegate, may attend such meeting. The General Manager or his delegate shall render his written decision within five (5) working days following the meeting. Failing satisfactory settlement in Step then, at the request of either party, in writing, the grievance may be referred to arbitration provided such request is made within thirty (30)working days after the decision of the Employer in Step has been rendered. The time limits as prescribed in this article may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties in writing. In determining time limits, Saturdays, Sundays and recognized Statutory Holidays shall be excluded. If the time limits or any mutually agreed upon extensions are not observed by the Union, the grievance shall be considered as abandoned and may not be reopened. Ifthe time limits or any mutually agreed upon extensions are not observed by the Employer, the grievance may be advanced to the next stage of the Grievance Procedure. At any stage of the Grievance Procedure, including arbitration, the conferring parties may have assistance of the employee or employees concerned and any necessary witnesses and all reasonable arrangements will be made to permit the conferring parties to fully investigate all the circumstances. The Union or the Employer may present a policy grievance commencing at Step of the Grievance Procedure. Such policy grievances shall not be filed where the grievance could have been filed by an individual. A union steward must be present when the Employer terminates a bargaining unit member.

  • PROFESSIONAL GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE A. A claim by a teacher or the Association that there has been a violation, misrepresentation, or misapplication of any provision of this Agreement may be processed as a grievance as hereinafter provided.

  • COMPLAINT AND GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE 5.01 It is agreed that all possible means will be used to settle disputes within the framework of the Festival and the Union.

  • CENTRAL GRIEVANCE PROCESS The following process pertains exclusively to grievances on central matters that have been referred to the central process. In accordance with the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act central matters may also be grieved locally, in which case local grievance processes will apply.

  • DISCIPLINARY AND GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES For statutory purposes, there is no formal disciplinary procedure in relation to the Employee's employment. The Employee shall be expected to maintain the highest standards of integrity and behavior. If the Employee has any grievance in relation to his employment or is not satisfied with any disciplinary procedure taken in relation to him, he may apply in writing within 14 days of that decision to the Board, whose decision shall be final. The foregoing shall not be construed, however, to limit the Employee's remedies at law or otherwise.

  • Grievance Process (a) Either party, with the agreement of the other party, may submit a grievance to Grievance Mediation at any time within ten (10) working days after the Employer’s decision has been rendered at the step prior to arbitration. Where the matter is so referred, the mediation process shall take place before the matter is referred to Arbitrator.