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Lining. 141. Leila Maud6 Pepper (Rebecca Gallison5 Averell, Isaac Cooper4 Averell, Ebenezer3 Averell, Abijah2 Averell, Thomas1 Averell)1 was born on 20 Mar 1860 in New York (Bronx), Bronx, New York1. She married Albert E. Coudrey on 31 Oct 1888 in New York (Bronx), Bronx, New York1. Notes for Leila Maud Pepper: lived at Orange, NJ Albert E. Coudrey and Leila Maud Pepper had the following children:
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Lining. The process of using a cable to influence the direction of fall of a tree being cut. Used especially around anadromous streams, roads, etc. Log transfer facility (LTF): See resource transfer facility. Management Agreement: An agreement between one or more of the divisions of the Department of Natural Resources that specifies agency responsibilities for the management of a resource. In addition to specifications on management, it is typically used to transfer authorities for management from one division to another. Management Intent Statement: The statements that define the Department's near-, long- term and management objectives and the methods to achieve those objectives. Manage- ment intent statements are always included in the State Forest Plan for units and subunits. They further define the way in which, and occasionally the standards under which, state lands are to be managed. Materials: Materials include but are not limited to common varieties of sand, gravel, rock, pumice, clay and sod.
Lining. A. The lining consists of two pads to accommodate 8 ½” x 11” certificate. One pad has four corner pockets. The liners are flush cut with the moiré grain running in a vertical direction on both of the lining boards. The moiré is laminated securely to a .024 board. The lining pads are glued neatly in place in the cover and most be glued securely. The entire case is neatly constructed and taut. The case is folded and turned neatly so that when the case is closed, all four corners will coincide.
Lining. Customer shall pay the cost of the interior lining of any car and shall, at its sole cost and expense, maintain and renew all car linings (both new and currently existing) whenever necessary during the term of this Agreement, including when necessitated by repair to other portions of the car; and Customer is responsible for removing the lining from each car prior to its return to GATX at the expiration or termination of this Agreement with respect to such car. This Article 7 shall govern notwithstanding anything to the contrary in Article 6 hereof.
Lining a) All surfaces shall be coated as specified. Surfaces which do not require lining shall be suitably protected.
Lining. Fully lined with green rayon and featuring inside cloth reinforced breast pockets. The lining at the armhole shall be securely fastened completely to the coat with lock stitch machine for strength. Hand sewing or “felling” will be unacceptable. VENT Shall be a centered back vent.

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  • Dressing Rooms 42.1 Adequate dressing rooms with standard size lockers and sitting areas shall be provided if the physical facilities permit.

  • Permanent Positions All part-time and full-time positions shall be permanent unless identified as being fixed term in accordance with clause 2.2.5.

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