Interruption of Business Sample Clauses

Interruption of Business. If the business of any Licensed Locations subject to this Agreement is substantially interrupted by reason of a major remodeling, fire, other casualty, or any other cause not the fault of Licensee, and such interruption substantially and adversely affects the business of Licensee in such Licensed Location, then, from and after such interruption and until the cause thereof has been corrected or eliminated, the fees due Licensor hereunder for such Licensed Locations shall be equitably reduced or abated to the extent agreed between the parties.
Interruption of Business. Except as specified in Section 6, DISI shall not be responsible to Licensee for any damages or inconvenience caused by interruption of business or inability to occupy the Licensed Space or unavailability of any utilities or services for any reason whatsoever, providing that, Licensee shall be credited with the cash license fee on a pro rata basis for any working day period, if the business interruption is due to circumstances caused by DISI that are not in the normal course of business or that are not a part of normal operating procedures at the DISI Buildings.
Interruption of Business. The Company is not an operating company and it has therefore not experienced any interruptions of its business since its formation.
Interruption of Business. Normal business operations at the facility may have to be modified or suspended entirely depending on the use and characteristics of the facility as well as the scope and associated demands of the event in order to accommodate the establishment and operation of the EMSF. The BCEMA will attempt to minimize the impact on normal business activities at the facility while operations associated with the EMSF are in progress. The party furnishing the facility agrees to modify or suspend normal business operations in support of EMSF operations in the event of an emergency requiring EMSF activation.
Interruption of Business takes any action to displace a material part of the management of either Borrower, to curtail its authority to conduct its business, to dissolve or disestablish it, or to prevent it or its officers from carrying on all or a substantial part of its business or operations.
Interruption of Business. Notwithstanding any Excusable Delay, if an interruption or impairment of utilities or services provided to the Premises materially impairs Tenant's ability to conduct its business and Tenant closes its business in the Premises by reason thereof and such impairment and closure continues for three (3) consecutive days, beginning after the end of such 3-day period, all rent will abate until such utilities or services are reasonably restored to an extent to render the Premises tenantable. Landlord will use reasonable efforts to cause such utilities or services to be restored as soon as possible.
Interruption of Business. City shall not be liable or responsible to Rubio in any manner for any interruption, or adverse impact on, Rubio’s business as a result of casualty, flooding, acts of God, utility failures, or any other occurrence. City agrees to exercise reasonable efforts to restore access to and the use of the Tennis Center, but City shall not be responsible for failure to restore access or use within any particular period of time.