Insurance Undertakings Sample Clauses

Insurance Undertakings. The Borrowers hereby jointly and severally undertake with the Lender that throughout the Security Period the Borrowers shall (at the expense of the Borrowers and upon such terms, in such amounts and with such Insurers as shall from time to time be approved in writing by the Lender) comply with the following provisions of this Clause 20, except as the Lender may otherwise permit:
Insurance Undertakings. The Lessee hereby covenants with the Lessor and undertakes that throughout the Lease Period and thereafter, whilst the Lessee continues to have possession of the Ship, until the sale of the Ship (other than a sale to the Standby Purchaser), it will:
Insurance Undertakings. 22.1 The Borrowers hereby undertake with the Agent and the Security Trustee or shall procure from the Owners or the Bareboat Charterers that, from the date of delivery of each relevant Vessel and thereafter, throughout the Security Period, at their own expense and upon such terms and conditions, in such amounts and with such Insurers as shall from time to time be approved in writing by the Security Trustee and, if so required by the Security Trustee (but without, as between the Security Trustee and the Borrowers, the Owners or the Bareboat Charterer’s liability on the part of the Security Trustee for premiums or calls) with the Security Trustee named as co-assured -
Insurance Undertakings. The Charterer hereby covenants with Simon and undertakes that throughout the Charter Period and thereafter until sale of Ship pursuant to any provision of this Charterparty it will:
Insurance Undertakings. 14.1 General ‌ ​ ​ The undertakings in this Clause 14 (Insurance Undertakings) remain in force on and from the Delivery Date and throughout the rest of the Security Period except as the Facility Agent may otherwise permit.
Insurance Undertakings. 2.1 The Operator hereby covenants and undertakes that throughout the Grant Period it will insure and keep the Vessel insured at its own cost and expense in respect of all matters of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising in respect of which insurance would be maintained by a prudent owner of the Vessel having regard to the situation, nature and method of operation of that Vessel.
Insurance Undertakings. Each Chargor shall at all times during the Security Period subject to the rights of the Security Agent under Clause 15.2 (After Enforcement of Security), where it believes that it is in its commercial best interests to do so, diligently pursue its rights under each of its Insurances, but only if and to the extent that the exercise of those rights in the manner proposed would not result in a Default under the terms of the Senior Facilities Agreement; and
Insurance Undertakings. The Hirer hereby covenants with the Owner and undertakes that throughout the Hire Period it will: