Head Sample Clauses

Head. The head is largely made from synthetics. The head cavity is large enough to allow use of several instruments, including linear accelerometers and angular velocity sensors.
Head a. Third degree xxxxx of 8% or more of the total head surface area 100%
Head. The transverse instrumentation platform of the head shall be horizontal within 2.5°. To level the head of the test dummy in vehicles with upright seats with non-adjustable backs, the following sequences shall be followed. First adjust the position of the "H" point within the limits set forth in paragraph below to level the transverse instrumentation platform of the head of the test dummy. If the transverse instrumentation platform of the head is still not level, then adjust the pelvic angle of the test dummy within the limits provided in paragraph below. If the transverse instrumentation platform of the head is still not level, then adjust the neck bracket of the test dummy the minimum amount necessary to ensure that the transverse instrumentation platform of the head is horizontal within 2.5°.
Head. In Departmentalized Faculties, the Head shall be the Department Head of the unit. In non-departmentalized Faculties, the Head shall mean the position normally designated by the Xxxx to prepare recommendations for promotion and tenure. The authority of the Head may not be delegated.
Head. 2.2.1. The head is shown as part No. 1 in Figure 1 of this annex.
Head. 5.5.1. The head sub assembly, including the upper neck load cell replacement, is certified in a drop test from 200 ± 1 mm onto a flat, rigid impact surface.
Head. 2.1.1. The head is made of polyurethane and reinforced by metal strips. Inside the head it is possible to install measuring equipment on a polyamide block at the centre of gravity.
Head decision by the Deputy Head at the step in the grievance procedure shall be final and binding upon the and the Union unless the grievance a class of grievance that may be referred to adjudication. Where an employee has a up to and including the final of the procedure with respect to the application and interpretation of the provisions of this collective and the grievance not been dealt with to satisfaction, the may refer the grievance to Adjudication under Article
Head. An employee may be granted leave with pay when he is unable to perform his duties of illness or injury provided that he satisfies the Deputy Head or delegated of this condition in such manner and at such time as may be by the Deputy Head, and provided he has the necessary sick leave Without detracting from the existing rights and obligations of the ,.parties in other provisions of this Agreement, the and the Union agree to cooperate at the plant level in employees afflicted with alcoholism or dependency to undergo a coordinated program directed to the objective of their For the purpose of this Article, the Employer may require that the employee be by alternate medical