Final Grade Sample Clauses

Final Grade. The final academic grade for a student teacher will be determined by the University Supervisor with input from the Cooperating Teacher.
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Final Grade. The final grade will be based on the student’s progress toward learning objectives, the site supervisor’s evaluation, and the quality of the internship portfolio. The following signatures acknowledge that the internship guide has been read in its entirety and the learning contract has been agreed upon by all parties. Student Name (printed): _____________________________________________ Student Signature/Date: _______________________________________________ Site Supervisor Name (printed): _______________________________________ Supervisor Signature/Date: _____________________________________________ Director of Computer Game Design: ______________________________
Final Grade. Applicant shall provide assured field grade to within six inches (.5 + - ft.) of final grade before trenching operations begin. The trench depth shall be such that will allow a minimum of 18 inches compacted cover during construction over the pipeline. During construction, Applicant shall not allow heavy equipment to cross over installed gas pipeline facilities until at least the minimum 18 inches compacted cover has been achieved.
Final Grade. MCPS Child and Adolescent Development Program EDU2004, Child Development - 1A or EDU2005 DP, and EDU2004, Child Development - 1B or EDU2004, DP and EDU2011, ADV Child Development - 2A, or EDU2006 DP and EDU2011, ADV Child Development - 2B, or EDU2006 DP and EDU2012, ADV Child Development - 3A, or EDU2007, DP and EDU2011 ADV Child Development - 3B, or EDU2006, DP * See note on page 2 EDU2013, Internship Education and Child Studies ** See note on page 2 EDUC135 Child Growth and Development (3 credits) and EDUC136 Curriculum Planning in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
Final Grade. Holy Cross High School grants credit on a semester basis. A student's semester grade is determined in the following manner: Quarter Grade 40% Quarter Grade 40% Semester Exam 20% As an institution which believes that education is a continuous process, Holy Cross High School also seeks to recognize the improvement a student has made throughout the year. Therefore, the policy of granting credit for a year-long course will reflect the following: If a student fails the first semester, but passes the second semester with a grade of not less than 80 and with a margin great enough to allow for a 70 average, the student's grades will be changed to reflect that average. However, a student's grade will not be changed if the student should pass the first semester and fail the second semester even though the grades could be averaged to reflect a passing grade.

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