INSTRUCTOR OF RECORD. ASEs who are the instructors of record will be responsible for a workload consistent with the normal workload for the course. ASEs who are the Instructors of Record will normally receive a 50% appointment for a regular academic course.
INSTRUCTOR OF RECORD the instructor assigned to a section and responsible for documentation associated with the course while assigned to that course (e.g. grades, positive attendance reports, census reports, progress reports, etc.)
INSTRUCTOR OF RECORD. For credit-bearing University courses, the Instructor of Record is the Faculty member who has the task of grading students and otherwise supervising the offering of a distance education course.
INSTRUCTOR OF RECORD. An administrative status that grants a GTA access to FERPA protected student information, certain course administration functions (waitlist, overrides, petitions), and the ability to assign final grades. Graduate Research Assistant ("GRA"): A GRA Assistant is a GA employed by the University to conduct or support research under the direction of a faculty member. Duties of a GRA may include, but are not limited to, conducting experiments, collecting, organizing or analyzing data, presenting findings, collaboration in preparing publications and other research activities. Graduate Administrative Assistant ("GAA"): A GAA is a GA employed by the University to perform administrative duties for an academic or non-academic unit. These duties include, but are not limited to: clerical or program support; program evaluation; technical or budgetary support services; outreach and marketing duties (recruiting students, publicizing programs or activities, event management); academic advising; data and database management. Article______ COMMUNICATIONS Customary or required notices or communications, unless otherwise provided herein, shall be sent as follows: For GEU: Coordinating Committee Graduate Employees Union at PSU 0000 XX Xxxxxxxx Xxx. Xxxx 0 Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Email: If the communications pertain to bargaining, email For the University: Vice Xxxxxxx for Academic Personnel and Leadership Development Office of Academic Affairs Mailcode: OAA XX Xxx 000 Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Article________
INSTRUCTOR OF RECORD. Faculty assigned to teach a dual credit course is charged with the duties and responsibilities of the instructor of record. As stated in Board Policy #3115, Distance Education, the instructor of record, not an assistant, is the one responsible for delivery of instruction and evaluation of student progress. All Dual Credit students shall be informed that they are able to access the online course at any time, not only during a designated time at the high school. In support of the partnership between STC and School District, STC Faculty teaching dual credit courses will: • Conduct a first week virtual meeting with dual credit students assigned to their course(s); • Offer Virtual Office Hours throughout the semester; • Not remove/drop any student from the online course without notifying a school official; • Implement and utilize Starfish for student retention and success; and • Provide critical student information when needed for high school reporting as allowed by FERPA rules and as stated in the Guidance Letter for Reporting Requirements as published in the Dual Credit Program Instructional and Quality Standards Manual. Campus Administrator Date Xx. Xxxxxxx Xx Leon, Xxxx Date STUDENT/PARENT PRINCIPLES OF PARTICIPATION Success in Dual Credit Programs is dependent upon academic readiness, social maturity, and motivation. Students who choose to enter dual credit college-level courses are subject to the same rules and regulations as other college students. Course content is college level and may contain material, situations, and examples that may offend immature students. Students choosing to take college-level classes do so with the understanding that course rigor and content is intended for a mature, college-level student. Classes at South Texas College include mature, adult students from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. A dual credit student that attends a college campus, will experience the same freedom and lack of direct supervision that adult students experience. There is no process to monitor student social situations or behavior. Dual Credit students on the South Texas College (STC) campus are expected to conduct themselves as adults. College course-level expectations include, but are not limited to the following: • Students are expected to be in class from the first day and should attend class regularly. Students may be withdrawn by the instructor for excessive absences that equate to two week’s college work. • Two to three hours of homework or...
INSTRUCTOR OF RECORD. NIU will provide an instructor of record for the Course who will meet with Braven staff regularly.
INSTRUCTOR OF RECORD. The instructor of record for all internship work must be a University of Connecticut faculty member or a person approved, in writing, to serve in that capacity by the Head or Director of the Department or Program offering the internship. The instructor of record is responsible for assigning the grades.


  • Clearing of Record Any letter of reprimand, suspension or any other sanction will be removed from the record of an employee eighteen (18) months following the receipt of such letter, suspension or other sanction provided that such employee’s record has been discipline free for one year. All leaves of absence in excess of ten (10) calendar days will not count toward either of the above periods.