Extended Warranty Sample Clauses

Extended Warranty. If the Quote includes an extended warranty, the extended warranty coverage period warranty will be for a 5-year term, which includes the hardware manufacturer’s warranty plus the 4-year extended term.
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Extended Warranty. Upon Customer’s renewal of Support Services in years four (4) and five (5); LogRhythm will facilitate an extended hardware warranty service for each of those years, provided such warranty service is offered by the hardware manufacturer. Hardware warranty services beyond year five (5) will continue to be facilitated by LogRhythm provided such are offered at the discretion of the hardware manufacturer.
Extended Warranty. The customer may extend a product’s factory warranty by purchasing extended warranty policies during the Warranty Period through the Acer National Service Center or Acer Authorized Service Centers. Excluded from warranty extensions are components such as the mouse, keyboard and speakers for desktop computers, and batteries for laptops.
Extended Warranty. If the Quote includes a TASER 7 plan (TASER 7 Basic - Upfront Plus Subscription, TASER 7 Basic - Subscription, or TASER 7 Certification), extended warranty coverage is included for the TASER CEW, dock and core, and rechargeable battery as described in the Hardware Limited Warranty. The extended warranty coverage begins on the TASER 7 Start Date and continues for the TASER 7 Term.
Extended Warranty. An extension of the warranty period beyond the required standard one (1) year warranty.
Extended Warranty. This Contract does not include “extended warranty” service agreements. However, the Contractor may offer Customers “extended warranty” service agreements for the maintenance and repair of Commodities after the initial warranty expires, but not as a term of this Contract. The Contractor will list this additional service as a separate item on the invoice.
Extended Warranty. If a customer has purchased the extended warranty previously offered by Videotron on any modem sold to a customer, such extended warranty covers any manufacturing defect for a period of three (3) years for parts and labour. The warranty period shall be calculated from the Effective Date. Videotron shall replace any defective modem by an identical modem or another model of modem in accordance with the terms of the extended warranty, provided the customer notifies Videotron of the defect within the warranty period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the warranty does not apply to any breakage or defect resulting from accidents or force majeure, modifications to the modem without Videotron’s authorization, misuse or abuse of the modem. In case of a defective modem, the customer undertakes to notify Videotron promptly so that a duly authorized representative of Videotron can make the necessary inspection.
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Extended Warranty. In addition tothe Builder’s Limited Warranty, Buyer shall be provided with an Extended Warranty through 1 Home Warranty for a period of three (3) years. Said Extended Warranty shall provide coverage after the Builder Limited Warranty has expired on the terms and conditions set forth in the 1 Home Warranty agreement attached hereto as Exhibit G While Seller has agreed to pay the premium for the Warranty coverage from 1 Home Warranty, Seller makes no representations or warranties as to said coverage and Buyer agrees to review said coverage and look solely to 1 Home Warranty for warranty coverage at the expiration of the Builder Limited Warranty.
Extended Warranty. CUE will agree to extend the foregoing warranty for one year periods up to a total of three years for an annual fee not to exceed 10% of the Affiliate's original sales price.
Extended Warranty. Any MC2 Series, MC4, MC5 and/or MC6 Series product included in Equipment shall be warranted in accordance with Supplier’s standard hardware warranty terms up to six (6) years (starting from the date of shipment of the device from manufacturer’s premises), provided that the standard warranty period has not yet expired for any such device.
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