Existing Structure Sample Clauses

Existing Structure. As referenced in Sections 3.03 and 4.04 of the Purchase Agreement, the Capitalization Schedule sets forth the issued and outstanding Company Units and PEF Options held by each Seller as of the date of the Purchase Agreement. A schematic summarizing the existing structure is attached to this Schedule as Chart I.
Existing Structure. Any structure that is installed or approved for installation at the time a wireless services provider or wireless infrastructure provider provides notice to the county of an agreement with the owner of the structure to co-locate equipment on that structure. "Existing structure" includes any structure that is currently supporting, designed to support, or capable of supporting the attachment of wireless facilities, including towers, buildings, utility poles, light poles, flag poles, signs, and water towers.
Existing Structure does not include a Utility Pole or an Electrical Transmission Tower.
Existing Structure. As at the date of this Agreement, the structure of the Group Companies is as set forth in Schedule 2.1.
Existing Structure. A protection dike was constructed by DPWH in accordance with the alignment proposed in the study (USACE, 1994). It was constructed along the right bank in the lower stretch of the Bucao River. The dike is 4 m high and 6 km long.
Existing Structure. The mudflow protection dike was constructed along the right bank of the lower stretch of the Maloma River. The dike is 4m high and 1.6 km long.
Existing Structure. A mudflow protection dike of 7.4 km in length was constructed along the right bank in the lower stretch of the Sto. Tomas River, while a protection dike of 18.9 km was constructed along the left bank.
Existing Structure. Except to the extent ScoreVision is specifically responsible for any structural element per the Order, Customer represents and warrants that the existing structure, including without limitation any existing steel, walls, columns, tresses, footings, hoists attachment points, wiring, power supplies, or any other foundation or existing structural elements (the “Existing Structure”) shall be adequate to support the weight, size, windload, and all other technical specifications of the Equipment and shall indemnify, defend and hold ScoreVision harmless from any and all Losses arising out of any third party claim which alleges a failure of any Existing Structure.
Existing Structure. Nothing may be suspended from the existing roof structure without the structural engineers written permission.