Equipment Leasing Sample Clauses

Equipment Leasing. Some of the equipment, fixtures and furniture which under Subsection 9.1 hereof are not required to remain upon the Premises and be surrendered therewith upon termination of this Lease (collectively designated herein as "Trade Equipment") now or hereafter installed and used by Lessee on the Premises may or will be directly financed by a third-party lender or otherwise subjected to a security interest or owned by an equipment rental company or vendor ("Equipment Lessor") and leased to Lessee either directly from the Equipment Lessor or by way of equipment sublease or assignment of equipment lease from an equipment sublessor ("Equipment Sublessor"), and, provided that such lender, vendor, or equipment Lessor or Sublessor (or assignees) gives to Lessor written notice identifying the Trade Equipment prior to its installation on the Premises, Lessor hereby agrees to recognize the rights therein of any such third-party lender, vendor, or Equipment Lessor or Sublessor (or assignee). Lessor agrees that all such items of financed or leased Trade Equipment installed or to be installed on the Premises shall be and remain personal property and not real property, notwithstanding the fact that the same may be nailed or screwed or otherwise attached or affixed to the Premises, and further agrees to recognize the rights therein of any such third-party lender, vendor, or Equipment Lessor or Sublessor (or assignee). Lessee shall have the right at any time, provided Lessee is not in default hereunder, to remove or replace any or all Trade Equipment, whether or not financed or leased, regardless of whether attached or affixed to the Premises, and to the extent of their respective interests therein such third-party lender, vendor, or Equipment Lessor or Sublessor (or assignee) shall also have such a right regardless of whether Lessee is in default hereunder. Any damage to the Premises caused by such a removal shall be repaired promptly by and at the expense of Lessee or other party causing such removal. Lessor agrees that it does not have and shall not assert any right, lien or claim in or to the Trade Equipment against any third-party lender, vendor, or Equipment Lessor or Sublessor (or assignee), and, subject to the obligation promptly to repair any damage to the Premises, such party may remove and dispose of the same without reference to, and free and clear of, any or other demand of Lessor; provided, however that no such disposal or sale may be made on the Premises. The Po...
Equipment Leasing. 4 Section 2.13
Equipment Leasing. If contracted for, Alchemy shall provide Customer with leased equipment as indicated in the GDCSO(s).
Equipment Leasing. Upon being presented with the vendor invoices, OptimumCare will purchase and lease back to TR-CMHC business equipment as needed for operation of facility including communications, MIS, furniture, copier and a fax. Such lease will be paid by TR-CMHC over 36 months in equal consecutive monthly payments including a 10% profit per year over direct costs to OptimumCare. At the end of 36 months, TR-CMHC shall own the said equipment.
Equipment Leasing. For a period of 24 months after the Closing Date, Purchaser shall not solicit from, or enter into, any Dedicated Contract Carriage Agreement with any Shipper listed in Schedule 8.6.1 to perform dedicated carriage services at the location stated in Schedule 8.6.1. The purpose for this restriction is to restrict Purchaser from converting leasing and rental customers of CARCO Rentals, Inc. a subsidiary corporation of CARCO to dedicated services under or contract carriage agreement. The parties acknowledge that any breach or threatened breach of this covenant will cause irreparable damage to Seller and CARCO. Accordingly, any breach or threatened breach of this covenant shall entitle Seller or CARCO to an injunction against such breach or threatened
Equipment Leasing. AGIS shall lease to each of AMCO, ALLIED Life, AGI, and AGIMC certain electronic data processing equipment as agreed to by the parties and under such specific lease term and fees as follows:
Equipment Leasing. Neither NetBank nor any NetBank Subsidiary engages in or has engaged in the business of equipment leasing as of the date of this Agreement.

Related to Equipment Leasing

  • Equipment Leases Landlord shall enter into such leases of equipment and personal property as Tenant, or Operator at the direction of Tenant, may reasonably request from time to time, provided that the form and substance thereof shall be reasonably satisfactory to Landlord. Tenant, or Operator at the direction of Tenant, shall prepare and deliver to Landlord all such lease documents for which Landlord's execution is necessary and Landlord shall promptly, upon approval thereof, execute and deliver such documents to Tenant. Tenant, or Operator at the direction of Tenant shall, throughout the Term, be responsible for performing all of Landlord's obligations under all such documents and agreements, including without limitation, all Contracts, as defined in the Purchase Agreement.

  • Equipment; Leasehold (a) All material items of equipment and other tangible assets owned by or leased to the Company are adequate for the uses to which they are being put, are in good condition and repair (ordinary wear and tear excepted) and are adequate for the conduct of the Company's business in the manner in which such business is currently being conducted.

  • Equipment Location Landlord reserves the right to specify where Tenant’s business machines, mechanical equipment and heavy objects will be placed in the Premises in order to best absorb and prevent vibration, noise and annoyance to other tenants, and to prevent damage to the Building. Tenant will pay the cost of any required professional engineering certification or assistance.

  • Office Equipment The Employer will attempt to supply reasonable and adequate office equipment (to include work stations) and will consult with the COPE employees prior to purchasing and introducing new or upgraded equipment for the office. It shall be the Employer's responsibility to ensure that all office equipment meets all WCB and Federal Government safety standards. Upon employee request, on an annual basis all equipment shall be tested to ensure it meets the safety standard (to include VDT equipment for radiation emissions and screen clarity). The Employer shall provide instruction in the safe and proper usage of all office equipment The Employer shall ensure that employees operating VDTs continuously shall have a ten (10) minute change of duty in each hour of continuous operation.

  • Property Management Agreement The Property Management Agreement is in full force and effect and, to Borrower's Knowledge, there are no defaults thereunder by any party thereto and no event has occurred that, with the passage of time and/or the giving of notice would constitute a default thereunder.

  • Equipment, Etc Part 2.10 of the Seller Disclosure Schedule accurately identifies all equipment, materials, tools, supplies, vehicles, furniture, fixtures, improvements and other tangible assets owned by the Seller that comprise the Assets, and accurately sets forth the date of acquisition, original cost and book value of each of said assets. Part 2.10 of the Seller Disclosure Schedule also accurately identifies all tangible assets leased to the Seller. Each Asset identified or required to be identified in Part 2.10 of the Seller Disclosure Schedule: (i) is structurally sound, free of defects and deficiencies and in good condition and repair (ordinary wear and tear excepted); and (ii) complies in all material respects with, and is being operated and otherwise used in full compliance with, all applicable Legal Requirements.

  • Operating Lease (i) Each Borrower shall (a) promptly perform and observe all of the covenants required to be performed and observed by it under the Operating Leases and do all things necessary to preserve and to keep unimpaired its material rights thereunder; (b) promptly notify Lender of any material default under any Operating Lease of which it is aware; (c) promptly deliver to Lender a copy of any notice of default or other material notice under any Operating Lease delivered to any Operating Lessee by Borrower; (d) promptly give notice to Lender of any notice or information that Borrower receives which indicates that an Operating Lessee is terminating its Operating Lease or that any Operating Lessee is otherwise discontinuing its operation of the applicable Individual Property; and (e) promptly enforce the performance and observance of all of the material covenants required to be performed and observed by the Operating Lessee under the applicable Operating Lease.

  • Real Estate Leases As of the Agreement Date, Schedule 7.10 sets forth, in each case as of the Agreement Date, a correct and complete list of (i) all Real Estate owned by Holdings or any of its Subsidiaries, and (ii) all leases and subleases of real property held by Holdings or any of its Subsidiaries as lessee or sublessee. As of the Agreement Date, except, in each case, as would not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect, all such leases are in full force and effect, neither Holdings nor any of its Subsidiaries is in default under any such lease or sublease, and, to the knowledge of Holdings, no default by any other party to any such lease or sublease exists. As of the Agreement Date, Holdings or the applicable Subsidiary has good and marketable title in fee simple to (or, in the case of Quebec, ownership of) the Real Estate identified on Schedule 7.10 as owned by Holdings or such Subsidiary, or valid leasehold interests in all Real Estate designated therein as “leased” by Holdings or such Subsidiary, and Holdings and each of its Subsidiaries has good title to all of its other material property, free of all Liens except Permitted Liens.

  • Operating Leases Not permit the aggregate amount of all rental payments under Operating Leases made (or scheduled to be made) by the Loan Parties (on a consolidated basis) to exceed $1,000,000 in any Fiscal Year.

  • Equipment Use Lessee agrees that the Equipment will be operated by competent, qualified personnel in connection with Lessee's business for the purpose for which the Equipment was designed and in accordance with applicable operating instructions, laws, and government regulations, and that Lessee shall use all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage to the Equipment from fire and other hazards. Lessee shall procure and maintain in effect all orders, licenses, certificates, permits, approvals, and consents required by federal, state, or local laws or by any governmental body, agency, or authority in connection with the delivery, installation, use, and operation of the Equipment.