Carriage Agreement definition

Carriage Agreement shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Article 3 hereof.
Carriage Agreement means any Contract relating to retransmission, exhibition, distribution, subdistribution, carriage, display or broadcast of (i) any signal (or portion thereof, including any programming feed, whether primary or multicast) of a television broadcast station (including stations operated as “satellites” pursuant to Section 73.3555, Note 5, of the FCC Rules), low power television stations and TV translator stations and/or (ii) any programming service, channel or network distributed or authorized for distribution, whether on a linear, on-demand, interactive or other basis.
Carriage Agreement means any Contract or other arrangement (including arrangements regarding the continuation of distribution of the QVC Service following the expiration, suspension, non-renewal or termination of any Contract), including all amendments and renewals thereof, side letters relating thereto, and other correspondence or documents interpreting or otherwise modifying such Contract or arrangement, for or relating to the distribution of the QVC Service by a Covered System, whether or not for a fee or other consideration.

Examples of Carriage Agreement in a sentence

  • We may terminate a Carriage Agreement without notice due to an urgency we have identified.

  • We will notify you in writing no less than five days before terminating a Carriage Agreement established under this section.

  • All loads tendered pursuant to this Carrier Load Confirmation ("Tender") shall be subject and subordinate to the current terms, conditions and provisions of J.B. Hunt’s Outsourcing Carriage Agreement and any applicable amendments thereto, including, but not limited to, J.B. Hunt’s Independent Contractor Services Amendment and J.B. Hunt’s Drayage and DCS Outsource Carriage Amendment (hereinafter referred to collectively as "OCA"), whether or not previously executed by Carrier.

  • The Carriage Agreement is entered into between the Carrier and the Client (represented by the Client’s Agent).

  • The Client’s Agent shall not bear any liability in case the Carrier eventually refuses to, or for any reason does not, enter into the Carriage Agreement.

More Definitions of Carriage Agreement

Carriage Agreement means the agreement (whether between TVN and an Operator, or CSB and an Operator) governing the terms for carriage of the CSB VOD Service.
Carriage Agreement means any agreement for the carriage of a television channel and/or VOD (as such term is defined in clause 11.8) services in effect on the date of this Agreement between a Chello Group Company on the one hand, and either a Seller's Retained Group Company or any other third party, on the other hand;
Carriage Agreement means any retransmission consent agreement for broadcast programming or any other agreement for carriage of Video Programming by an MVPD or OVD.
Carriage Agreement means each retransmission, distribution or other Contract consenting to the retransmission of, granting rights with respect to or otherwise licensing any content (e.g., any local broadcast television stations, any linear networks or services, any video-on-demand or other content), including all amendments (including, without limitation, any accepted most-favored nations offers or settlements), side letters or other Contracts relating thereto or associated therewith (including, without limitation, any Contracts with respect to the provision of marketing, purchasing of advertising, provision of advertising credit, provision or purchasing of data, or expenditures on content acquisition).
Carriage Agreement means any Contract relating to retransmission, exhibition, distribution, subdistribution, carriage, display or broadcast of a programming service, whether on a linear, on-demand, interactive or other basis, including through an MVPD, a so-called “virtual MVPD” or any other over-the-top platform.
Carriage Agreement means the carriage agreement to be entered into between the European Cable Operator and VODCo.;
Carriage Agreement means an agreement between the Company and a Program Provider, pursuant to which the Program Provider provides Program Services to the Company and the Company carries the Program Service to subscribers on a Channel. Any Carriage Agreement between the Company and any Programming Party (or its Affiliated Program Provider) shall be negotiated in good faith and shall be on terms (other than financial terms) which, when taken as a whole, are not less favorable to such Programming Party (or Affiliated Program Provider) than terms (other than financial terms) made available to other Programming Parties (and their Affiliated Program Providers) providing comparable Program Services (other than terms applicable to over-the-air Channels made available by Televisa or its Controlled Affiliates).