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  • Market Adjustments 22. Neither this Article nor any other in this Collective Agreement prevents the Employer from using other funds to increase a Member’s salary in response to offers received from other employers or to accommodate other market forces.

  • CPI Adjustment In this Agreement, “CPI-Adjusted” in reference to an amount means that amount is adjusted under the following formula: N  C  (1 CPIn  CPIc ) CPIc where: ”N” is the new amount being calculated; and “C” is the current amount being adjusted; and

  • Subsequent Adjustments In the event that the Assuming Institution or the Receiver discovers any errors or omissions as contemplated by Section 8.2 or any error with respect to the payment made under Section 8.3 after the Settlement Date, the Assuming Institution and the Receiver agree to promptly correct any such errors or omissions, make any payments and effect any transfers or assumptions as may be necessary to reflect any such correction plus interest as provided in Section 8.4.

  • Cost Adjustments Both parties agree that contracted prices shall be fixed for the first 12 months of this Contract. Contractor must submit to District any proposed cost adjustments at least 60 days before the proposed effective date of such increases with a detailed explanation for each adjustment. District alone reserves the right to reject any changes to this Contract it deems unacceptable.

  • Funding Adjustments Funding Adjustments may be made for the following reasons and in the following manner:

  • Wage Adjustment Notwithstanding any provision in this Agreement on the contrary, the wages of employees shall be reduced by the amount of employee contributions made by the employer pursuant to the provisions hereof.

  • Market Adjustment The parties to this Agreement recognize the appropriateness of market pay adjustments in rare instances for compelling reasons. To effectuate judgments in such cases, the President and AAUP Chapter President, in consultation, shall each name three (3) individuals to a university Market Evaluation Committee. Deans may submit recommendations for market pay adjustments with supporting written reasons to the committee. Said Committee shall consult with the President concerning proposed market pay adjustments reporting its advice not later than May 15 in each year. Upon the favorable recommendation of the President and the Chancellor, market pay adjustments may be approved effective at the beginning of that pay period including September 1 of the following year. Not more than one (1) market pay adjustment per one hundred (100) full-time members, or fraction thereof, may be recommended in any contract year. A member’s salary may not be increased beyond the maximum for the rank. Funding for this program shall be governed by Article 12.10.2.

  • Cost of Living Adjustments Effective December 1, 2021, Compensation Plan salary rates shall be increased by two and five tenths percent (2.5%) but not less than eighty-five dollars ($85) per month (prorated for part-time employees). Effective December 1, 2022, Compensation Plan salary rates shall be increased by three and one tenth percent (3.1%) but not less than one hundred dollars ($100) per month (prorated for part-time employees). (See Appendix C & E.)

  • Pay Adjustments (1) Where the rate of pay of a position or job is adjusted upwards, the employee shall be placed on the lowest step of the new pay range which will give him/her a monthly increase and the increment anniversary shall be that date.

  • Wage Adjustments If the funding available to be used for wages provided by Government in any fiscal year increases, the Employer shall pass on such increases to employees consistent with the funding increase adjusted for any additional deficits that this contract incurs. This will be the case whether the funding increase is for the entire year or simply a portion of it, and wage increases shall be effective upon the effective date of the increased funding. Should there be no increase provided by Government, wages will be maintained at their present levels. Should there be a decrease in funding, then the Employer will maintain wages at present levels. The Employer will promptly provide the Union with any information it receives from the Government regarding funding available for wages, and the parties will meet as required to work towards cooperative resolution of any issues arising from this Government information.

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