Elimination Sample Clauses

Elimination. 1. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, no Party may increase any existing customs duty, or adopt any customs duty, on an originating good.
Elimination. In the event that the Director of Human Resources or nominee in his or her sole discretion determines that • the Firm terminated your employment because your job was eliminated, and • after you are notified that your job will be eliminated, you provided such services as requested by the Firm in a cooperative and professional manner, and • you satisfied the Release/Certification Requirements set forth below.
Elimination decrease, or substantial modification of courses due to changes in curriculum or program offerings, but the impact shall be limited to the relevant course(s) taught by the adjunct faculty member.
Elimination. 1. The Parties shall abolish all customs duties on imports, all charges having equivalent effect, and all import duties of a fiscal nature in trade between the Parties on the date of entry into force of this Agreement, on all products other than those subject to bilateral concessions as listed in Annex 2.
Elimination. Any false information provided within the context of the Contest by Entrant concerning identity, mailing address, telephone number, email address, ownership of right or non-compliance with these Rules or the like may result in the immediate elimination of the entrant from the Contest.
Elimination. The Hirer agrees to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure risks to health and safety are eliminated or minimised, and it shall have due regard to any risks that may arise in performing its obligations under this Agreement.
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Elimination. Pursuant to Section 9.02 of the Indenture, Section 1.02 (captioned "Other Definitions") is hereby amended to delete the following terms and the corresponding definitions thereof in their entirety:
Elimination. 1 Students are eliminated from the program if they are no longer able to meet the requirements for earning credits as stipulated in the rules and regulations and in the curriculum. Common reasons for this include:
Elimination of Section 9.2(c)(ii)
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