ECC Sample Clauses

ECC. Course UML Course Equivalency First Semester ENG 101 English Comp I 42.101 College Writing I SOC 101 Intro Sociology 48.101 Intro to Sociology CRJ 101 Intro to Criminal Justice 44.110 Criminal Justice System Math elective* Math elective CIS 110 Computer Applications 92.202 Microcomp & Appl Software Second Semester ENG 102 English comp II 42.102 College Writing II GOV 101 American Gov't. & Politics 46.101 Intro American Politics CRJ 103 Modern Policing 44.141 Police Functions PSY 101 Intro to Psychology 47.101 Intro Psychology CRJ 102 Intro to Corrections 44.151 Intro to Corrections Thrid Semester SOC 104 Introduction to Criminology 44.221 Intro Criminology PHI 121 Practical Logic 45.199 Logic CRJ 201 Critical Incident Response 44.299 Crisis Intervention CRJ 202 Criminal Law 44.234 Criminal Law Elective** Natural Science elective*** Elective Natural Science elective Fourth Semester GOV 211 Civil Rights & Liberties 46.299 Civil Rights & Liberties CRJ 250 Senior Seminar -OR- 44.299 Sr. Seminar CRJ 291 CJ Internship 44.299 Practicum Natural Science elective*** Elective** Natural Science elective Elective CJ Elective 44. CJ Elective *Math Elective (1) 3-4 credits **CJ Electives (2) 6 credits ***Natural Science electives (2) 6-8 credits (Lab Sciences required for Transfer) Free Electives 6 credits Humanities recommended see page 2 for approved electives page 2 Approved Electives *Math Elective MAT 111 Contemporary Math I 92. 111 Math Perspectives MAT 120 College Algebra 92. 121 Precalculus **CJ Elective CRJ 203 Security Concepts 44. 111 Intro to Security CRJ 204 Criminal Investigation 44.299 CJ course CRJ 210 Current Issues in CJ 44. 299 CJ course CRJ 291 CJ Internship 44. 299 Field Practicum Exp

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  • TRAINING AND EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT 9.1 The Employer and the Union recognize the value and benefit of education and training designed to enhance an employee’s ability to perform their job duties. Training and employee development opportunities will be provided to employees in accordance with Employer policies and available resources.

  • Cornerstone shall use its best efforts to register or qualify such shares under such other securities or "blue sky" laws of such jurisdictions as the LLC reasonably requests and do any and all other acts and things which may be reasonably necessary or advisable to enable the LLC to consummate the disposition in such jurisdictions of the Registered Shares (provided that Cornerstone shall not be required to (i) qualify generally to do business in any jurisdiction in which it would not otherwise be required to qualify but for this Section 6.9, (ii) subject itself to taxation in any such jurisdiction, or (iii) consent to general service of process in any such jurisdiction).

  • Mobility 14.01 The parties to this Agreement acknowledge that because of the extraordinary safety requirements of railroad work and the specialized nature of the work covered by this Agreement, it is necessary that the Employer have experienced and qualified employees and both parties shall cooperate to the end that all employees hired for work under this Agreement will be capable of performing such work in an experienced, efficient and safe manner.

  • Transnet (i) For legal notices: …………………………………………………… …………………………………………………… …………………………………………………… Fax No. ………… Attention: Group Legal Department

  • Motorola s sole obligation to Licensee and Licensee’s exclusive remedy under this warranty is to use reasonable efforts to remedy any material Software defect covered by this warranty. These efforts will involve either replacing the media or attempting to correct significant, demonstrable program or documentation errors or Security Vulnerabilities. If Motorola cannot correct the defect within a reasonable time, then at Motorola’s option, Motorola will replace the defective Software with functionally-equivalent Software, license to Licensee substitute Software which will accomplish the same objective, or terminate the license and refund the Licensee’s paid license fee.

  • Program Management 1.1.01 Implement and operate an Immunization Program as a Responsible Entity

  • Newco Parent will take all action necessary (a) to cause Newco to perform its obligations under this Agreement and to consummate the Merger on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and (b) to ensure that, prior to the Effective Time, Newco shall not conduct any business or make any investments other than as specifically contemplated by this Agreement and will not have any assets (other than a de minimis amount of cash paid to Newco for the issuance of its stock to Parent).

  • Management Team Subject to any approval or consulting rights of the --------------- Joint Operations Committee, Manager shall engage or designate one or more individuals experienced in dental group management and direction, including, but not limited to, an administrator, who will be responsible for the overall administration of the Practice including day-to-day operations and strategic development activities.

  • COVID-19 (a) Each of CCI and the CCI Subsidiaries has complied with all applicable mandatory public health mandates announced by Governmental Authorities to address COVID-19, including the COVID-19 Measures, in all material respects.

  • Alliance Manager Each Party shall appoint a person(s) who shall oversee contact between the Parties for all matters between meetings of each Joint Committee and shall have such other responsibilities as the Parties may agree in writing after the Effective Date (each, an “Alliance Manager”). Each Party may replace its Alliance Manager at any time by notice in writing to the other Party.