Dependencies Sample Clauses

Dependencies. HP’s ability to deliver services will depend on Customer’s reasonable and timely cooperation and the accuracy and completeness of any information from Customer needed to deliver the services.
Dependencies. Without prejudice to Section 6(B), the Service Provider will not be liable to the Client or any other Person for any failure to provide any Service in the following circumstances: (i) if any Dependency set forth in Schedule 3 is not met through no fault of the Service Provider; (ii) if the failure is at the written request or with the written consent of an Authorized Person; (iii) if any Law to which the Service Provider is subject prohibits or limits the performance of the Services; and/or (iv) if the failure results from a Force Majeure Event.
Dependencies. The Service Provider will use reasonable efforts to provide the Services while any of the Dependencies specified in Schedule 3 subsist, provided that the Service Provider shall not be obliged to incur additional costs to do so.
Dependencies. Service Receiver will maintain site, content and applications within the Oracle Webcenter Interaction Suite (formerly Plumtree) and interfaces to AD domains. • Service Receiver, in a separate independent agreement, must have project management, migration architect, developer etc. services active with Avanade for the period of time to complete the migration project. • Service Receiver will use its resources to support migration services for data clean up, testing and cleaning in a timely manner. • If Service Receiver sends inaccurate data to Service Provider it will be the responsibility of the Service Receiver to rectify any problems and bear any costs incurred to rectify the issue. • Security and access controls will be maintained as set forth in the Master Services Agreement. SERVICE LEVEL Service Provider will classify incidents at its own discretion. Such classifications shall be consistent with the priorities Service Provider set for itself as a recipient of services. Incidents classified using this methodology will be triaged as documented in Attachment A. In the event incidents cannot be resolve in the time outlined in Attachment A, Service Provider shall promptly notify Service Receiver and work together to try and resolve such incidents.
Dependencies. In no event will IBM or its subcontractors be liable for any damages if and to the extent caused by Equifax's or its Affiliates' or its subcontractors' failure to perform its responsibilities hereunder; provided, however, for the purposes of this Section 13.4, neither IBM nor its Affiliates nor the Third Party ------------ Providers shall be considered a subcontractor of Equifax. Neither Equifax nor its Affiliates or subcontractors shall be liable for any damages if and to the extent caused by any failure to perform by IBM or its Affiliates or subcontractors.
Dependencies. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Service Recipient acknowledges that some of the Services require instructions, data, information and access from Service Recipient or third parties, or are dependent in whole or in part on completion of prior acts by Service Recipient or third parties, each of which Service Recipient shall provide (or cause to be provided) to Service Provider or otherwise complete (or cause to be completed), in each case as reasonably requested by Service Provider. If Service Recipient or any third party fails to provide any such instructions, data, information or access, or fails to perform a prerequisite act, and Service Provider is prevented in whole or in part from providing any Services as a result of such failure, then Service Provider shall so notify Service Recipient and, for so long as such failure by Service Recipient or such third party remains uncured, Service Provider shall not be liable for failing to perform the applicable Services to the extent caused by Service Recipient’s or such third party’s failure.
Dependencies. The Experts remain employees of Service Provider. Service Recipients acknowledge and agree that Service Provider has discretion to terminate the Experts and the Experts have the ability to terminate their employment with Service Provider. In the event the initially named Experts are no longer employed by Service Provider, Service Provider’s then current benefit manager (or such other person as has the skill and knowledge to so provide such Services) will, at the request of the Service Recipients, provide such Service as described herein. The Service Recipients’ human resources department shall cooperate with the Service Provider, including the Experts, in order for the Service Provider and Experts to provide such Service under this Schedule. BILLING LOCATION Service Provider will provide ITT Water Technologies, Inc. and Xylem, Inc. FSS each with separate invoices to their address set forth below. The xxxx will cover all charges for services under this Schedule provided by Service Provider to both Service Recipients and, to the extent reasonably feasible, will be itemized between the two Service Recipients. The invoice will contain the number of Covered Employees per tier per coverage. A detailed list of Covered Employees and dependents covered will be provided by the Service Provider upon reasonable request of the Service Recipient. All administrative functions handled by the Service Provider in the twelve (12) month period prior to the Distribution Date are contained in the fee structure set forth below. The Service Provider and Service Recipients agree to negotiate in good faith for any additional services related to the Service provided hereunder that are outside the normal course of business.