Custom Duty Sample Clauses

Custom Duty as defined in Clause 18.1.6.
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Custom Duty. If a second hand machine is imported the invoice value is disputed by custom authority as they are interested in getting proper revenue for Government. To claim the correctness of invoice value it would be beneficial to have a valuer report.
Custom Duty. No concession in custom duty is applicable for this tender. Custom duty if any is to be borne by the bidder.
Custom Duty. 1.3.1 If the contractor requires to import some parts required for the comprehensive maintenance payments towards custom duty, wharfage, demurrage etc. and the botheration of getting the item released from the Airport shall lie with the sole responsibility of contractor. Release of foreign exchange if any will also have to be managed by the contractor and RDSO will not be involved in these activities at all.
Custom Duty. SDSC SHAR is eligible for 100% Customs duty exception as per Notification No 12/2012 dated 17.03.2012. This may be taken account while quoting for imported items.
Custom Duty. The NIT Raipur have registration in Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR).

Related to Custom Duty

  • Customer Complaints Each party hereby agrees to promptly provide to the other party copies of any written or otherwise documented complaints from customers of Dealer received by such party relating in any way to the Offering (including, but not limited to, the manner in which the Shares are offered by the Dealer Manager or Dealer), the Shares or the Company.

  • Service Level Standards In addition to all other requirements in this Agreement, and in accordance with the Best Claims Practices & Estimating Guidelines, Vendor shall use reasonable and good faith efforts to meet the Service Level Standards set forth below.

  • Customer will 1.1 Select and notify Boeing of the suppliers and part numbers of the following BFE items by the following dates: Galley System Complete Galley Inserts Complete Seats (passenger) Complete Cabin Systems Equipment Complete

  • Service Levels Annex 1 to this Part A of this Call Off Schedule sets out the Service Levels the performance of which the Parties have agreed to measure. The Supplier shall monitor its performance of this Call Off Contract by reference to the relevant performance criteria for achieving the Service Levels shown in Annex 1 to this Part A of this Call Off Schedule (the Service Level Performance Criteria) and shall send the Customer a Performance Monitoring Report detailing the level of service which was achieved in accordance with the provisions of Part B (Performance Monitoring) of this Call Off Schedule. The Supplier shall, at all times, provide the Services in such a manner that the Service Levels Performance Measures are achieved. If the level of performance of the Supplier of any element of the provision by it of the Services during the Call Off Contract Period: is likely to or fails to meet any Service Level Performance Measure or is likely to cause or causes a Critical Service Failure to occur, the Supplier shall immediately notify the Customer in writing and the Customer, in its absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other of its rights howsoever arising including under Clause 12 of this Call Off Contract (Service Levels and Service Credits), may: require the Supplier to immediately take all remedial action that is reasonable to mitigate the impact on the Customer and to rectify or prevent a Service Level Failure or Critical Service Level Failure from taking place or recurring; and if the action taken under paragraph (a) above has not already prevented or remedied the Service Level Failure or Critical Service Level Failure, the Customer shall be entitled to instruct the Supplier to comply with the Rectification Plan Process; or if a Service Level Failure has occurred, deduct from the Call Off Contract Charges the applicable Service Level Credits payable by the Supplier to the Customer in accordance with the calculation formula set out in Annex 1 of this Part A of this Call Off Schedule; or if a Critical Service Level Failure has occurred, exercise its right to Compensation for Critical Service Level Failure in accordance with Clause 13 of this Call Off Contract (Critical Service Level Failure) (including subject, for the avoidance of doubt, the proviso in Clause 13.1.2 of this Call Off Contract in relation to Material Breach). Approval and implementation by the Customer of any Rectification Plan shall not relieve the Supplier of any continuing responsibility to achieve the Service Levels, or remedy any failure to do so, and no estoppels or waiver shall arise from any such Approval and/or implementation by the Customer. SERVICE CREDITS Annex 1 to this Part A of this Call Off Schedule sets out the formula used to calculate a Service Credit payable to the Customer as a result of a Service Level Failure in a given service period which, for the purpose of this Call Off Schedule, shall be a recurrent period of [one Month] during the Call Off Contract Period (the Service Period).

  • Service Level In the event that League InfoSight discovers or is notified by you of the existence of Non-Scheduled Downtime, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to determine the source of the problem and attempt to resolve it as quickly as possible.

  • Service to Other Clients It is understood that Portfolio Manager may perform investment advisory services for various clients including related persons, related entities of the Portfolio Manager and various investment companies. The Trust agrees that Portfolio Manager may provide advice and take action with respect to any of its other clients, itself or affiliates that may compete with or differ from the advice given or the timing or nature of action taken with respect to the Account, so long as it is the Portfolio Manager’s policy, to the extent practical, to allocate investment opportunities to the Account over a period of time on a fair and equitable basis relative to other clients, itself and its affiliates. It is understood that Portfolio Manager shall not have any obligation to purchase or sell, or to recommend for purchase or sale, for the account any security or other investment which Portfolio Manager, its principals, affiliates, or employees may purchase or sell for its or their own accounts or for the account of any other client. Portfolio Manager may, but is not required to, enter into “batch” trades for multiple clients.

  • Customer The agency or eligible user that purchases commodities or contractual services pursuant to the Contract.

  • Billing All invoices are mailed by the Commission on a semiannual basis 45 days prior to the due date. Payments are due on the last business day in January and on July 1st of each year. • The loan may be paid in full at any time; however, the OPWC does not accept loan payments over the invoiced amount if the loan is not being paid in full. • Should the repayment amount equal $5,000 or less, it must be paid in two equal payments according to the billing cycle described above. • We do not accept electronic funds transfers or lock box deposits. Questions Call Xxxxx XxXxxx, Loan Officer, at 614.728.2466 or e-mail her at xxxxx.xxxxxx@xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx. Additional information is located on the loan page of our web site at xxxx:// PROMISSORY NOTE $26,069 Greenwich Township January 1, 2016 CI41S FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned (the "Recipient") promises to pay to the order of the Ohio Public Works Commission (hereinafter the "Lender," which term shall include any holder hereof), at its office located at 00 X. Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000, or at such other place as the holder hereof may, from time to time, designate in writing, the principal sum of Twenty-Six Thousand, Sixty-Nine Dollars (US$26,069), or so much thereof as shall be advanced by Lender and remain unpaid, together with all costs herein provided and interest from the first day in January or July following project completion and thereon until said amounts have been paid in full at a rate equal to Zero percent (0.00%) per annum, or the "Default Rate" (as hereinafter defined), as the case may be. Principal and interest due under this Note shall be payable as follows: The first payment due hereunder shall be made on the last business day in January or the first day in July following the date of project completion, whichever date first occurs, which date shall be referred to herein as the "Initial Payment Date." After the Initial Payment Date, principal and interest shall be due and payable in equal consecutive semi-annual installments commencing on the last business day in January or July 1 following the Initial Payment Date (the "Second Payment Date") and continuing on the last business day in January and July 1 thereafter until maturity. Subject to adjustment as provided herein, the amount of each such semi-annual installment of principal and interest shall be the amount which would fully amortize the unpaid principal balance of the indebtedness evidenced by this Note as of the Second Payment Date, such amortization to be based upon (i) an amortization period of Sixteen years (16) commencing on the Second Payment date, except for a zero (0) percent loan which would commence on the Initial Payment Date and (ii) interest being calculated on the basis of thirty (30) day calendar months in a 360 day year; provided that in the event the Lender makes additional disbursements following the Second Payment Date, the amount of the semi-annual installments of principal and interest required hereunder shall be increased to the amount it would take to fully amortize this Note based upon (i) the new principal balance and (ii) the above-referenced amortization period, less the number of years (or parts thereof) which have elapsed since the Second Payment Date. The unpaid principal sum of this Note and all accrued and unpaid interest and other charges hereunder shall be payable in full on the Maturity Date which would be either the last business day in January or July 1 following the loan term. The Recipient acknowledges that if the semi-annual payments set forth above do not fully amortize this Note, the payment due on the Maturity Date will be a balloon payment, consisting of (i) all accrued and unpaid interest and other charges and (ii) the entire unpaid principal balance hereof. If Recipient shall fail to make any payment hereunder when due, and the same is not corrected within thirty (30) days, then the amount of such default shall bear interest thereafter at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum (the "Default Rate") from the date of the default until the date of the payment thereof, and the entire principal hereof then remaining unpaid, together with all accrued interest and other charges, shall, at the Lender's option, become immediately due and payable and/or the Lender by and through its Director may, in the Director's sole and complete discretion and in accordance with Section 164.05 of the Ohio Revised Code, direct the county treasurer of the county in which the Recipient is located to pay the amount due hereunder from funds which would otherwise be appropriated to the Recipient from such county's undivided local government fund pursuant to Section 5747.51 to 5747.53 of the Revised Code. The Lender may exercise this option to direct the county treasurer to pay the amount due from the local government fund without any notice or demand during any default by Recipient regardless of any prior forbearance. The lender shall be entitled to collect all costs incurred by the Lender in curing such default, including, but not limited to court costs and reasonable attorney fees from a suit brought to collect this Note. In addition, if the Lender exercises its option to direct the county treasurer to pay the amount due from the local government fund, the Lender shall be entitled to collect all reasonable costs and expenses of any efforts by the Lender to collect the amount due from the local government fund, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees. Lender may, at its option, delay in or refrain from exercising some or all of its rights and remedies without prejudice thereto and regardless of any prior forbearance. The Recipient and any endorser, guarantor and surety now or hereafter liable for the payment of the principal or interest due on this Note, or any part thereof, does hereby expressly agree that any renewal, extension or modification of the terms of the Project Agreement including the terms or the time for the payment of any part of this Note may be made or extended without notice and without releasing or otherwise affecting liability of said parties on this Note.

  • Service Standards We provide the Services materially in accordance with the features and functionalities set out in the Specification Documents. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Services available to you subject to operational requirements including maintenance and security.

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