Consolidated Net Income Sample Clauses

Consolidated Net Income of any Person for any period, the consolidated net income (or loss) of such Person for such period, determined on a consolidated basis in accordance with GAAP; provided that in calculating Consolidated Net Income of Borrower for any period, there shall be excluded (a) the income (or deficit) of any Person accrued prior to the date it becomes a Subsidiary of Borrower or is merged into or consolidated with Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, (b) the income (or deficit) of any Person (other than a Subsidiary of Borrower) in which Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries has an ownership interest, except to the extent that any such income is actually received by Borrower or such Subsidiary in the form of dividends or similar distributions, (c) the undistributed earnings of any Subsidiary of Borrower to the extent that the declaration or payment of dividends or similar distributions by such Subsidiary is not at the time permitted by the terms of any Contractual Obligation (other than under any Loan Document) or Requirement of Law applicable to such Subsidiary, and (d) any one-time increase or decrease to such consolidated net income (or loss) which is required to be recorded because of the adoption of new accounting policies, practices or standards required by GAAP.
Consolidated Net Income. “Consolidated Net Income” means, for any period, the aggregate net income (or loss) of the Company for such period on a consolidated basis, determined in accordance with GAAP; provided that there shall be excluded therefrom (A) after-tax gains and losses from asset sales or abandonments or reserves relating thereto, (B) after-tax items classified as extraordinary or nonrecurring gains, (C) the net income (but not loss) of any Subsidiary of the Company to the extent that the declaration of dividends or similar distributions by that Subsidiary of that income is restricted by a contract, operation of law or otherwise, (D) any restoration to income of any material contingency reserve, except to the extent that provision for such reserve was made out of Consolidated Net Income accrued, (E) income or loss attributable to discontinued operations (including, without limitation, operations disposed of during such period whether or not such operations were classified as discontinued), (F) all gains and losses realized on or because of the purchase or other acquisition by the Company of any securities of the Company, (G) amortization charges resulting from purchase accounting adjustments, (H) in the case of a successor to the Company by consolidation or merger or as a transferee of the Company’s assets, any earnings of the successor corporation prior to such consolidation, merger or transfer of assets, (I) write downs resulting from the impairment of intangible assets, (J) the amount of amortization or write-off of deferred financing costs and debt issuance costs of Company during such period and any premium or penalty paid in connection with redeeming or retiring indebtedness of the Company prior to the stated maturity thereof pursuant to the agreements governing such indebtedness, (K) costs paid to unwind interest rate swaps, caps, floors, collars or similar obligations agreements, and (L) non-cash charges related to employee compensation.
Consolidated Net Income. (a) Consolidated net income (loss) for the four most recently complete fiscal quarters, minus $
Consolidated Net Income. Permit its Consolidated Net Income to be less than zero (i) for any fiscal quarter or (ii) for any Fiscal Year.
Consolidated Net Income. For any period, the net income of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries for such period, after deduction of all expenses, taxes, and other proper charges for such period, determined on a consolidated basis in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, after eliminating therefrom (a) all extraordinary nonrecurring gains or losses, including, without limitation, any gains (or losses) from any sales of assets other than sales in the ordinary course of business, and (b) non-cash dividends or non-cash distributions from entities in which the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries holds a minority interest.
Consolidated Net Income. (a) As of any fiscal quarter end, permit Consolidated Net Income for the period of four (4) consecutive fiscal quarters ending on or immediately prior to such date to be less than $0.
Consolidated Net Income. 6 ------------------ Note: This table of contents shall not, for any purpose, be deemed to be a part of the Indenture. PAGE
Consolidated Net Income. Borrower and its subsidiaries shall not have a Consolidated Net Income, of less than $0.00 for any two (2) consecutive fiscal quarters.
Consolidated Net Income. The definition of Consolidated Net Income shall read as follows; with the change indicated by underline: