Payment of Consideration Sample Clauses

Payment of Consideration. (a) Prior to the filing of the Articles of Arrangement the Purchaser shall deposit, or arrange to be deposited, for the benefit of holders of Common Shares and for the benefit of holders of Preferred Shares, cash with the Depositary in the aggregate amount equal to the payments in respect thereof required by this Plan of Arrangement, with the amount per Common Share and Preferred Share, as applicable, in respect of which Dissent Rights have been exercised being deemed to be the Consideration per Common Share or Preferred Share, as applicable, for this purpose, net of applicable withholdings for the benefit of the holders of Common Shares and Preferred Shares, as applicable. The cash deposited with the Depositary by or on behalf of the Purchaser shall be held in an interest-bearing account, and any interest earned on such funds shall be for the account of the Purchaser.
Payment of Consideration. The Consideration shall be paid to the Contributor in the following manner:
Payment of Consideration. (1) The Purchaser shall, on the Filing Date and immediately prior to the Filing Time, provide the Depositary with sufficient funds in escrow (the terms and conditions of such escrow to be satisfactory to the Company and the Purchaser, acting reasonably, and, in any event, be subject to the satisfaction or, where not prohibited, the waiver by the applicable Party or Parties in whose favour the condition is, of the conditions set forth in Article VI at the Effective Time) to pay in full the aggregate Consideration for all of the Class A Shares and Class B Shares to be acquired pursuant to the Arrangement.
Payment of Consideration. (a) On the Closing Date, the Operating Partnership shall, in exchange for the transfer of the Assets and the other deliveries from Owner at Closing, pay to Owner a number of OP Units, shares of Class A Common Stock, shares of Class B Common Stock and/or cash with an aggregate value equal to the Consideration. The number of OP Units, shares of Class A Common Stock, shares of Class B Common Stock and/or cash to be allocated to Owner shall be determined pursuant to Section 3(a), and Owner shall distribute such Consideration to its Participants, as contemplated thereby, as soon as practicable after the Closing Date.
Payment of Consideration. The Company shall have received the full amount of the Aggregate Purchase Price for the Securities being purchased hereunder at the Closing.