Conducting Sample Clauses

Conducting a feasibility study, preliminary and detailed design for a liquefied petroleum gas import handling and storage facility.
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Conducting. “know-your-client”, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing as well as related checks;
Conducting. The client has to state a place of departure and return which is most convenient for him/her at the time of enrolment for a ski/snowboard course. The transportation is done with busses and vans, marked with “Machirski Sport” signs. It is mandatory for all passengers to weak face masks in the busses. The bus departures from the parking lot in front of “Vasil Levski” National Stadium at 08:15/08:30 am and stops at the following locations: bus stop “SHELL” – bus stop after the Shell gas station on Bulgaria blvd.; bus stop “Gotse Delchev” – bus stop after the crossroad of Bulgaria blvd. and Gotse Delchev blvd.; bus stop “Billa” – bus stop after the crossroad of Bulgaria blvd. and Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx blvd. (across the Bulgaria Mall) and bus stop “Skiorka” –stop after the crossroad of “Panoramen xxx” Str. and “Belovodski xxx” Str. in Boyana District – 08:45 am. The client must wait at the chosen bus stop on 08:30 am. The bus passes by the stops later, but it is forbidden for a bus to stay on the bus stops and wait the for clients, so we prefer the clients to be earlier at the bus stop. On return the stops are located at the opposite side of the boulevard, on the way to the city center, after the mentioned crossroads. At bus stop “Skiorka”, the bus stops before the crossroad around 03:45 pm– 04:00 pm. The bus arrives at the National Stadium “Vasil Levski” at 04:30 pm – 04:45 pm. In case of emergency please call us at +000000000000. The group ski/snowboard training is for 4 hours per day – 2 hours before lunch (10:00 am - 12:00 pm), lunch break (45 mins) and 2 hours training after the lunch (01:00 pm – 03:00 pm). Clients have to bring themselves lunch, a water bottle, and a thermos or a mug for the hot tea we serve for free.
Conducting. (a) an assessment of the impediments in the capital market and demands for introducing public- private partnerships to finance large infrastructure projects; and (b) an analysis of how the Azeri capital market may support privatization by providing organized mechanisms for the bids and sales of shares, through the provision of consultants’ services. Part 2: Azerpost – Training of employees and rebranding of Azerpost
Conducting a public bid vis-à-vis the investing public at large, and presenting the results to the Company. Clal will be permitted to add, in coordination with the Company, other distributors to provide the Distribution Services to the Company according to the terms of this Agreement (the "Other Distributors), provided that: (a) such Other Distributors are qualified to act as distributors in accordance with the Israeli Securities Law, 1968, and any other applicable law; (b) the Company will pay commissions (as specified in Section 2 below) only to Clal, and Clal will be responsible for any payments to the Other Distributors for their services.
Conducting. A GENERAL MEETING THROUGH MEANS OF COMMUNICATION The Company may conduct a General Meeting telephonically or through the use of any other means of communication, provided all of the participating Shareholders can hear each other simultaneously. A resolution approved by use of means of communications as aforesaid, shall be deemed to be a resolution lawfully adopted at a General Meeting.
Conducting. 6 in-depth qualitative interviews with 4 local food companies (not participating in the consortium) and 2 companies-members of the consortium to gain insights into challenges of consumer co-creation and commercialisation of new food products, based on interview scripts provided by University of Warsaw, and recording, transcribing and translating the interview transcripts into English;
Conducting a validation workshop with [the security institution].

Related to Conducting

  • Conduct of the Business As of the date hereof through the Closing Date, each Seller shall (a) conduct its business relating to the Purchased Assets and Assumed Liabilities in the usual, regular and ordinary course consistent with past practice; (b) use reasonable best efforts to maintain and preserve intact its relationships generally with its Branch Employees and Customers; (c) take no action which would materially adversely affect or delay the ability of any party hereto to obtain any Regulatory Approval or to perform its covenants and agreements under this Agreement; (d) not acquire or dispose of any Fixed Assets for the Branches except in the ordinary course of business, other than pursuant to commitments made on or before the date of this Agreement and except for the acquisition and disposition of furniture, fixtures and equipment and normal maintenance and refurbishing in the ordinary course of business; (e) not increase or agree to increase the salary, remuneration or compensation of Branch Employees other than in accordance with Seller’s customary policies and/or bank-wide changes consistent with past practices, or pay or agree to pay any uncommitted bonus to the Branch Employees other than regular bonuses based on historical practice, provided that nothing herein shall be deemed to prohibit Sellers from paying out in their sole discretion accrued but unearned compensation as of the Closing Date for Branch Employees; (f) not enter into, amend or renew or extend any employment contract; (g) not change any accounting procedures or practices; (h) not take, or instruct its affiliates to take, any action with the specific intent of (A) impairing Purchaser’s rights in any Purchased Assets or Assumed Liabilities, (B) impairing in any way the ability of Purchaser to collect upon any Loan or Negative Deposits, (C) except in the ordinary course of servicing, waiving any material right, whether in equity or at law, that (x) it has with respect to any Loan or Negative Deposits, or (y) could have a Material Adverse Effect; (i) enter into any contract, commitment, lease or other transaction (other than with respect to the Deposit Liabilities or the Loans) relating to the Branches, which requires aggregate future payments in excess of $50,000; provided, however, that Sellers shall be under no obligation to advertise or promote new or substantially new customer services in the principal market area of, or for the benefit of, the Branches; (j) not make, or enter into any commitment to make, a Loan in excess of $250,000, except after consultation with Purchaser, unless the Seller otherwise agrees to retain any such Loans which Purchaser does not want to purchase as a result of the failure by the Seller to consult with Purchaser; or (k) offer any rates on deposit products (including time deposits and certificates of deposit) to Customers at the Branches which differ materially from the rates commonly offered in the Florida marketplace by other local depository institutions where the Branches are located.

  • Remedy Except as provided by the Act and this Agreement, arbitration will be the sole, exclusive, and final remedy for any dispute between Executive and the Company. Accordingly, except as provided for by the Act and this Agreement, neither Executive nor the Company will be permitted to pursue court action regarding claims that are subject to arbitration.

  • Extracurricular Activities Effective July 1, 2009, stipends for participation in extracurricular activities which are authorized by the appointing authority shall be: Pathfinders/Mountaineering: Inland $950/year Sailing $400/year Art Club Advisor $300/year Drama Club Advisor $300/year Cross Country Skiing $150/year Interscholastic Coaches: Boys’ Basketball $1000/year Girls’ Basketball (if class D) $1000/year Asst. Boys’ Basketball $750/year Asst. Girls’ Basketball (if class D) $750/year Interscholastic Sport: Scorekeeper/Timekeeper $10/game Club Sport Coaches: Soccer $400/year Track $400/year Cross County Running $400/year Girls’ Basketball (if not class D) $400/year Sports Activity Director $400/year Athletic Director $200/year Committee:

  • Method The Competent Authorities intend to use the International Data Exchange Service (“IDES”), as reflected in the FATCA IDES User Guide (IRS Publication 5190) and the FATCA Metadata XML Schema User Guide (IRS Publication 5188) posted on, for all exchange of information, including notices described in Paragraph 4.3, pursuant to the IGA.

  • Activities Except with the prior written consent of the Board, Executive will not during his employment with the Company undertake or engage in any other employment, occupation or business enterprise, other than ones in which Executive is a passive investor. Executive may engage in civic and not-for-profit activities so long as such activities do not materially interfere with the performance of his duties hereunder.

  • Operation of the Business Between the date of this Agreement and the Closing, Seller shall:

  • EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 1. In this agreement, extra-curricular programs and activities include all those that are beyond the provincially prescribed and locally determined curricula of the school.

  • Conduct of the Company’s Business The Company covenants and agrees that, prior to the Effective Time, unless Parent shall otherwise consent in writing or as otherwise expressly contemplated by this Agreement:

  • Place Unless a Finance Document specifies that payments under it are to be made in another manner, all payments by a Party (other than the Facility Agent) under the Finance Documents must be made to the Facility Agent to its account at such office or bank:

  • MANAGEMENT OF THE BUSINESS Pursuant to Section 00-00-000 of the Act, and as stated in its Articles, the Company’s day to day affairs are managed by the Member. The Member is responsible for the daily operations of the business.