Briefs Sample Clauses

Briefs. Briefs may be filed at the option of either party, due within 15 workdays of the closing date of the hearing, or within 30 workdays of the closing date of the hearing if a transcript is made.
Briefs. Briefs may be filed in an expedited arbitration case at the option of either party. Briefs are due within10 workdays of the closing date of the hearing.
Briefs. Each Party shall file a pre-hearing and post-hearing brief. The Arbitration Panel shall establish the required content and length of such briefs.
Briefs. Concise pre-arbitration briefs are encouraged. Any such brief shall be filed and served ten (10) days before the arbitration date. Either party, upon request at the close of the hearing, may be given leave to file a post-hearing brief. The time for filing such a brief shall be set by the arbitrator. Reply briefs may not be filed unless the arbitrator specifies to the contrary at the close of the hearing.
Briefs. The brief of the complaining Party shall be filed with the arbitrators within thirty (30) Days after completion of the hearings, and the brief of the other Party shall be filed within thirty (30) Days after the receipt of the complaining Party's brief. The arbitrators may designate the portion or portions of the record which they require for their decision, but nothing shall prevent a Party from presenting a complete record, if it do desires.
Briefs. If briefs are to be filed, the hearing will be declared closed as of the final date the arbitrator sets for receipt of briefs. If documents are to be filed as provided above (“Evidence by Affidavits...”) and the date set for their receipt is later than that set for receipt of briefs, the later date shall be the date of closing the hearing.