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Economy/Turbo Modes. Thank you for your recent acquisition of a California Go-Ped® brand product! We are very happy and proud to welcome you to California Go-Ped®, the World’s Best in Extreme Fun, Innovation and Quality. By choosing California Go-Ped®, you have selected the highest quality scooter products in the World, which have been handcrafted in the USA since 1985, using aircraft grade materials and the highest quality components. As the leader in innovation, design and performance California Go-Ped® has paved the way for personal transportation by producing lightweight, fuel efficient, durable, performance minded, and well-balanced machines. As a new Go-Ped® owner and User, you now have access to the widest dealer network, thousands of parts for your Go-Ped®, complete warranty coverage and instant access to service. You are now part of the fastest growing community of scooter enthusiasts in the world. A technical hot line is available if you may need further assistance that this manual does not provide at 000-000-0000 Attention: For more information on the California Go-Ped® Company and Go-Ped® brand prod- ucts, please visit us online at You will also be able to find your local Go-Ped® dealer, buy OEM parts, learn about the latest news and Go-Ped® related events, receive product support information, and get connected with other Go-Pedders.
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Economy/Turbo Modes. Your unit is equipped with two modes of operation, Economy and Turbo. Economy mode is intended for lower speeds and maximizing the range you can travel on one charge. Turbo mode is intended for higher speed and faster acceleration. Your range will be lower in this mode.
Economy/Turbo Modes. Your ESR750 is equipped with two modes of operation, Economy and Turbo. Economy mode is intended for lower speeds and maximizing the range the scooter can travel on one charge. Turbo mode is intended for higher speed and faster acceleration. Your range will be lower in this mode. Depending on when your ESR750 was made, it may have one of two available Economy/Turbo switches. In both cases it is a rocker style switch on the throttle control. Do NOT confuse it with the Red Round Power Switch! On Generation 1 throttles the switch is located on the right side of the throttle control. (See Photo A) On Generation 2 throttles the switch is located on the front of the throttle control, facing away from the rider. (See Photo B) The Economy/Turbo switch can be changed while stopped or while moving. Be very cautious about switching into Turbo mode while in motion! NOTE: These parameters are fully programmable by your authorized Go-Ped Dealer and can be tailored to your specific riding needs. ELECTRICAL HAZARD • PREVENT FIRE - Never modify the electrical system. Alterations could cause a fire resulting in serious injury and could also ruin the electrical system. - Use of the wrong type battery or charger could cause a fire or explosion resulting in serious injury. - Use of PMW components in products other than PMW vehicles could cause overheating, fire or explosion. • The battery must be handled by adults only. The battery is heavy and contains sulfuric acid (electrolyte). Dropping the battery could result in serious injury. • Never allow children to charge the battery. Battery charging must be done by adults only. A child could be injured by the electricity involved in charging the battery. • Read the safety instructions on the battery. • Examine the battery, charger and their connectors for excessive wear or damage each time you charge the battery. If damage or excessive wear is detected, do not use the charger or the battery until you have replaced the worn or damaged part. • The motor may be hot. Handle carefully.

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