BISYS Sample Clauses

BISYS. BISYS shall furnish at its own expense the executive, supervisory and clerical personnel necessary to perform its obligations under this Agreement. BISYS shall also provide the items which it is obligated to provide under this Agreement, and shall pay all compensation, if any, of officers of each Company as well as all Directors of each Company who are affiliated persons of BISYS or any affiliated company of BISYS; provided, however, that unless otherwise specifically provided, BISYS shall not be obligated to pay the compensation of any employee of a Company retained by the Directors of such Company to perform services on behalf of the Company.
BISYS. BISYS acknowledges that it will continue to perform all services required to be performed by it as the Administrator under the Administration Agreement, except those services as are required to be performed by the Service Company hereunder, including the Services. The parties agree and acknowledge that pursuant to the Administration Agreement, the Company has undertaken to pay or cause to be paid all other expenses of the Company not otherwise allocated to BISYS as the Administrator under the Administration Agreement, including, without limitation, organization costs, taxes, expenses for legal and auditing services, the expenses of preparing (including typesetting), printing and mailing reports, prospectuses, statements of additional information, proxy solicitation material and notices to existing shareholders, all expenses incurred in connection with issuing and redeeming shares, the costs of custodial services, the cost of initial and ongoing registration of the shares under Federal and state securities laws, fees and out-of-pocket expenses of Trustees who are not affiliated persons of BISYS or the investment adviser to the Company or any affiliated corporation of BISYS or such investment adviser, insurance, interest, brokerage costs, litigation and other extraordinary or nonrecurring expenses, and all fees and charges of investment advisers to the Company.
BISYS. BISYS represents and warrants to MIP that the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement by BISYS have been duly authorized by all necessary action. This Agreement constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation of BISYS, enforceable against BISYS in accordance with its terms.
BISYS. All references in the Agreement to
BISYS. BISYS represents and warrants to the Trust and AMR that:

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MOBILITY 14.01 The parties to this Agreement acknowledge that because of the extraordinary safety requirements of railroad work and the specialized nature of the work covered by this Agreement, it is necessary that the Employer have experienced and qualified employees and both parties shall cooperate to the end that all employees hired for work under this Agreement will be capable of performing such work in an experienced, efficient and safe manner.
Digital Health The HSP agrees to:
Genesis Health Ventures, Inc. 2001 Deferred Compensation Plan. As soon as practicable after the Distribution Date, Parent shall cause the trustee of the trust funding the Parent Deferral Plan to transfer to the trustee of the trust funding the corresponding ElderCare Deferral Plan an amount equal to the value of the balances of all accounts of the participants in the Parent Deferral Plan who are, as of the date of transfer, ElderCare Individuals and who have so elected to have their account balances transferred.
Company The term “
Tech Support Pro can be purchased on a month-to-month basis.
Security Systems The Service may not be compatible with security systems. You may be required to maintain a telephone connection through your local exchange carrier in order to use any alarm monitoring functions for any security system installed in your home or business. You are responsible for contacting the alarm monitoring company to test the compatibility of any alarm monitoring or security system with the Service.
Network Services Preventive care: 100% coverage. Preventive services include, but are not restricted to routine physical exams, routine gynecological exams, routine hearing exams, routine eye exams, and immunizations. A $100 single and $200 family combined annual deductible will apply to lab/diagnostic testing after which 100% coverage will apply. A $50 copay will apply to CT and MRI scans.
The Company This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the Company and its successors and assigns. The Company will require any successor to all or substantially all of the business and/or assets of the Company (whether direct or indirect, by purchase, merger, consolidation or otherwise) to assume expressly and agree to perform this Agreement in the same manner and to the same extent that the Company would be required to perform it if no such succession had taken place. As used in this Agreement, “the Company” shall mean the Company as hereinbefore defined and any successor to its business and/or assets as aforesaid which assumes and agrees to perform this Agreement by operation of law or otherwise.
Services to the Corporation Agent will serve, at the will of the Corporation or under separate contract, if any such contract exists, as a director of the Corporation or as a director, officer or other fiduciary of an affiliate of the Corporation (including any employee benefit plan of the Corporation) faithfully and to the best of his ability so long as he is duly elected and qualified in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws or other applicable charter documents of the Corporation or such affiliate; provided, however, that Agent may at any time and for any reason resign from such position (subject to any contractual obligation that Agent may have assumed apart from this Agreement) and that the Corporation or any affiliate shall have no obligation under this Agreement to continue Agent in any such position.
Corporate Services This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions for the provision by PROVIDING PARTY to RECEIVING PARTY of various corporate services and products, as more fully described below and in Schedule 1.1(a) attached hereto (the Scheduled Services, the Omitted Services, the Resumed Services and Special Projects (as defined below), collectively, the "Corporate Services").