Benefit Program Sample Clauses

Benefit Program. The LTD Program benefits apply to bargaining unit and non-bargaining unit employees and is a contractual arrangement between the Insurance Provider and the Company on behalf of all Company employees.
Benefit Program. Effective as of the Employment Date, you will be eligible to participate in the Company’s benefit programs generally available to other senior executives of the Company. Our benefit programs include health, disability and life insurance benefits. Employee contributions are required for our benefit program. You will also be eligible to be reimbursed or the Company will pay directly for the costs of an annual medical examination in an amount not to exceed US $1,500 per year.
Benefit Program. The Executive will be eligible to participate in the group insurance plans (“Insurance Plans”), retirement plans, and other benefits plans and arrangements (such retirement and other benefit plans and arrangements, together with the Insurance Plans, the “Benefit Program”) available to executives of the Company, as such plans may be or have been adopted from time to time in the Company’s discretion. Nothing in this Agreement shall affect the Company’s right to change insurance carriers and to adopt, amend, or terminate such plans and arrangements at any time. The Company will provide to the Executive the specific benefits listed on Schedule A hereto.
Benefit Program. During the Employment Period, the Employee shall be entitled to participate in all employee benefit programs for which other senior employees of the Company are generally eligible and the Employee shall be eligible to participate in all insurance plans available generally to other senior employees of the Company. The Employee shall be entitled to take 12-days of paid vacation annually.
Benefit Program. 25:01 The Company agrees to pay fully and to provide benefit plans as set out herein at no cost to the employees in accordance with the terms in effect at the time of the signing of this Agreement with the negotiated changes. The company’s sole obligation will be to pay the premium and arrange the coverage as set out herein.
Benefit Program. 24.01 The Employer agrees to pay for certain premiums as set out in Schedule “A”. The actual benefits and conditions governing such benefits are the sole responsibility of the insurance carrier. Benefit levels outlined herein will only be decreased or increased should similar reductions be negotiated under the LIUNA Local 506 collective agreement at which time these changes would automatically be applied to the Security bargaining unit. (2010) (2013)
Benefit Program. Unless otherwise provided the Company will pay one hundred percent (100%) of the premium costs of the following Health Insurance Plans for all employees commencing on the first billing date after completion of their probationary period: Extended Health and Dental Care 100% drug plan (no deductible) Card for people to show for drug plan Paramedical services (no deductible) Chiropractor, osteopath, etc. Basic dental plan current O.D.A. Pay Direct 9 month recall $ 1,500.00 denture