Beds Sample Clauses

Beds. Company and the Related Company shall be servicing under valid contracts with facilities (such contracts to be acceptable to Parent) an aggregate of not less than Eighteen Thousand (18,000) beds.
Beds. The total number of beds for clients at the Shelter will be up to 37 total, including up to 13 beds for women (10 beds for women, plus 3 overflow cots for women) and up to 24 beds for men (20 beds, 2 of which are in the sick room, for men, plus 4 overflow cots for men). Clients will be provided beds or cots with clean sheets for sleeping, along with blankets, a pillow, and pillowcase.
Beds. As of the date of Closing, there are a minimum of 2,794 beds being actively serviced by Seller under binding agreements in form and substance acceptable to Buyer.
Beds. In most of our properties the advertised number of beds cannot be exceeded, and makeshift beds on sofas, in loft rooms etc will not be accepted unless permission to do so is clearly stated in the rental contract.

Related to Beds

  • Ambulance Escort Where a nurse is assigned to provide patient care for a patient in transit, the following provisions shall apply:

  • Area The sphere of operation shall be England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Amenities The Borrower will cause, or to the extent provided for pursuant to the Declarations, will use its best efforts to ensure that the Timeshare Owners' Association, or the manager of the Resort, as applicable, will cause, the Resort to be maintained in good condition and repair, and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Timeshare Documents, and the Borrower will cause each Purchaser of an Interval at the Resort to have continuing access to, and the use of, to the extent of such Purchaser's time-share periods, all of the Common Elements and related or appurtenant services, rights and benefits, all as provided in the Declaration and the Timeshare Documents.

  • Ambulance The deductible and coinsurance for services not subject to copays applies.

  • Parking Beginning on the earlier to occur of the date that Tenant first occupies the Premises for the conduct of its business or the Rent Commencement Date (the “Parking Commencement Date”), Landlord grants to Tenant, subject to the terms hereof, a license to use the number of parking spaces in the Building’s parking garage (the “Parking Garage”) in an amount not to exceed 1.45 parking spaces per 1,000 rentable square feet of the third (3rd) floor and fifth (5th) floor portions of the Premises, as evidenced by parking passes, which parking spaces shall be used by Tenant’s employees on an unreserved, first-come, first-serve basis. Accordingly, as of the Parking Commencement Date, and for the remainder of the Term, Tenant shall license ninety-five (95) parking passes (the “Parking Passes”). Landlord shall not withhold its consent to a proposed sublease of additional parking spaces to Tenant by any other tenant in the Building so long as no Event of Default is then continuing under this Lease, such sublease terminates automatically upon the termination of such other tenant’s lease, and the charges for such sublease are not less than the then-current rates for parking spaces under this Lease or more than that permitted to be charged by Landlord pursuant to Applicable Laws (as defined below). Tenant shall have no right to assign or otherwise transfer the Parking Passes other than in connection with an assignment of this Lease or to a subtenant under an approved sublease or pursuant to a Permitted Transfer (as defined below). Commencing on the Parking Commencement Date, Tenant shall pay Landlord (or at Landlord’s election, directly to the parking operator) for all of the Parking Passes, whether or not used, at the market rate charged by Landlord, which shall be consistent with the rates charged in the Alewife area (including Cambridge Discovery Park and 000 XxxxxxxxxXxxx Xxxxx) (currently $145.00 per month per pass), as such rate may vary from time to time and as determined by Landlord in good faith. If, for any reason, Tenant shall fail timely to pay the charge for any of said Parking Passes, and if such default continues for ten (10) days after written notice thereof on more than one (1) occasion in any one 12-month period, Tenant shall have no further right to the Parking Passes and associated parking rights for which Tenant failed to pay the charge under this Section and Landlord may allocate such Parking Passes and associated parking rights for use by other tenants of the Building free and clear of Tenant’s rights under this Section. Tenant agrees not to use spaces in the parking facilities in excess of Tenant’s allocation of parking passes as determined in accordance with the ratio set forth above and agrees to cooperate with Landlord and other tenants in the use of parking facilities. Landlord may designate parking facilities at the Property for the handicapped, visitors to the Property and for exclusive use by other tenants. Landlord may install signage or implement a pass or sticker system to control parking use, and may employ valet parking at no cost to Tenant (including by use of off-site premises), to meet the requirements of this Section. To the extent applicable to Tenant’s use of the parking spaces, the provisions of this Lease shall apply, and Landlord may promulgate reasonable rules and regulations of general applicability from time to time with respect to such use. Except due to the negligence or willful misconduct of Landlord or any of Landlord’s employees, agents or contractors, but subject to Section 9.7, Landlord assumes no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage due to fire, theft or otherwise to any automobile(s) parked in the parking facilities or to any personal property therein, however caused, and Tenant agrees, upon request from Landlord from time to time, to notify its officers, employees, agents and invitees of such limitation of liability. In connection with the repair and/or maintenance of the Parking Garage, Landlord shall have the right to temporarily relocate all or any portion of the available parking spaces therein to other parking lots or garages that are not more than one-quarter (1/4) mile from the Building, provided, however that Tenant shall not pay any additional charges costs for such relocated parking spaces.