Medicare Program Sample Clauses

Medicare Program. Dentist shall comply with CMS requirements in the provision of services to Medicare Advantage (MA) Subscribers, including those CMS requirements attached hereto as Exhibit D and made a part of this Agreement hereof. The CMS required terms apply only to services rendered to subscribers who are MA Subscribers and will, to the extent inconsistent with any other terms of the Agreement, supersede such inconsistent terms solely as they relate to services rendered to MA Subscribers.
Medicare Program. The Company has the requisite provider number or other authorization to bill the Medicare program with respect to the business now operated by the Company, except where the failure to maintain such provider number or other authorization would not, individually or in the aggregate, have a Material Adverse Effect. The Company is not subject to any pending or, to the Company’s knowledge, threatened action which, if the subject of an unfavorable decision, would result either in a revocation of any provider number or authorization or in the Company’s exclusion from the Medicare program.

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Medicare The Employee affirms, covenants, and warrants he is not a Medicare beneficiary and is not currently receiving, has not received in the past, will not have received at the time of payment pursuant to this Agreement, is not entitled to, is not eligible for, and has not applied for or sought Social Security Disability or Medicare benefits. In the event any statement in the preceding sentence is incorrect (for example, but not limited to, if the Employee is a Medicare beneficiary, etc.), the following sentences (i.e., the remaining sentences of this paragraph) apply. The Employee affirms, covenants, and warrants he has made no claim for illness or injury against, nor is he aware of any facts supporting any claim against, the Released Parties under which Released Parties could be liable for medical expenses incurred by the Employee before or after the execution of this agreement. Furthermore, the Employee is aware of no medical expenses which Medicare has paid and for which Released Parties are or could be liable now or in the future. The Employee agrees and affirms that, to the best of his knowledge, no liens of any governmental entities, including those for Medicare conditional payments, exist. The Employee will indemnify, defend, and hold Released Parties harmless from Medicare claims, liens, damages, conditional payments, and rights to payment, if any, including attorneys' fees, and the Employee further agrees to waive any and all future private causes of action for damages pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1395y(b)(3)(A) et seq.
Extended Health Care Plan ‌ The Employer shall pay the monthly premium for regular employees entitled to coverage under a mutually acceptable extended health care plan.
Dental Care Plan 1. It is agreed that the State shall continue the Dental Care Plan during the period of this Agreement. The Dental Care Plan may be modified by the State Health Benefits Plan Design Committee, pursuant to its authority under P.L. 2011, c. 78. Pursuant to P.L. 2011, c. 78, the State Health Benefits Plan Design Committee has the sole discretion to set the amounts for maximums, co-pays, deductibles, and other such participant costs for all plans in the program and has the sole discretion to determine the plan design, plan components and coverage levels under the program. Full-time employees and eligible dependents shall be eligible for the State administered Employee Dental Plan(s).
Medicaid If and when the Resident’s assets/funds have fallen below the Medicaid eligibility levels, and the Resident otherwise satisfies the Medicaid eligibility requirements, and the Resident is not entitled to any other third-party coverage, the Resident should be eligible for Medicaid (see Attachment “B”), often referred to as the “payor of last resort.” THE RESIDENT, DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVE AND/OR SPONSOR AGREE TO NOTIFY THE FACILITY AT LEAST THREE (3) MONTHS PRIOR TO THE EXHAUSTION OF THE RESIDENT’S FUNDS AND/OR INSURANCE COVERAGE TO CONFIRM THAT THE RESIDENT, DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVE AND/OR SPONSOR HAS OR WILL SUBMIT A TIMELY MEDICAID APPLICATION AND ENSURE THAT ALL ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN MET. THE RESIDENT, DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVE AND/OR SPONSOR AGREE TO APPLY FOR MEDICAID BENEFITS PRIOR TO THE EXHAUSTION OF THE RESIDENT’S RESOURCES. Services reimbursed under Medicaid are outlined in Attachment “A” to this Agreement. Transfer(s) of the Resident’s assets that occurred on or after February 18, 2006 may result in a period of Medicaid ineligibility. The Resident, Designated Representative and/or Sponsor represent that no such transfer(s) have been made that would leave the Resident without a payment source when he or she is otherwise eligible for Medicaid. If the Resident’s care is covered by Medicaid, the Resident, Designated Representative and/or Sponsor agree to remit to the Facility the Resident’s Net Available Monthly Income or “NAMI” on a timely basis, pursuant to the Resident’s Medicaid budget (see Attachment “B”). The Resident’s NAMI, as determined by Medicaid, generally equals his or her income (for example Social Security income, pension income, etc.) which is available to offset the cost of care after all allowable deductions have been made. The Facility has no control over the determination of NAMI amounts. When the Resident is awaiting the issuance of a Medicaid budget, the Resident, Designated Representative and/or Sponsor shall remit the anticipated NAMI to the Facility in a timely manner as discussed more fully below. If Medicaid denies coverage, the Resident, Designated Representative and/or Sponsor hereby agree to remit to the Facility any outstanding amounts for unpaid services not covered by other third-party payors subject to applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Such amounts shall be calculated in accordance with the Facility’s applicable prevailing private rates and charges for all basic and additional services provided.
Health Care Benefits (a) Each regular full-time employee may elect coverage for himself and his eligible dependents* under one of the following health insurance plans:
Health Care Compliance Neither the Company nor any Affiliate has, prior to the Effective Time and in any material respect, violated any of the health care continuation requirements of COBRA, the requirements of FMLA, the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the requirements of the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, the requirements of the Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act of 1996, or any amendment to each such act, or any similar provisions of state law applicable to its Employees.
Health Care Savings Plan ASF Members who have a HCSP waiver on file shall receive a two hundred fifty dollars ($250) cash payment. If the ASF Member separates due to death, the two hundred fifty dollars ($250) is paid in cash, not to the HCSP. An ASF Member who becomes totally and permanently disabled on or after January 1, 2008, who received a State disability benefit, and is eligible for a deferred benefit under a State Retirement program is also eligible for the two hundred fifty dollar ($250) contribution to the MSRS Health Care Savings Plan. ASF Members are eligible for this benefit only once.
Vision Care Plan 21.01 The Company will provide a Vision Care Plan which will provide for expenses incurred by an employee and/or the employee's covered dependents when recommended by a physician or optometrist as follows: Effective May 1, 2005, frames, lenses and the fitting of prescription glasses including contact lenses, up to a total of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) per insured family member in any two (2) consecutive calendar years.
Educational Program Section 1: Nurses covered by this Agreement will receive the university fee authorization program and dependent fee authorization program as currently in effect and as may be determined during the term of this agreement.
Family Care and Medical Leave An unpaid Family Care and Medical Leave shall be granted, to the extent of and subject to the restrictions as set forth below, to an employee who has been employed for at least twelve (12) months and who has served for 130 workdays during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the effective date of the leave. For purposes of this Section, furlough days and days worked during off-basis time shall count as "workdays". Family Care and Medical Leave absences of twenty (20) consecutive working days or less can be granted by the immediate administrator or designee. Leaves of twenty (20) or more consecutive working days can be granted only by submission of a formal leave application to the Personnel Commission.