Assistance from Sample Clauses

Assistance from third parties The engagement of third parties, such as experts, foreign lawyers etc. is done by the Firm on behalf of the Client and for the Client’s account. From time to time the Firm may ask a third party copy documents in a matter to ensure expediency. In such case the Firm will enter into a confidentiality agreement with the supplier. If the Client will not accept such copying, he must inform the Firm as soon as possible in writing.
Assistance from. Sellers in Transferring Seller's MCAP Shares to Purchaser. Each Seller shall after the Closing take all action reasonably requested by Purchaser to assist Purchaser in obtaining good title to and ownership of such Seller's MCAP Shares. Sellers shall provide Purchaser with such corporate filings and other corporate documents as Purchaser may reasonably request. SECTION 8 Miscellaneous 8.1.
Assistance from. Seller in Transferring Seller's Membership Interest to Purchaser. Seller shall after the Closing take all action reasonably requested by Purchaser to assist Purchaser in obtaining good title to and ownership of Seller's Membership Interests, including the amendment of SACC's and the Subsidiary's Articles of Organization and Operating Agreements, any filings to be made with the Michigan and Illinois authorities and the amendment and cancellation of appropriate SACC and Subsidiary documents. Seller shall also cause its legal counsel to provide Purchaser with such corporate filings and other SACC and Subsidiary documents as Purchaser may reasonably request in order to carry out the foregoing objective.

Related to Assistance from

  • Coronavirus Relief Fund – Rental Assistance Application The Coronavirus Relief Fund – Rental Assistance Application should contain all the necessary information to determine whether a Household is potentially eligible for CRF assistance. In accordance with the provisions of Sections 760.20-760.37, Fla. Stat., it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, familial status, national origin, or handicap in the award application process for Eligible Housing.

  • Distribution Assistance Fees (Asset-Based Sales Charge). Within ten (10) days of the end of each month, the Fund will make payments in the aggregate amount of 0.0625% (0.75% on an annual basis) of the average during the month of the aggregate net asset value of Shares computed as of the close of each business day (the "Asset-Based Sales Charge"). Such Asset-Based Sales Charge payments received from the Fund will compensate the Distributor for providing distribution assistance in connection with the sale of Shares. The distribution assistance services to be rendered by the Distributor in connection with the Shares may include, but shall not be limited to, the following: (i) paying sales commissions to any broker, dealer, bank or other person or entity that sells Shares, and/or paying such persons "Advance Service Fee Payments" (as defined below) in advance of, and/or in amounts greater than, the amount provided for in Section 3(b) of this Agreement; (ii) paying compensation to and expenses of personnel of the Distributor who support distribution of Shares by Recipients; (iii) obtaining financing or providing such financing from its own resources, or from an affiliate, for the interest and other borrowing costs of the Distributor's unreimbursed expenses incurred in rendering distribution assistance and administrative support services to the Fund; and (iv) paying other direct distribution costs, including without limitation the costs of sales literature, advertising and prospectuses (other than those prospectuses furnished to current holders of the Fund's shares ("Shareholders")) and state "blue sky" registration expenses.

  • Educational Assistance To qualify for reimbursement, an employee must be a regular employee upon enrollment. To be approved, the courses described below must be related to the employee's present position or career development:

  • Directory Assistance Service 8.3.1 Directory Assistance Service provides local end user telephone number listings with the option to complete the call at the caller's direction separate and distinct from local switching.

  • Assistance and Cooperation (a) Each of the Companies shall provide (and cause its Affiliates to provide) the other and its agents, including accounting firms and legal counsel, with such cooperation or information as such other Company reasonably requests in connection with (i) preparing and filing Tax Returns, (ii) determining the liability for and amount of any Taxes due (including estimated Taxes) or the right to and amount of any refund of Taxes, (iii) examinations of Tax Returns, and (iv) any administrative or judicial proceeding in respect of Taxes assessed or proposed to be assessed. Such cooperation shall include making available, upon reasonable notice, all information and documents in their possession relating to the other Company and its Affiliates as provided in Section 9. Each of the Companies shall also make available to the other, as reasonably requested and available, personnel (including employees and agents of the Companies or their respective Affiliates) responsible for preparing, maintaining, and interpreting information and documents relevant to Taxes.

  • Distance Education A. Unit members will not be required to teach in ITV programs except when consistent with terms contained in letters of appointment. Videotapes of ITV program offerings shall conform to use policies established by the unit member and shall not be routinely kept by the University except for examination review, for make-up of student absences or for the unit member's self-study purposes. Videotapes shall not be used for evaluation purposes except where permitted by department or division evaluation procedure. Scheduling of ITV obligations shall conform with the other provisions of this Article. The University agrees not to retransmit by electronic means the work product of a unit member without the written consent of the unit member or his/her authorized representative and with any additional compensation as determined by mutual agreement. The use of videotapes as an ADA accommodation will be determined by the campus ADA officer in consultation with the faculty member.

  • Technical Assistance The Parties may provide each other with technical assistance including exchange of experiences and capacity building for the implementation of their competition laws and policies, and for the promotion of competition culture.

  • Termination Assistance Services Following the termination of this Agreement and/or any Ordering Document, the Parties may agree for Axway to provide transition services pursuant to a duly executed SOW, during which time this Agreement will continue in full force and effect solely to the extent necessary to allow such transition services to be performed. Axway agrees that the costs for any such services shall be comparable to the fees charged to other customers for similar types of services.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Section 1. The Employer agrees to provide to the Union the statistical and program evaluation information provided to management concerning Employee Assistance Program(s).

  • Payments for Distribution Assistance and Administrative Support Services (a) Payments to the Distributor. In consideration of the payments made by the Fund to the Distributor under this Plan, the Distributor shall provide administrative support services and distribution services to the Fund. Such services include distribution assistance and administrative support services rendered in connection with Shares (1) sold in purchase transactions, (2) issued in exchange for shares of another investment company for which the Distributor serves as distributor or sub-distributor, or (3) issued pursuant to a plan of reorganization to which the Fund is a party. If the Board believes that the Distributor may not be rendering appropriate distribution assistance or administrative support services in connection with the sale of Shares, then the Distributor, at the request of the Board, shall provide the Board with a written report or other information to verify that the Distributor is providing appropriate services in this regard. For such services, the Fund will make the following payments to the Distributor: