Assistance from Sample Clauses

Assistance from third parties The engagement of third parties, such as experts, foreign lawyers etc. is done by the Firm on behalf of the Client and for the Client’s account. From time to time the Firm may ask a third party copy documents in a matter to ensure expediency. In such case the Firm will enter into a confidentiality agreement with the supplier. If the Client will not accept such copying, he must inform the Firm as soon as possible in writing.
Assistance from administrators and district resources to help the teacher improve as documented in the IDP.
Assistance from. Sellers in Transferring Seller's MCAP Shares to Purchaser. Each Seller shall after the Closing take all action reasonably requested by Purchaser to assist Purchaser in obtaining good title to and ownership of such Seller's MCAP Shares. Sellers shall provide Purchaser with such corporate filings and other corporate documents as Purchaser may reasonably request. SECTION 8 Miscellaneous 8.1.
Assistance from. Seller in Transferring Seller's Membership Interest to Purchaser. Seller shall after the Closing take all action reasonably requested by Purchaser to assist Purchaser in obtaining good title to and ownership of Seller's Membership Interests, including the amendment of SACC's and the Subsidiary's Articles of Organization and Operating Agreements, any filings to be made with the Michigan and Illinois authorities and the amendment and cancellation of appropriate SACC and Subsidiary documents. Seller shall also cause its legal counsel to provide Purchaser with such corporate filings and other SACC and Subsidiary documents as Purchaser may reasonably request in order to carry out the foregoing objective.

Related to Assistance from

  • Coronavirus Relief Fund – Rental Assistance Application The Coronavirus Relief Fund – Rental Assistance Application should contain all the necessary information to determine whether a Household is potentially eligible for CRF assistance. In accordance with the provisions of Sections 760.20-760.37, Fla. Stat., it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, familial status, national origin, or handicap in the award application process for Eligible Housing.

  • Dependent Care Assistance Program The County offers the option of enrolling in a Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) designed to qualify for tax savings under Section 129 of the Internal Revenue Code, but such savings are not guaranteed. The program allows employees to set aside up to five thousand dollars ($5,000) of annual salary (before taxes) per calendar year to pay for eligible dependent care (child and elder care) expenses. Any unused balance is forfeited and cannot be recovered by the employee.

  • Outpatient emergency and urgicenter services within the service area The emergency room copay applies to all outpatient emergency visits that do not result in hospital admission within twenty-four (24) hours. The urgicenter copay is the same as the primary care clinic office visit copay.

  • Volunteer Peer Assistants 2. Assist peer assistants upon request during their off-duty time.

  • Educational Assistants An employee shall be considered a Part-Time employee where the employee is regularly scheduled to work less than twenty-five (25) hours per week during the school year.

  • Educational Assistance To qualify for reimbursement, an employee must be a regular employee upon enrollment. To be approved, the courses described below must be related to the employee's present position or career development:

  • Directory Assistance Service 8.3.1 Directory Assistance Service provides local end user telephone number listings with the option to complete the call at the caller's direction separate and distinct from local switching.

  • Assistance and Cooperation (a) Each of the Companies shall provide (and cause its Affiliates to provide) the other and its agents, including accounting firms and legal counsel, with such cooperation or information as such other Company reasonably requests in connection with (i) preparing and filing Tax Returns, (ii) determining the liability for and amount of any Taxes due (including estimated Taxes) or the right to and amount of any refund of Taxes, (iii) examinations of Tax Returns, and (iv) any administrative or judicial proceeding in respect of Taxes assessed or proposed to be assessed. Such cooperation shall include making available, upon reasonable notice, all information and documents in their possession relating to the other Company and its Affiliates as provided in Section 9. Each of the Companies shall also make available to the other, as reasonably requested and available, personnel (including employees and agents of the Companies or their respective Affiliates) responsible for preparing, maintaining, and interpreting information and documents relevant to Taxes.

  • DEVELOPMENT OR ASSISTANCE IN DEVELOPMENT OF SPECIFICATIONS REQUIREMENTS/ STATEMENTS OF WORK Firms and/or individuals that assisted in the development or drafting of the specifications, requirements, statements of work, or solicitation documents contained herein are excluded from competing for this solicitation. This shall not be applicable to firms and/or individuals providing responses to a publicly posted Request for Information (RFI) associated with a solicitation.

  • Distance Education 7.13.1 Expanding student access, not increasing productivity or enrollment, shall be the primary determining factor when a decision is made to schedule a distance education course. There will be no reduction in force of faculty (as defined in Article XXIII of this Agreement) as a result of the District’s participation in distance education.