Approval by the City Sample Clauses

Approval by the City. The Owners and the City acknowledge that this Agreement must be approved by formal actions of the legislative authority of the City as a condition for this Agreement to take effect. This Agreement takes effect upon such approval. Because this Agreement was approved by Ordinance No. on , 2021, this Agreement shall be effective immediately upon its execution.
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Approval by the City b) The approval of drawings and/or supporting documents given by the City or its representatives does not relieve the Developer of his responsibility to ensure that all work pursuant to this Agreement done or to be done by the Developer is in accordance with current practice and is technically acceptable, nor does it relieve him of the obligation to remedy subsequently discovered omissions and/or discrepancies.
Approval by the City. The Draw Actual Costs of each Segment described in Attachment A has been reviewed, verified and approved by the City Construction Representative of the City. Payment of the Draw Actual Costs of each such Segment is hereby approved. Date: CITY OF LEANDER, TEXAS a home rule city and Texas municipal corporation By: , Mayor ATTEST: By: , City Secretary pg. 21 ATTACHMENT A TO CERTIFICATION OF PAYMENT (CONSTRUCTION) Segment Description of Work Completed under this Certification for Payment Draw Actual Costs pg. 22 ATTACHMENT B TO CERTIFICATION OF PAYMENT (CONSTRUCTION) [bills paid affidavit – attached] pg. 23 ATTACHMENT C TO CERTIFICATION OF PAYMENT (CONSTRUCTION) [receipts – attached]
Approval by the City of New York. This Contract shall not become effective or binding unless;
Approval by the City. 11 Subject to Section 7.8, no Capital Improvements shall be performed without the 12 prior written Approval by the City of: a budget for the Capital Improvement, contracts for the 13 labor and materials for such Capital Improvements, and plans and specifications for the Capital
Approval by the City. Prior to execution by PDC of any Coliseum 22 Agreement, which would extend beyond the Term, PDC shall submit such Coliseum Agreement 23 to the City and receive the City’s Approval of such Coliseum Agreement, provided, such 24 Approval is subject to Section 15.1.3, below.
Approval by the City. The responsibilities described in this Contract will become effective only upon the written approval of this Contract by the Commissioner of Neighborhood Services or designee on the approval lines provided at the end of this Contract.
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