Aggregate Exercise Price Sample Clauses

Aggregate Exercise Price. The term "Aggregate Exercise Price" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.2.
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Aggregate Exercise Price. The aggregate exercise price of the DirectStar Option shall be equal to the sum of (A) the Beginning Net Book Value plus (B) the Adjusted Net Income (as defined in the Funraisers Purchase Agreement) for the Option Related Operating Period multiplied by five percent (5%) plus (C) the Factor.
Aggregate Exercise Price. The Exercise Price will be US$19.97 per share for an aggregate amount of US $4,992,500.
Aggregate Exercise Price. Section 1.1 Aggregate Initial Merger Consideration Section 2.8(b) Agreement Preamble Arbitrator Section 9.3(b) CERCLA Section 4.13 Cash Consideration Section 2.8(b) Claim Notice Section 9.3(a) Closing Section 2.3 Closing Common Share Amount Section 2.8(b) Closing Date Section 2.3 Closing Preferred Share Amount Section 2.8(a) Common Shares Section 2.8(b) Common Stock Section 2.8(b) Company Preamble Company Disclosure Schedule Article IV Company Indemnified Parties Section 6.13 Continuing Company Employees Section 6.6(b) DGCL Section 2.1 Damages Section 9.2(a) Dispute Notice Section 9.3(b) Dissenting Shares Section 2.9 Effective Time Section 2.2 Employee Pension Benefit Plan Section 4.14(a) ERISA Section 4.14(a) Escrow Account Section 2.8(c) Escrow Agent Section 2.8(c) Excess Closing Debt Section 6.11 Exchange Act Section 5.7 Exercise Price Section 6.6(b) Expired Options/Warrants Section 2.13(a) Hazardous Materials Section 4.13 Holder Section 6.9(b) ISOs Section 6.10(a) TERM SECTION Indemnified Party Section 9.3(a) Indemnitor Section 9.3(a) Initial Common Merger Consideration Section 2.8(b) Initial Escrowed Shares Section 2.8(c) Initial Preferred Merger Consideration Section 2.8(a) LLC Section 4.29 MCP Section 7.3(n) Material Contracts Section 4.8(a) Merger Section 2.1 Merger Certificate Section 2.2 Merger Consideration Section 2.8(e) Merger Sub Preamble Multiemployer Plan Section 4.14(a) XXXX Section 7.3(o) XXXX Agreement Section 7.3(o) XXXX Principals Section 7.3(o) Option Section 6.10 Outside Date Section 8.1(b) Paciolan Section 4.32(b) Parent Preamble Parent Financial Statements Section 5.7 Parent Indemnified Parties Section 9.2(a) Plan Section 6.10 Preferred Shares Section 2.8(a) Preferred Stock Section 2.8(a) Proceeding Section 4.18 Real Property Section 4.5(c) Registrable Securities Section 6.9(a) Registration Expenses Section 6.9(b) Registration Indemnified Party Section 6.9(c) Registration Indemnifying Party Section 6.9(c) Registration Statements Section 6.9(h) Release Section 7.3(d) S-3 Effective Date Section 6.9(a) S-3 Registration Statement Section 6.9(a) S-8 Registration Statement Section 6.9(b) SEC Section 6.9(a) SEC Documents Section 5.7 Selling Expenses Section 6.10(b) Shares Section 2.8(b) Spread Section 2.13(c) Stockholders Recitals Stockholder Indemnified Parties Section 9.2(b) Stockholder Support Agreement Recitals Stockholders' Representative Section 10.13 9 TERM SECTION Surviving Corporation Section 2.1 Tax Return Section 4.12(a) Taxes ...
Aggregate Exercise Price. The aggregate exercise price (“Aggregate Exercise Price”) of this Warrant shall be the number of Warrant Shares in respect of which this Warrant is then being exercised pursuant to this Section 2, multiplied by (b) the Exercise Price. The Holder shall pay to the Company the Aggregate Exercise Price to exercise this Warrant pursuant to Section 2(b).
Aggregate Exercise Price. “Aggregate Exercise Price” shall mean the aggregate dollar amount that would be received by the Company as the purchase price upon the full exercise (and not any net exercise) of all Options outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time.
Aggregate Exercise Price. Payment of the Aggregate Exercise Price is herewith made in full as follows (select the applicable option by initialing before the letter of the option that applies, and fill in any blanks in C. if that option applies):

Related to Aggregate Exercise Price

  • Number of Shares; Exercise Price This certifies that, for value received, the United States Department of the Treasury or its permitted assigns (the “Warrantholder”) is entitled, upon the terms and subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth, to acquire from the Company, in whole or in part, after the receipt of all applicable Regulatory Approvals, if any, up to an aggregate of the number of fully paid and nonassessable shares of Preferred Stock set forth in Item 7 of Schedule A hereto (the “Shares”), at a purchase price per share of Preferred Stock equal to the Exercise Price.

  • Certificate of Adjusted Exercise Price or Number of Shares Whenever an adjustment is made as provided in Sections 11 and 13 hereof, the Company shall promptly (a) prepare a certificate setting forth such adjustment and a brief statement of the facts accounting for such adjustment, (b) file with the Rights Agent and with each transfer agent for the Preferred Shares a copy of such certificate and (c) mail a brief summary thereof to each holder of a Rights Certificate in accordance with Section 26 hereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing sentence, the failure of the Company to make such certification or give such notice shall not affect the validity of such adjustment or the force or effect of the requirement for such adjustment. The Rights Agent shall be fully protected in relying on any such certificate and on any adjustment contained therein and shall not be deemed to have knowledge of such adjustment unless and until it shall have received such certificate.

  • Payment of Exercise Price In the event that the holder has elected a Cash Exercise with respect to some or all of the Warrant Shares to be issued pursuant hereto, the holder shall pay the Aggregate Exercise Price in the sum of $___________________ to the Company in accordance with the terms of the Warrant.

  • Warrant Exercise Price f. Dates upon which Warrants may be exercised;

  • NUMBER OF SHARES AND EXERCISE PRICE The number of shares of Common Stock subject to your option and your exercise price per share referenced in your Grant Notice may be adjusted from time to time for Capitalization Adjustments.

  • Exercise Price The exercise price per share of Common Stock under this Warrant shall be $_____, subject to adjustment hereunder (the “Exercise Price”).

  • Certification of Adjusted Exercise Price or Number of Shares of Common Stock Whenever the Exercise Price or the number of shares of Common Stock issuable upon the exercise of each Warrant is adjusted as provided in Section 11 or 13, the Company shall (a) promptly prepare a certificate setting forth the Exercise Price of each Warrant as so adjusted, and a brief statement of the facts accounting for such adjustment, (b) promptly file with the Warrant Agent and with each transfer agent for the Common Stock a copy of such certificate and (c) instruct the Warrant Agent to send a brief summary thereof to each Holder of a Warrant Certificate.

  • Adjustment to Exercise Price Whenever the Exercise Price is adjusted pursuant to any provision of this Section 3, the Company shall promptly deliver to the Holder by facsimile or email a notice setting forth the Exercise Price after such adjustment and any resulting adjustment to the number of Warrant Shares and setting forth a brief statement of the facts requiring such adjustment.

  • Minimum Adjustment of Exercise Price No adjustment of the Exercise Price shall be made in an amount of less than 1% of the Exercise Price in effect at the time such adjustment is otherwise required to be made, but any such lesser adjustment shall be carried forward and shall be made at the time and together with the next subsequent adjustment which, together with any adjustments so carried forward, shall amount to not less than 1% of such Exercise Price.

  • Adjustment of Exercise Price (a) The Exercise Price and the number of shares deliverable upon the exercise of the Warrants will be subject to adjustment in the event and in the manner following: