Warrant Exercise Price Sample Clauses

Warrant Exercise Price. The Warrant Exercise Price shall be $2.50 per share, subject to adjustment as hereinafter provided.
Warrant Exercise Price. Each 2002-A WARRANT shall entitle the registered HOLDER thereof, subject to the provisions thereof and of this Warrant Agreement, to purchase from the COMPANY the number of Shares of the COMPANY's Common Stock as stated thereon, at the exercise price of the higher of $0.35 per share, or the 30 day average bid and ask price on the OTC Bulletin Board, both the number of Shares and the price being subject to the anti-dilution adjustments provided in Paragraph 8 hereof. The term "Warrant Exercise Price" as used in this Warrant Agreement refers to the price per Share at which Common Stock may be purchased at the time a designated 2002-A WARRANT is exercised.
Warrant Exercise Price. The purchase price (the "Warrant Exercise Price") to be paid by the Holder to the Company upon the exercise of the Warrant shall be Six Hundred and Sixty Five Dollars ($665.00) per Common Share.
Warrant Exercise Price. The Warrant Exercise Price per share of Warrant Shares shall be the U.S. Dollar equivalent of 20.5 pence per ADS (subject to adjustment as hereinafter provided), calculated by reference to the average currency conversion rate quoted by the Bank of America in London as the price for Pounds Sterling purchased with U.S. Dollars prevailing at the date the Warrant is exercised. Notwithstanding any provision hereof to the contrary (and in particular any provision relating to adjustment to the Warrant Exercise Price), the Company shall not be required or permitted to issue any Ordinary Shares under this Warrant (or have its transfer agent or Depositary issue any ADSs), if such issuance would breach the Company’s obligations under the United Kingdom Companies Act 1985.
Warrant Exercise Price shall be $0.01 or as subsequently adjusted as provided in Section 8 hereof.
Warrant Exercise Price. The Warrant Units shall be exercisable at a price of One Dollar and no cents ($1.00) per unit (the “Warrant Exercise Price”).
Warrant Exercise Price shall initially be $ per share and shall be adjusted and readjusted from time to time as provided in this Warrant
Warrant Exercise Price. Section 1.1(b) of the Warrant is deleted and replace in its entirety with the following:
Warrant Exercise Price. The Warrant Exercise Price shall be $7.00 ------------------------ per share for each Warrant. The Warrant may be exercised, in whole, or in part, from time to time during the Warrant's Term by the Warrant Holder.