Employee Pension Benefit Plan Sample Clauses

Employee Pension Benefit Plan. The term "Employee Pension Benefit Plan" has the meaning set forth in ERISA Sec. 3(2).
Employee Pension Benefit Plan. Does the Employer or any member of its Controlled Group maintain or has the Employer or any member of its Controlled Group maintained any other Employee Pension Benefit Plan (check one)? [ X ] (A) Yes [ ] (B) No If Section A.1.27(A) is checked, list such Employee Pension Benefit Plan(s) in the following lines: [CHESTNUT STREET EXCHANGE FUND RETIREMENT PROFIT- SHARING PLAN; INDEPENDENCE SQUARE INCOME SECURITIES, INC. RETIREMENT PROFIT- SHARING PLAN; TEMPORARY INVESTMENT FUND, INC. RETIREMENT PROFIT-SHARING PLAN; AND TRUST FOR SHORT TERM FEDERAL SECURITIES RETIREMENT PROFIT-SHARING PLAN. ALL OF THE FOREGOING PLANS WERE MERGED INTO THIS PLAN EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 1, 1987.] (If Section A.1.27(B) is checked, the letters N/A should be inserted in these blanks).
Employee Pension Benefit Plan. To the best of Parent’s Knowledge, in the preceding six (6) years, neither the Parent, nor any of its Subsidiaries nor any other Person who is or was under common control with the Parent or any of its Subsidiaries within the meaning of Section 414(b), (c), (m) or (o) of the Code, and the regulations issued thereunder, has ever maintained, established, sponsored, participated in or contributed to, any Parent Employee Plan that is an “employee pension benefit plan,” within the meaning of Section 3(2) of ERISA, subject to Part 3 of Subtitle B of Title I of ERISA, Title IV of ERISA or Section 412 of the Code.
Employee Pension Benefit Plan. Employee Pension Benefit Plan" has the meaning set forth in ERISA Section 3(2).
Employee Pension Benefit Plan. 4 1.16 Employee Welfare Benefit Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1.17
Employee Pension Benefit Plan. The term "EMPLOYEE PENSION BENEFIT PLAN" shall mean a plan as defined in Section 3(2) of ERISA, but not including any Multi-Employer Plan.
Employee Pension Benefit Plan. Section 4.21.............30
Employee Pension Benefit Plan. Section 4.22........................................
Employee Pension Benefit Plan. Section 4.22(a) . . 14 ERISA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Section 4.22(a) . . 14 Financial Statements . . . . . . . . . .Section 4.16. . . . 11 GAAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Section 4.16. . . . 11
Employee Pension Benefit Plan. Section 3.12(a) Employee Welfare Benefit Plan Section 3.12(a) Environmental Laws Section 3.13(b) ERISA Section 3.12(a) ERISA Affiliate Section 3.12(c) ESPP Section 1.9 Exchange Act Section 1.8(a) Expense Reimbursement Section 7.3(b) Financial Statements Section 3.6(b) Financing Section 4.3(a) Financing Agreements Section 5.6(a) GAAP Section 3.6(b)