Accumulated Days of Absence Sample Clauses

Accumulated Days of Absence. 1. At the beginning of each school year, a teacher's unused days of absence from preceding school years will be added to the teacher's allotted twelve (12) days for the current school year to establish an accumulated total days of absence with pay.

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  • Unpaid Leave of Absence If an employee is on an unpaid leave of absence, then vacation leave, compensatory time, or sick leave cannot be used for the purpose of maintaining eligibility for an Employer Contribution by keeping the employee on a State payroll for one (1) working day per pay period.

  • Unpaid Leaves of Absence A. A department head or designee may grant an unpaid leave of absence for a period not to exceed one (1) year. The employee shall provide substantiation to support the employee's request for an unpaid leave of absence.

  • Accumulated Sick Leave ‌ The Employer shall inform all employees at least once each year of the number of sick days accumulated and shall make the information available to an employee on request.

  • Paid Leaves of Absence Paid leaves of absences granted under this Article shall not exceed the employee's normal work schedule.

  • LEAVE OF ABSENCE With respect to the Award, the Company may, in its sole discretion, determine that if you are on leave of absence for any reason you will not be considered as having terminated employment with the Company; however, your rights to the Restricted Stock Units during a leave of absence will be limited to the extent to which those rights were earned or vested when the leave of absence began.

  • Sick Leave During Leave of Absence (F/T) When an Employee is given leave of absence without pay for any reason, or is laid off on account of lack of work, he/she shall not continue to accumulate sick leave and shall not be entitled to receive pay for sickness for the period of such absence, but shall retain his/her cumulative credit, if any, existing at the time of such leave or lay-off.

  • Leaves of Absences 14.01 Written requests for personal leaves of absence without pay for educational or personal reasons will be considered on an individual basis by the employee’s manager or her designate. Such requests are to be submitted as far in advance as possible with a minimum notice of four (4) weeks except in cases of emergency or if the Employer determines that service needs and staffing requirements can accommodate a leave on shorter notice. A written reply will be given as soon as possible. Such leave shall not be unreasonably withheld. Except in unusual circumstances, a leave of absence other than for educational reasons will not be granted until one year’s continuous service has been completed.

  • Leaves of Absence Article 11 applies for both paid and unpaid leaves. For the purposes of an unpaid 11.25 hour shift, the deduction from pay shall equate to 14.05 hours. For the purposes of an unpaid 7.5 hour shift, the deduction from pay shall equate to 9.375 hours.

  • Paid Holidays – Long Weekends (a) When an employee is scheduled to work a weekend where a paid holiday falls on the Monday or the Friday, the Employer shall endeavour to also schedule the employee to work the paid holiday.

  • Sick Leave Days Subject to paragraphs C9.1 d) i-vi below, full-time Teachers will be allocated eleven (11) sick days at one hundred percent (100%) salary in each school year. Teachers who are less than full-time shall have their sick leave allocation pro-rated.