Reinsurance Premiums definition

Reinsurance Premiums means the Quota Share of the premiums, policy loan principal and interest payments, and other fees, amounts, payments, collections and recoveries received by the Ceding Company with respect to the Reinsured Policies.
Reinsurance Premiums shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.02.
Reinsurance Premiums. As of the effective date of this Addendum, the attached Exhibit D - Reinsurance Premiums is hereby added to the Agreement to document the reinsurance premiums for the above plans and their associated reinsured riders. This includes use of the following rates: [*] All provisions of the Agreement not specifically modified herein remain unchanged. In Witness Whereof, both parties have executed this Addendum in duplicate as follows: AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP. /S/ [*] RGA REINSURANCE COMPANY /S/ [*] Reinsurer Agreement No. 00000-00-00 AUTOMATIC/FACULTATIVE YRT REINSURANCE AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") between AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP. Lincoln, Nebraska (hereinafter referred to as the "Ceding Company") and RGA REINSURANCE COMPANY Chesterfield, Missouri (hereinafter referred to as the "Reinsurer") EFFECTIVE: June 4, 2018 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Examples of Reinsurance Premiums in a sentence

  • Line 4 Reinsurance Premiums: Enter paid expenses to obtain reinsurance coverage from reinsurance companies that assume all or part of the financial risks associated with catastrophic Dental expenses that could otherwise be ruinous to the Dental Contractor (also termed Premiums Ceded for Reinsurance).

  • Reinsurance Premiums CededOutwards reinsurance premiums are accounted for in the same accounting period as the premiums for the related direct or inwards business being reinsured.

  • For Reinsurance Premiums, recalculate the annual premium based upon the contractor’s reinsurance agreement and agree to the amount reported as the 4th Quarter YTD Income Statement value.

  • Trace and agree the 4th Quarter YTD Income Statement total for Reinsurance Premiums, Reinsurance Recoveries, Third Party Liability Subrogation, Fraud and Abuse Recoveries and Other Recoveries to the supporting documentation and files of the contractor.

  • Premium Tax on Re-insurance Premiums for Local Aircraft Operators - Based on representations made by the Aircraft Association, this Government has acceded to their request to waive premium taxes charged on insurance premiums payable by aircraft owners and accumulated for the past eight years exceeding.

More Definitions of Reinsurance Premiums

Reinsurance Premiums shall have the meaning specified in Section 3.01.
Reinsurance Premiums shall have the meaning specified in Article IV. --------------------
Reinsurance Premiums means the premiums payable by PLAE to PLL under this Agreement as specified in Schedule 1;
Reinsurance Premiums means the premium(s) or interest due and payable by TCIP (as hereinafter defined) under a Reinsurance Transaction (as hereinafter defined).
Reinsurance Premiums means amounts paid to reinsurers to purchase health insurance stop-loss coverage.
Reinsurance Premiums is as defined in Article IV, Section 2.