Definition of Wire Harness Business

Wire Harness Business means the business currently conducted by Parent and its subsidiaries in the manufacture, assembly and marketing of wire harness and cable assembly components, and the provision of white goods assembly services, at their operations located at Mishawaka, Indiana, El Paso, Texas, Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong and at Parent's corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

Examples of Wire Harness Business in a sentence

Schedule 6.20 sets forth a summary of each material insurance policy and fidelity bond (including premiums, deductibles and coverage amounts) relating to the Wire Harness Business.
There are no material Legal Proceedings pending or, to the Knowledge of Seller, threatened against, the Company or any of its Subsidiaries or the Wire Harness Business, or challenging the validity of this Agreement or any of the transactions contemplated hereby or by any of the Transaction Documents to which Seller, Parent, the Company or any Subsidiary is a party.
Neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries nor any of their respective properties is or are subject to any Order, except for those that would not reasonably be expected to interfere in any material respect with the conduct of the Wire Harness Business as currently conducted.
Except to the extent, if any, reserved for on the Financial Statements, all accounts receivable of the Wire Harness Business reflected on the Financial Statements arose from, and all accounts receivable of the Company and the Subsidiaries existing on the Closing Date will have arisen from, the sale of inventory or services rendered in the Ordinary Course of Business to Persons not Affiliated with Parent, Seller, the Company or the Subsidiaries.
The Company or the Subsidiaries own or have valid licenses to use all Intellectual Property necessary for the conduct of the Wire Harness Business as currently conducted.