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Watchperson means any person you retain specifically to have care and custody of property inside the "premises" and who has no other duties.
Watchperson means any person whom an Insured retains specifically to have the care and custody of property inside the Premises and who has no other duties.

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  • ARTICLE Positions Not Subject to Rules of Promotion The positions of Track and Bridge Watchperson, and Signalperson at highway or railway (non-interlocked) crossing are not subject to the general rules for promotion.

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Watchperson means a person employed to safeguard Premises, or property on or about Premises, and who may be required to perform related functions for the purpose of effecting such safeguarding.
Watchperson means any person you retain specifically to have care and custody of property inside the PREMISES and who has no other duties.3KLODGHOSKLD ,QGHPQLW\ ,QVXUDQFH &RPSDQ\ Form ScheduleCrime Protection PlusPolicy Number: PCAC011919-0120 Forms and Endorsements applying to this Coverage Part and made a part of this policy at time of issue:Form Edition Description PCAC-BJP1901-12-98-PolicyJacket.pdfPCAC-PP2015-06-15-PhiladelphiaPrivacyPolicyNotice.pdf PCAC-CPDPIIC-06-14-CommonPolicyDeclarations.pdf PCAC-PICRP01-06-05-CrimeProtectionPlusDeclarations.pdfPCAC-PICRP02-06-05-CrimeProtectionPlusCoverageForm.pdf PCAC-FORMSCHEDULE.pdfPCAC-PIBELL1-11-09-BellEndorsement.pdfPCAC-PICME1-10-09-CrisisManagementEndorsement.pdfPCAC-PICRP09-06-05-DesignatedPersonsOrClassesOfPersonsAsEmployees.pdf PCAC-PICRP25-07-17-FraudulentInducementExclusion.pdfPCAC-PICRP023-11-19-CrimeProtectionPlusProPak.pdf Page of THIS ENDORSEMENT CHANGES THE POLICY. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. BELL ENDORSEMENT Unless otherwise stated herein, the terms, conditions, exclusions and other limitations set forth in this endorsement are solely applicable to coverage afforded by this endorsement, and the policy is amended as follows:
Watchperson means an employee of the Distillery who is primarily engaged in safeguarding Distillery premises or property on or about such premises, and who may be required, during the course of their watching duties, to carry out other general duties associated with operation of the Distillery.
Watchperson means an employee who
Watchperson means a railroad employee who is stationed at an at-grade crossing to signal to operators of vehicles approaching the crossing of the impending movement of a train or other railroad on-track equipment over the crossing.
Watchperson means an employee who is required to watch and/or guard and/or patrol grounds and/or buildings.