Voting definition

Voting shall have a correlative meaning.
Voting shall have the correlative meaning.

Examples of Voting in a sentence

  • You can also take out print of the voting done by you by clicking on “Click here to print” option on the Voting page.

  • Voting on the motion: Council Member Barker ayeCouncil Member Cevering ayeCouncil Member Ekstrom ayeCouncil Member Stoker ayeCouncil Member Swanson aye The motion passed unanimously.

  • Voting results: Approving votes: 10; Dissenting Votes: 0; Abstention Votes: 0.

  • Voting Aye: Chairman Rawlings, Vice Chairman Stack, Commissioners Slagowski, Richards, Gunn, Covarrubias, and Allen.

  • Sole Voting Power 0 Number of Shares Beneficially Owned by Each Reporting Person With 8.

More Definitions of Voting

Voting. With respect to any voting or other rights of any Unitholder or Class of Units based on the Unit Principal Balance or denomination of the applicable Units, each Class B Unitholder shall be treated as holding Units with a Unit Principal Balance or denomination equal to the Class B Present Value Amount of the Class B Units held by such Class B Unitholder as of the applicable Record Date or date of determination.
Voting means casting an affirmative or negative vote; express abstention or non-voting shall not be counted.
Voting. Usual for facilities and transactions of this type and consistent with the Opco Bank Debt Documentation Principles; provided that the Borrower and its affiliates, including the Sponsors, shall not have voting rights with respect to loans and commitments held by them. Cost and Yield Protection: Usual for facilities and transactions of this type, consistent with the Opco Bank Debt Documentation Principles.
Voting. Any action required by law or by the Project Documents to be approved by the Owners, the Members or each class of Members shall be approved, if at all, in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Bylaws.